The Indestructible Dog Bed

dog trainingFinding an indestructible dog bed for crate training your canine friend can be exhausting. First off, let me restate that… mostly indestructible. They have started to rate dog toys with a zero to five-star rating of toughness. 

They even rate dog beds! I don’t believe anything is “Indestructible”, but some things are more resistant than others. Which means if you have a “shredder,” then you should NEVER, EVER leave your dog alone with any bed… or you could be rushing him into the veterinary clinic for obstruction surgery after he eats it…

Beds that are chew-resistant are a great idea if you have a dog that simply won’t stop chewing.shredded dog bed

The last thing you want is stuffing and wood chips scattered everywhere because your dog ripped its bed open.  

When it comes to finding or making the perfect chew indestructible dog bed for crate training, we have all the answers in this guide! 

Does your dog like to gnaw on his bed?

Are you fed up with buying him lovely new bedding only to find it destroyed moments later?

Well don’t panic! You aren’t alone, and there are solutions!

You can find out more at if you too have a “special” destructive dog! You can even purchase beds and bed covers here if you don’t mind paying upwards of 60 to 200+. They even make aluminum dog beds although I can’t imagine those are comfortable and beds made out of ballistic materials (yes, think “bullet proof”). 


Is Chewing Normal?

Destructive chewing is pretty common in some breeds of dogs, and especially among many of the working-class breeds. Constant chewing can sometimes be caused by pain, anxiety, hunger, illness, or boredom. However, it can also be a perfectly natural thing with no underlying cause.

This means that you need to choose your dog’s bed taking into account his chewing.puppy chewing is normal

You may be wondering why dogs chew their beds.

Young dogs will chew to relieve teeth pain and to keep their teeth clean, but older dogs may continue to chew because it is part of their learned behavior.

This can be because it helps them relieve stress and anxiety, or simply because they enjoy it.

Beds are simply one of the most accessible places for them to relieve their stress and a place where they feel comfortable. It’s their space, so even if you have taught them not to chew on your stuff, they may still feel comfortable chewing on their bed. 

We’ve found a selection of the best indestructible dog beds for chewers, gnawers and general bed eaters!

You may assume that your dog will grow out of their chewing phase as they get older, but this isn’t always the case. The worst may be over by the time your dog turns two, but it’s still a good idea to have plenty of chew toys, bones and other things that your dog can sink their teeth into.


Chewing Into Adulthood

Destructive chewing may be a symptom of a larger problem, but it could also be a result of boredom.

One of the key skills of a working dog is their ability to find and retrieve things that they will carry back in their mouths.

Large dogs, in general, are very oral animals, as are many other hunting breeds.

In fact, all dogs have a natural disposition towards using their mouths.puppys will chew anything and everything

They tend to like carrying objects around in their mouths. That is what they have been bred to do and it’s normal.

Chewing is perfectly natural, but it becomes an issue when your canine friend starts eating your shoes, furniture, dangerous items like electrical wires. It also is an issue when they’re chewing on their own possessions – such as their dog beds.


How Do Indestructible Beds Work?

Dog beds that are described as ‘indestructible’ are normally designed for the most destructive chewers.

These beds are meant to be able to withstand anything your dog tries to do to them.

how do indestructible dog beds work?Indestructible beds often come with metal frames, non-grip and/or tough material, and elevated surfaces.

There are a number of chew-resistant and indestructible dog crate pads, as well.

The crate pads will resist your dog’s destructive efforts, but remember – even the best “indestructible” dog crate pads and be destroyed with enough force!

These beds are almost always made of materials that can withstand your dog’s jaws or make it very difficult for your dog to bite into the bed at all.

If your dog realizes they are unable to chew on their bed then they should eventually give up and go back to their chew toys instead.


A List of Popular Indestructible Beds For Your Dog

Dog beds are one of the most commonly chewed household items. How many times have you bought a lovely new dog bed just to see it destroyed in a matter of days? You want your pet to have a nice place to sleep, but it can be really expensive to keep replacing dog beds all the time.

There are a lot of dog beds on the market that are described as ‘indestructible’, but the quality and style widely vary between different products.


Chew Proof Dog Bed

The terms indestructible, chew proof and chew resistant are often used interchangeably by retailers.comfy dog bed

Loosely-speaking, however, a chew proof bed is a type of dog bed which cannot easily be chewed up.

Your dog may be able to get a grip on them with their teeth, but the bed should be able to withstand some amount of chewing.


K9 Ballistics

Yes, this is ballistics, as in the vest that police officer wears. The K9 Ballistics Dog Bed has a likeable circular shape and can be bought in a variety of colors and sizes. It should be tough enough to withstand a moderate amount of chewing.


Blueberry Heavy Duty Pet Bed

The Blueberry Heavy Duty Pet Bed will stand up against the efforts of moderate chewers.

It is a pretty good-looking bed for one with chew resistance.

It should also provide plenty of comfort to your canine friend.


Chew Resistant Dog Bed

Although chew resistant dog beds are not indestructible, they are sturdier and tougher than regular beds. Chew resistant beds can still be chewed, but as the name suggests they are much harder to destroy because of their durable material and chew guard features.

There are orthopedic beds for chewers, as well.chew resistant dog bed

These beds offer comfort and durability to your dog while also being resistant to destructive tendencies.

In general, however, they won’t stand up to chronic chewers. Orthopedic beds are a solid option for your dog if it’s a light to moderate chewer.

These beds are designed for less destructive chewers as highly destructive dogs are still likely to break them. Raised beds are a popular choice because it is harder for your dog to firmly grip and thus completely chew/rip the material. These beds also have the added benefit of keeping your dog cool during the summer.

A number of owners have found elevated dog beds a great solution to chewing. Pets seem to be more inclined to chew the metal frame. They find it harder and less appealing to get their teeth around the excess material, as it is stretched tight. Although they aren’t manufactured for this purpose, we find that they can really do the trick.

Below, we have a list of several elevated or raised dog beds that might be worth giving a shot.


Amazon Basics Elevated Cooling Bed

elevated cooling dog bedThe Amazon Basics Elevated Cooling bed comes in several sizes and two different colors.

Not only is it a great, and cool, place to lay down, it’s portable too.

It also comes in a variety of sizes, as well as having the benefit of being waterproof and easy to keep clean.


K&H Chew Resistant Pet Bed

The K&H Pet Cot is a great choice if you want to go for the raised bed option.

Furry dogs can overheat fairly easily, but luckily this bed is elevated and features a mesh center which will keep even the fluffiest dog cooler during hot temperatures.

This bed can be used inside or outside the house, it is water resistant, and it has been tested for its durability.

This bed also comes with a one year warranty, so you can always get your money back if it turns out to be flimsy or poorly made.


K9 Ballistics Chew Resistant Dog Bed

The K9 Ballistics Dog Bed has been made for light or moderate chewers, so it is not the best choice for extreme chewers who require a totally indestructible bed.puppy in chew resistant dog bed

The cover is made out of a durable, water-resistant material which can be easily cleaned by hand or machine.

It has an odor resistant polyester mattress, you can use It indoors or outdoors, and the company will replace the cover if it is damaged within 90 days of ownership.


goDog Chew Resistant Dog Bed

This goDog bed is chew resistant. This bed is not designed to be indestructible, but it does come with chew guard technology which should make it last longer than regular dog beds. This bed is best suited or moderate chewers. The goDog bed also includes a plush bolster border, a durable mesh liner, and a non-skid bottom.


Kuranda Indestructible Dog Bed

Kuranda Dog Beds is a pet bed manufacturer which specializes in chew resistant and chew proof beds. The Kuranda dog bed bed has a high chew proof strength and features a strong aluminium frame that is ideal for heavy dogs. This is a raised bed that will keep your fluffy dog cool during hot weather, the bed is easy to clean, and the material they use is abrasion resistant.

This bed also comes with a one-year warranty so you can get It replaced or refunded if it does not meet your expectations. However, not every dog needs the toughest bed.


Anti-Chew Sprays

dog anti-chew spraySome people like to buy anti-chew furniture sprays that are designed to repel your pet.

You can use these sprays on your dog bed provided the ingredients aren’t dangerous for your dog.

Always double check that ant anti-chew spray you buy specifies it is ‘pet safe’ and ‘child safe’ if you have any non-furry babies.

Make sure any spray that you buy is alcohol free as alcohol can be toxic for dogs Anti-Chew sprays are a good option if you are looking to train your dog not to chew on the furniture.

It works as a safe repellent which should in time condition your pet to avoid the items they associate with the unpleasant taste. If you do choose to spray your dog bed with an anti-chew spray then make sure that it’s not so strong and repellent that it will stop your dog using their new bed.

There’s no point in having a perfectly preserved dog bed if your dog doesn’t want to use it! And it’s worth noting that some dogs don’t mind the taste, and will happily chew away anyway. But for those dogs that don’t like repellent spray, here are some options.


Bitter Lemon Spray

bitter lemon reduces chewing a surfaceThis Bitter Lemon anti-chew spray is a good choice.

It is a safe and gentle deterrent which tastes nasty but won’t harm your pet in any way.

This spray uses a non-toxic formula which is made out of natural bitter and lemon extracts.

It is also safe to spray on objects, although keep in mind that it may make them smell afterwards!

This spray is safe to use on wood, curtains, electrical cables and clothes.


Chew Proof Dog Bed Cover

There’s no point in having an indestructible frame if you still have to keep replacing the dog bed cover, sheets, and pillows! Some of the cover materials you should look for when buying a dog bed include various types of nylon. Such as Codura and ballistic, vinyl weave or vinyl 40 oz, or material which is classed as ‘military-grade’.

memory foam dog bedMemory foam is a good mattress choice for your pet because it is a comfortable material which will support your pet’s weight and ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. Memory foam is also fairly thick and durable. Memory foam mattresses provide maximum comfort while also being harder for your dog to chew than your typical mattress. If your dog is a chronic chewer, however, memory foam might not be the best choice for you.

Chew resistant, machine washable bedding is another great option for your dog’s bed. This bedding will protect the bed from direct wear and tear by your puppy friend.

Firm, round, slippery material covered pillows are another popular choice for moderate to light chewers. These pillows are slippery so it will be hard for your dog to grab onto them with their teeth. Try to avoid beds which have obvious zips as they tend to get ripped very quickly. You’ll want to go for something firm, slippery or hard to grip, and something that is both comfortable and durable, with perhaps foam on the inside. Memory foam is extremely comfortable, and is also chew resistant.


Stain-Proof Dog Bed

This stain proof pet bed cover is durable, easy to clean and should be able to withstand determined chewers. The cover is made out of synthetic polyester fibers, it is machine washable, surprisingly waterproof. On the interior, the bed may contain foam, pillow liners, or wood chips. And, most importantly, the cover incorporates stop rip technology to stop the dog tearing it to shreds.


Choosing the Right Dog Bed

the bed needs to match the dog

When it comes to choosing the proper bed, think about your dog and your specific situation. What special needs may your doggie have? How much space do you have available? What room is your dog sleeping in? Does it have a doghouse in the yard? Will it be sleeping in its crate? How big is your dog? How thick is its fur? Are you looking for a dog crate pad? Do you want foam in your dog’s bed? These are all important things to look at when you’re purchasing your dog’s bed.

There are a lot of dog beds out there that are described as ‘indestructible’. However, many of them have bad ratings and a string of dissatisfied customers.

It is essential that you look at the average rating of any bed before you buy it. As it is a good indication of how good the bed is in real life. It’s important that you buy a strong and durable bed that your dog can’t rip apart in the first five minutes. However, it is just as important that your dog is comfortable in their bed. There is no point buying a dog bed that your dog doesn’t want to use!


Unable To Purchase A Dog Bed, Or Just Want A DIY Option? We Have A Solution For You!

I Am A Genius

Or, well, I think that I’m a genius. Okay, so maybe “Genius” is a bit much… but I am pretty proud of myself.

You see, I have a very destructive puppy – well, he’s actually a year old now – but he acts like a puppy! Watch this to see how I taught him to control his puppy “impulses”.

He has eaten through crates, and shredded numerous toys and beds.elk antlers are a good chew choice

Elk antlers keep him entertained better than anything else!  

For the cheapest ordering I have found, check out Elk Antler Chews LLC and Deb Nevins at My dogs prefer the XL (they have to have XL split chews).

In fact, at one point I had to take away every single one of his beds and blankets because they wouldn’t last more than 5 minutes with him. Even under a diligently watchful eye, he can shred an object faster than any other dog I have ever owned. But I felt bad for him because he then has to lay on hardwood floors…

I was at a dog event and there was a vendor selling homemade dog beds. They were felt and looked super soft, but I knew after feeling how thin the fabric was that my dogs would never be able to keep one of these long.

Even my other dogs like to vigorously scratch and circle before lying down and so they can put a hole in a commercial dog bed very quickly; and then I have cut foam, fluff, or even wood shavings all over my house.

Not to mention most beds (even these homemade ones) were upwards of $50 for my size of dog. 


So I Decided to Do Something About It

I tried to think about tough materials, and canvas came to mind. Canvas isn’t soft… but it is better than hardwood and could take a serious scratching. 

It is even hard to rip with teeth (not impossible).happy sleeping puppy

Due to this fact, I bought a large canvas painter’s drop cloth and I gave it to my baby whom I have nicknamed, Zippy (because I sing “Zippity Do Da to him every morning) to see how it would fair.

It has lasted many weeks and he loves laying on it… and it has been washed many times making it much softer.

So I gathered some old pillows and some old sleeping bags and I sewed them into his canvas drop cloth. I did the sewing by hand and used dental floss to make sure the stitches would be STRONG and would last through some humping and grabbing and possible ripping. I didn’t stuff it FULL so that it would have a little bit of give when he grabs it, making it less likely to rip.


What You Need

DIY indestructible dog bed

  • One Canvas Painter’s Drop Cloth (from about $12-$20)
  • Dental floss ($2)
  • Old T-Shirts, blankets, pillows, towels (anything soft to fill it)
  • Cedar Chips (if you so desire for their flea controlling properties $8)
  • Heavy Duty Velcro ($20) if you want to get fancy
  • Zipper (if you want, $5)


I’m no seamstress, so I kept it simple by hand sewing with no amenities, I can still throw it in the washer if I need since everything I put in it is washable!

Happy sewing my friends!



Whether you’re making the bed or buying it, getting memory foam or canvas, just remember that it’s most important that your dog is comfortable. A bed that isn’t used is a waste. You want your dog to be both comfortable and safe. Dogs are like children. We need to do our best to love them and care for them!




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  1. annette says:

    Thank you for this I have forwarded it on…..I know a lot of people who have one of these dogs….the little darlings


    Jeanne Reply:

    I have a portigese water dog and pit bull mix…she is 8 months old and chews up everything I give her…she is big 75lbs already and so full of energy…I am going to try to make that bed for her…thanks for the info… I hope it will work for Elbie..


  2. JP says:

    Nice thinking on the bed. You may want to rethink the antlers. My dog used to chew bones or wood or anything hard, until I went out of town for 10 days and came back to a $7,500 orthodontic veterinarian bill. Apparently, dog tooth enamel is weaker than human enamel. The vet asked me if I would chew on an elk antler, to which I replied no. Then he asked me why not, to which I replied, “Cause I could crack a tooth?”
    He then said if I wouldn’t chew on something for fear of breaking a tooth, then I shouldn’t give it to my dogs. He also said you’ll never see a wolf chewing on bones in the wild, that’s why there’s always a skeleton left from a carcass. Only the dumb ones do, they crack their teeth and die from an infection – natural selection I guess.


    Minette Reply:

    I’ve always said (in other articles) if you bang it on the counter and it could break your counter it an break your dog’s teeth.

    I stick with the cut ones the marrow in the middle is much less tough. But if I hear breaking (either antler or teeth) I take it away so good point


  3. Lee Audlin says:

    Dental floss isn’t nearly as strong as FISH LINE. It’s easier to work with and lasts forever!


    Minette Reply:

    Well count me educated… i will try that next time 🙂


    Erika Reply:

    Please be careful with fishing line and dental floss. If your dog is a chewer who injests what he/she chews, fishing line and dental floss can pose a MAJOR health risk if it gets entangled in their intestines. Thread can as well, but because it isnt as durable, I would think it would be a little less dangerous.


  4. Joy says:

    Thank you for this tip I have a two yr old Rotty and a 5month old Rotty both darling spoiled rotten Rotty love to shred what ever blanket I put into their crate


    Minette Reply:

    Remember nothing is safe when you are away but you can see how it lasts when you are there 🙂


  5. Cindy says:

    The link for elk antlers doesn’t work–it is missing the word “dog”. Here is the correct link if anyone is interested in pursuing this resource.


    Minette Reply:

    thank you… darn my fingers sometimes


  6. Shannon says:

    I have a male boxer, named Sarge who is 3 y/o who can destroy every & anything he gets his mouth on. We’ve spent probably over $1000 on beds (we have 4 big dogs total) that have all been shredded. Will definitely have to try this one out! Thank you.


  7. I thought Cedar chips were not safe for dogs. Was I misguided?


    Minette Reply:

    I”m not a fan and probably not safe to eat but many kennels use them and I believe they have a something about them that keeps fleas away


  8. Robyn says:

    This is a terrific idea. Thanks for the info! Will share this with my other dog lover friends.


  9. Luann says:

    I have to try this. I have a Malamute who even ate his KONG Bed.


  10. Barbara says:

    I have 8 Great Danes and have found it much less expensive to make their dog beds than buying them. I used a painter’s drop cloth, and old comforters as the stuffing to make them. They are machine washable and last a long time!


  11. Elsa Gonzalez says:

    Well this sounds really great! I have tried fleese but look bad really fast. I will try canvas and let you know how it works. Thanks for the idea and your wonderful newsletters.


  12. Nancy Barnes says:

    We take a baby’s crib mattress and cover it with canvas and the dogs have softness and the mattress lasts. We put velcro closure on the canvas and it goes underneath the mattress so the canvas can be removed and washed. We find crib mattresses at yard sales and thrift stores, they work really well and are cheap.


  13. Drea says:

    So, my American Bulldog, True Love, takes her “wubbie” to bed every night and chews on it. Her wubbie is whatever bed she’s torn apart recently. I got so tired of buying new ones that I bought one with sheepskin bottom, and chamois (maybe leather?) type top. It did not have a zipper. Now, I gather all the stuffing of things she’s torn apart and instead of throwing it away, I save it in a special bag. When she chews through her current wubbie – I just refill with the gathered stuffing and sip it in a pillow case cover and re-stuff the current wubbie (and whatever other rags I’ve collected) and sew the offending hole up. Yay! I’m spending much less money.


  14. Sydney Kelly says:

    I have a 7 month old lab who has chewed through 4 beds, including 2 Kongs & I finally decided to use old blankets & an old mattress cover that is super soft that I wasn’t using anyway & this very comfy for him. It’s just a pain to have to reposition all of the blankets at night & keep them washed every week!!


  15. Jane Sheehan says:

    My year-old Jack Russell can destroy just about any bed or toy (if he likes it!) I finally put one pillowcase over his bed and another covering the open end. For some reason, he hasn’t tried to shred it. I closed it in his crate during the day for the first few weeks and then when I left the crate open so he could go in and out in the daytime, he stopped trying to drag it oout and chew, I always put a nylabone in with him at night when I put him to bed, so he has something he likes to chew. He also likes the elk antler.


    Minette Reply:

    Love those Elk Antlers I just got a new order of XLs and they are being chewed like wild fire around my house 🙂 makes me happy to see them have something to chew and do with themselves


  16. Lesley says:

    OMG. I have a shredder of my own. I will have to try this.


  17. brenda says:

    That could work for toys too. I have to get no stuffing toys for my girls. They also like to play ” Let’s kill the dish towel (or tea towel for those who do tea). Will check out Elk Antlers, thanks for the tip.


  18. paula says:

    still working on site
    try parachute line about size of dental floss but much stronger….


  19. Kim says:

    I LOVE this idea!!! I had gotten my two dogs new beds for Christmas, but My Aussie chewed through my Golden’s bed in about 15 minutes so it needs to be replaced. So much for ‘brotherly love’. I like the idea of stuffing the painter’s cloth with the remains of the old beds. Should have saved them from the past, but will do that with any future beds.


  20. Laurie Thompson says:

    if your dog is that destructive he or she needs exercise. THAT is the problem.


    Diana Reply:

    My 2 dobies have access to the outdoors 24/7 due to their doggie door. They are lean and muscled with no fat on them. They can shred a new bed in seconds. So it is not always that they need exercise. Sometimes they just like to chew and dig! I, too, am going to try the canvas cloth. They shredded the cordura beds that I made them in less than a month.


    Minette Reply:

    Dogs don’t actively exercise themselves. I have never seen a dog come up with an exercise regimen so if you aren’t providing it… then they are coming up with their own way to exercise their minds.


  21. michelle says:

    Excellent idea with the drop cloth! My arthritic dog loves his futon mattress which you can pick a used one up cheap! Well I got married in October and my husband’s australian cattle dog just shredded it to pieces! I am going to try and find another used one cut it in half to make another bed. Couldn’t just think of what to cover it with so now I know what I’m trying next! Than you


  22. Sam says:

    my pitbull goes running with me everyday, and also gets walks/trips to the dog park. We stimulate him mentally with fetch, tug, etc. We will go for a 40 minute run, and he will still chew when we get home. He’s just turned a year old. He genuinely just enjoys shredding his toys/crate blanket. Sometimes he will bring me reminants of what he chewed and also present it to me as a gift.


    Minette Reply:

    a 40 minute run for a 1 year old pitbull is nothing. He is an athlete capable of probably 15+ miles

    I run too, but I also have to hook my dogs up to a bike to give them the exercise they need as true athletes


  23. Kwin says:

    Thanks for the great idea. I’ll certainly try it out.

    For now I found a great solution which was cheap and easy.

    For my Great Dane I purchased a waterproof hardware store tarp and covered her ripped bed in a tarp pillow case I sewed on the machine. I put a fitted twin bed sheet over it so I can wash it frequently. I like to use cotton jersey sheets and tuck them under the bed. Works great!


  24. Jan says:

    Thank you for a great idea! I too have gone through several beds for my two pups. Must try the canvas!


  25. Annette says:

    I am SSSSOOOO excited to try this!!!! I have a house pig and I swear to God it takes no time for him to chew, root or make holes with his little cloven hooves. I have spent so much money and have been so frustrated. I’ll let you know how it goes!


  26. Gloria huemer says:

    Have a dobie and a pitbull and the bully of the household a pekingnese. The dobie shreds everything in sight–I’d be afraid to sew anything up for fear he’d swallow whtevr I used for thread and get it entwined in his insides. But am anxious to try the cnvs drop cloth idea, love to give them an old crib mattress from goodwill but I can just imagine him ripping tht to shreds. I rmbr my first 130lb dobie(I thought all dobies were tht big so whn my 2nd dobie wS only 98lbs I kpt telling him he was so “tiny”) would go along for a couple of Mnths just fine w/his dog bed thn suddenly rip it to shreds and stare at me w/tht “can’t u see I need a new bed?”look.


  27. I need the instructions to make the dog bed. Please write back.


    Minette Reply:

    that is the content of the article…


  28. Jeremy says:

    I was thinking of doing a really thick burlap as well. I’m happy to see you are having good success with it. We tried taking away all his toys and soft things to lay on (utterly destroy) but that’s when Titan stared tearing into our 60yr old hard wood floors. There are about 5 spots now that he’s dug and chewed down about 1/4″-1/2″+. Wanted to do a really tough carpet but I hear that’s bad due glues and the types of fiber strands. Thank you for your post. I know which direction to now go. Ty


  29. Samantha says:

    Wow,now I know what to do. My Pitt/American Bull dog can not be left alone or he fines something to destroy. He is only 6 months old and I thought when he got older that would stop. He has destroyed his bed but now I know what I can do. He is so adorable that I won’t let him sleep on our tile floor so I put a very large folded blanket down for him. So far he hasn’t chewed it up but I’m goi g to make one of those beds for him. He isn’t spoiled.. Yeh. Right.
    Thanks for all the great advice. I really appreciate it


  30. Betsy says:

    That kite string kids have all these extra Kies laying around that is wonderful to Sew with if you don’t have dental floss


  31. anita e says:

    You said in the above commentary that an aluminum bed couldn’t be very comfortable. Just to clarify, the part of the bed that the dog lays on is a cot made out of vinyl or some other strong material. Only the structural part of the bed is made of aluminum. Many shelters use these beds as they are easily cleaned with a rinsing of a hose. The dogs seem comfy on them but I would not say they are totally indestructible. Some of the dog cots at the shelter I volunteer at have holes in them but for the most part they do last awhile.


    Minette Reply:

    I agree, understand, and know that… but I still wouldn’t want to sleep on one as they don’t look comfortable to me because they aren’t “cushy”.


  32. Steven Wyant says:

    I would suggest that you look for a dog park and let your dog’s run off their energy that they have inside of them. It’s a behavior matter, the dog naturally has energy let them constructively burn energy instead of destructively tearing up your things.


    Minette Reply:

    Not all dogs can go to a dog park


  33. Sarah says:

    i keep seeing all these people saying “they wont do it if you exercise them” I’m sorry but that is a bunch of bull, yes that is the problem with some dogs BUT NOT ALL. I have a 4 yr old chihuahua and her 11month old pup. With her yes if i don’t exercise her she will tear things up HOWEVER with her son this is not the problem, he just loves to chew and SHRED (if its cloth he tries to floss with it, bite and pull between teeth) I can take him to the river and play fetch in the water and on land let him dig ect. all day to the point when he gets home he’s so tired he doesn’t even want to stand up, just sleep, but within 5 min of going into his bed he’s tearing something up. Some dogs just love to tear things, the only thing i have found to save his beds is a dental treat at bed time and no stuffing squeak toys, in his crate, witch i now replace about every week and a half


    Minette Reply:

    If a dog is well trained and a dog is physically exhausted, they will not chew.

    Sleeping dogs don’t shred things. And well behaved dogs stop when given a command. It is a mixture of the two.

    We must meet their mental stimulation and physical stimulation needs.


  34. Kasey says:

    Thanks for the tip – totally going to give this a go!!!


  35. Lou says:

    Hi I have a house pig too and he is destroying every bed he has…did you try this bed and if so did it work?????


  36. Ken Beaudet says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!! We have 7 rescued dogs that all live with us and bedding is an issue at times. I will certainly make several of these with one modification: the thread will be “fishing line” or cat gut as it may be known. Tough, easy to sew with, nearly impenetrable and CHEAP!
    My tip to all who own real chewers:
    ***Here is a very inexpensive and all but indestructible chew toy: The protective cover from a “fire department hose”. Stop by your local firehouse and ask if they have a section of old fire hose lying around. You want the protective sleeve that covers the fire hose (I have never stopped at any station that I did not get a scrap several feet long). Cut into 1 or 2 foot sections, tightly stuff with old tee shirts/ socks, old rope, leaving about 1 inch at each end and sew the ends together using a baseball stitch and “fish line” as your thread! You will have a chew toy that is about 3 inches in diameter and a real treat for your chewer! I have had these last for years and they are tough enough for even the most aggressive chewers.
    Happy training, Ken


  37. Ken Beaudet says:

    Okay!! I admit that I did not read Minette’s comment on fishing line. Nor did I read all of the comments so-o-o-o- I will NOT be using fish line!! Please disregard my comment of a few minutes ago as far as (that) goes. The old fire hose sleeve chew toy is still amazing !


  38. Sweet says:

    I thought it was just my Dobie that chewed everything. Also give her the antlers. Has saved socks, rug’s. She has chewed her bedding so she lays on the kennel floor. But will have to give the painter canvas drop cloth a chance.


  39. pam says:

    I have two labradoodles, one is a right chewer. I have made two hammock beds which was covered with hessian. I replaced what was left of the hessian with the strongest shade cloth you can buy and fitted it exactly the same. He has a chew at the corners but it is still in one piece, it is also cool and easy to hose off.


  40. Rosie says:

    My Kara has always since birth gone to her bed and we call it nursing. She just lays there and puts a piece of the bed in her mouth and sucks. Then sometimes afterwards she starts to nibble. Causing holes to appear n stuffing come out. Vet says normal for some. So don’t tell me she needs exercise. I resew with yarn. Most dogs pull toys are made of thread so why not. But will try fish line.


    Minette Reply:

    unless you are a marathon runner, your dog needs exercise


  41. Vicki Travis says:

    I think the dental floss is good and also the fish line. I have used thread used for buttons, pretty strong.


  42. dette says:

    The best bed we have found for our 4 boys is an old foton mattress they love it and it doesn’t go flat, we also can vacuum it everyday which keeps it nice. If it gets to dirty cover comes off to wash.


  43. Bop P. says:

    Try making ur dog bed with Kevlar material. Super sthrong used in body armor.
    For doggie chews I bought zone grey 2 Inch pvc cut it into about 6 inch lengths. 4 inch pvc pipe works too.
    My vet said pvc won’t hurt dogs. They make good fetching toys too. U can even put some peanut butter.


    Minette Reply:

    PVC can and does break teeth so be very careful of that, I have seen it because pvc doesn’t give


  44. Lori Pearson says:

    Hi, I was reading your blog about making your own dog bed and saw the conversation about the cedar shavings. Cedar shavings are wonderful about being used to help control fleas in bedding.
    BUT BECAREFUL; cedar shavings or cedar in general omit a poisonous gas that if used in closed and not very well ventilated areas: small rooms, creates, aquariums, and any other place you can think of may cause poisoning that works up huge vet bills or worst yet–death.
    They are great to use (I would do a lot of researching before using pine as well) to help keep down the parasite population and to help keep the yucky smells down.
    ****Good idea–if any shaving comes directly from anything that was alive and packaged, don’t use with animals unless in an open air space such as horse stalls, or any area in your home that is open and airy such as a huge family room, and pet cages that are not made from glass but are made from materials that allow a lot of air to pass through. And please DON’T put glass lids or tops on any enclosers****
    Sorry if any of that seemed repetitive but this subject is very important to discuss!
    Good luck with your dog bed and please keep us updated on how it’s working.
    Thank you and I look forward to keeping on reading your blog since I found it 😉


  45. Brenda says:

    So – I read this and thought brilliant! Last weekend I went to the hardware store, the sewing store, and got all of the materials.
    I am happy to report that the bed has held up and the house has been stuffing free since completing the project.
    Diesel, my rescued English Bulldog, has tried to rip it up but has not been successful!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!


  46. Dr. Debbie McKee says:

    I have, currently, 2 rotties and over 40 years of extensive K9 experience. You are right – most exercised dogs with a definite program rest better and will not be destructive. It is always my first recommendation when asked what to do with the lovable shredders. BUT, keep in mind that there are always exceptions, and I now have one! Still trying to grow out of this at the age of 7! She is my most exuberant, hard worker, tracker, swimmer, cattle dog ever, and can destroy any bed in 5 min! She is also the most lovable lap dog, bless her heart. Look out Home Depot.. Headed there in the morning for my canvas!! Just an aside – always be open to learn from others! My thanks to you for your info and puppy kisses from Lucie!


  47. My new rescue pup, a Jack Russellxpointer mix will shake to death anything soft, then start chewing till it’s broken. And so she did that to her beds, quietly so I wouldn’t know until it was too late. So, after sleeping on a flannel sheet on a board in her kennel, I think she realized how much she liked to be on a soft surface. I saved her beds and stuffing and made covers out of dropcloths for each. I also sprayed them with Bitter Apple spray from the pet store before putting one in her kennel. So far, so good. She hasn’t been chewing on them and enjoys her fluffy bed. I don’t know of any material that would be as economical as this.

    I washed and dried the whole dropcloth first to soften it up. The dental floss worried me, so I just used a sturdy “outdoor fabric” thread. I sewed three sides together, flipped it right side out and put the bed inside, then just stitched the opening closed, making sure the seam would be on the underside so she couldn’t mess with it. She is a very contented doggie and I am a happy petmom.


  48. Denise says:

    It’s not good for the dog to lay on just a pile of cedar chips because cedar oil can be a skin irritant. But if it is inside a heavy bedcover, the dog should be fine – keep on eye on their belly for signs of redness or rash just in case. Cedar is wonderful as a flea (and other bug) deterrent.


  49. Schoeff M. says:

    My small one has kinda grown out of his puppy palace. Time to try some DIY methods. Thanks for the fun yet informative article!


  50. Louise says:

    Indestructibones are the best chew toys.


  51. Karen says:

    THANKS!! I have a Doberman pup that thinks everything is to be torn to shreds. I’d like she has something softer then the floor to lay on. Started out with an old (clean) saddle pad. It seems anything fuzzy is a target. Including tennis balls which are stripped of any fuzz in 45 minutes. The canvas isn’t plush, just might work.


  52. Holly McKenzie-Holmes says:

    I have a couple air mattresses that have tiny holes in them. Also, the foam that came from an old love seat. I plan on wrapping the foam with the felt part of the air mattress and gluing then stappeling in the bottom to see if it will withstand my two Siberia Huskys. One of which ate an entire couch a 5 months old.
    Let ya know.


  53. Linda Feeley says:

    I made 40 dog beds for my vets, and a few washable ones out of old pillows and duvets, and when they go tired and flat, you have to grab them and tear them apart. But the best still was, some really strong, Jeans material, very tightly woven together, and filled it with bean bags, now he loves it and doesnt try to rip it apart, except for the clothes in his bed. Funnily enough the water proof ones.

    I wish I could show you a photo, I have made it oval shaped, and theres enough room for him to dig and make the beads to the shape he wants, he loves it. Believe me I made one for when I had migraine attacks, and it just molds to the curvature of your head gently. I use the carpet washer attachment to wash it, and it sucks up surplus water. Or you can put it in the bath. But other sizes you could put in the washer, as my dog is a great dane crossed with a irish wolf hound. perfect for a dog with arthritic limbs too as would support them.


  54. Nita says:

    with Akitas I have found that baby crib mattress seem to work the best. I just throw an old blanket over it and everyone is happy.


  55. tara n says:

    Our 12 year old dalmatian has exposed the springs on my son’s bed (he is 23). I went in his room yesterday to discover my not so little boy was sleeping, at least partially, on springs. I am thinking about laying the canvas tarp UNDER the sheet. Maybe on top? I don’t know. He does this when my son is at work. He is alone for about 6 hours at the most. Any other ideas about how to stop this? I have to buy him a new bed today, but I don’t want it shredded tomorrow.


    Minette Reply:

    Crate the dog it is safest


  56. Kayla says:

    So i have a 4yr old pittie mix who is my service dog and that being said is usually always with me…so when i do leave him at home with my other dog on the rare occasion,he goes crazy and suffers from separation anxiety. I rescued him at 6 months old and ive been working with him since day one on this…consulted trainers and most recently my vet put him on natural calming supplements and a calming dog pheromone collar to help while im still working on behavioral modification training. But if no improvement..she wants to put him on prozac….he is crated when i leave because he has chewed my plaster walls, door frame and my rug…he also will injure himself in the crate at times trying to get out (but that has stopped) but he is a blanket and bed shredder! And i dont trust him not to ingest the pieces(he has escaped foreign body surgery twice just barely…once for eating a construction staple and another time for eating a metal washer…and there was the time he ate poisonous mushrooms in my yard and almost died!)….i need an idea for a crate pad (doesn’t need to be a fluffy bed necessarily)…he can only have a crate pad, a water bucket and a few indestructible bones in his crate…no other toys or blankets in there. Also water proof would be nice as he slobbers after he drinks and after a while the bed stinks! The crate pad i have now is awesome…$20 from tjmaxx its canvas type crate pad but not machine washable and doesn’t have a removeable cover…so after having it for a year or stinks! He has not chewed it…but i can’t wash it and i dont even think tjmaxx has them so i cannot buy another….any ideas for a do it yourself chew proof/waterproof crate pad?? Thank you!!


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