Keeping Your Dog Off Your Furniture

Quick Tip: Keeping Your Dog Off Your Furniture

As I sit here readying to write this article I glance to my right and see my sweet Dutch Shepherd curled up next to me on the sofa and I can’t imagine not wanting my dogs on the furniture.

As I glance to the left I see some muddy paw prints from said sweet dog and I can’t imagine wanting my dog on the furniture.

And, ironically that is the first rule!

You can even retrain your current furniture sleeper if you are consistent.

You must choose one or the other and everyone in the family must be on board.

It is unfair to the dog if you are inconsistent!

So your spouse or your children may think that they are being kind by letting the dog on the sofa as soon as you leave, but the truth is what they are doing is being cruel because later he will make the mistake in front of you and get corrected.

And, that scenario simply isn’t fair.


Get your dog a bed!

I want my dog to have the option to lay on something cozy.

I certainly wouldn’t want to lay on the cold hard floor all of the time.

And, they even make nearly chew proof beds (for dogs like my Malinois) that are made out of ballistics materials and guaranteed.

keeping your dog off your furnitureTeach your dog to enjoy his bed!

You can’t just toss a dog bed onto the floor and assume your dog recognizes it as a dog bed…he can’t read 😉

Read this article and play this game

Now he will enjoy spending time on his own bed and you can use this to your advantage.

If he goes to get on the sofa, bed, or chair command him to go to his own bed.

In the beginning, I would use a treat or reward when your dog goes to his bed on command.

I would also reward the dog for choosing his bed.

Just be careful that he isn’t learning to manipulate you by getting on the furniture and then racing to his bed for a treat (yes, they are that smart if your timing is incorrect).

Use a Leash!

Another trade secret is using a leash, that’s right, in the house when you need to teach your puppy and you need control.

The last thing you want is for the dog to feel like he is in trouble or going to get reprimanded or chased off of the furniture.

A leash is a simple way to simply pluck him off of the furniture and help him get to his bed.

This will be essential if you want to change the behavior of a dog who has always gotten on the furniture!



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  1. Nora says:

    I like your articles – and this one in particular. Do you have methods to keep the dogs off the furniture when I am not around?


  2. jewellcohen says:

    thanks..that was very helpful..we did buy darby a bed, actually she is on her 3rd bed-0-chewed it right up!.we have also a 4 year year old GR who calmed down around 2 years old and is now a dream dog…..nobody gave darby permission is jump on my bed and eat the blanket–she wasn’t even sorry


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