Keeping Your Dog Safe and Happy on Halloween!

My Mr. Snitch

My Mr. Snitch


I must admit, it has always been my favorite holiday!

As a quiet and introverted child, it gave me an opportunity to be something that I was not for one day a year.

I got to be more outgoing and a little more extroverted.

I have always been fairly artistic and I always had a way with making Halloween makeup completely change my identity.

Call it a gift!

Although I have mostly grown out of that phase… the itchy face, the inability to eat anything all day, and the cracked makeup by the end of the day.

I still kind of love Halloween!

Now I enjoy doing makeup for my friends’ kids and carving intricate pumpkins.

But I Must Also Admit

But I must also admit, I am one of those dog owners who likes to dress her dog up!

One year she was a pig, one year a shark, and another she was a minion.

I have also had cookie monster costume dogs!

I enjoy having a good giggle and I enjoy the photo opportunities that costumes afford.

My dogs are often used to wearing harnesses and muzzles (click here to find out why I love a Good Muzzle) so getting them to wear a costume for short periods isn't difficult or distasteful for them.

I NEVER Take My Dogs Out on Halloween

Not only am I an avid believer in keeping cats (especially black cats inside).

My little Piggy

My little Piggy

I am also a believer that dogs just can’t comprehend people dressed and acting as scary monsters!

People with ski masks, zombie makeup, and other masks and costumes are a breeding ground for dog terror and aggression.

Some dogs don’t mind.

Some dogs don’t really notice what people wear as long as they give long pets and carry goodies.

But most dogs have an innate protective ability.

These dogs notice the minute changes in human and dog behavior and appearance.

After all; isn’t that part of why we like dogs?

I always listen to my dogs when they are loudly telling me something is wrong with a person.

It is unfair to force the horrors of Halloween on these dogs.

Instead, I ex

ercise my dogs early in the day and crate them somewhere quiet with a bone or antler to chew!

I had a dog several years ago that was already terrified of people; so we always kept the porch light off and instead hung out in a dark house watching TV and letting him chew and chill.

My current dogs will be crated downstairs with the radio UP with new elk antlers as spooky children visit our home for candy.

So What Do You Think?

The Kids Loved the 2 Minions!

The Kids Loved the 2 Minions!

Do you dress your dog up?

Do you think dressing pets is unkind?

Do you crate or contain your dog?

Or, is your dog one of the few who doesn’t notice the change in appearance?

Feel free to find us on Facebook at and post your favorite picture of your dog in costume!

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