How to Make an Indestructible Dog Bed

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Homemade Indestructible Dog Bed

Yup this Looks About Right. Thanks for the Photo


First off let me restate that… mostly indestructible.  I don’t believe anything is “Indestructible”, but some things are more resistant than others.

Which means if you have a “shredder” NEVER, EVER leave your dog alone with any bed… or you could be rushing him in to the vet for obstruction surgery after he eats it…

They have started to rate dog toys 0-5 star rating of toughness.

They even rate dog beds!

You can find out more at if you too have a “special” destructive dog!

You can even purchase beds and bed covers here if you don’t mind paying upwards of 60 to 200+.

They even make aluminum dog beds although I can’t imagine those are comfortable and beds make out of ballistic materials (yes think “bullet proof”). 

I Am A Genius

But I think I am a genius 😉

german shepherd training, puppy training, crate training

He made a “Window” in his Crate one day!

Okay, so maybe “Genius” is a bit much… but I am pretty proud of myself.

I have a very destructive puppy, well he is a year old now, but he acts like a puppy! Watch this to see how I taught him to control his puppy “impulses”.

He has eaten through crates, and shredded numerous toys and beds.

Elk antlers keep him entertained better than anything else!  For the cheapest ordering I have found check out  Elk Antler Chews LLC and Deb Nevins at  My dogs prefer the XL (they have to have XL split chews).

In fact at one point I had to take away all of his beds and blankets because they wouldn’t last more than 5 minutes with him.

Even under a diligently watchful eye, he can shred an object faster than any other dog I have ever owned.

But I felt bad for him because he then has to lay on hardwood floors…

So I was at a dog event  and there was a vendor selling homemade dog beds.  They were felt and looked super soft, but I knew after feeling how thin the fabric was that my dogs would never be able to keep one of these long.

Even my other dogs like to vigorously scratch and circle before laying down and so they can put a hole in a commercial dog bed very quickly; and then I have cut foam, fluff, or even wood shavings all over my house.

Not to mention most beds (even these homemade ones) were upwards of $50 for my size of dog.



So I Decided to Do Something About It

german shepherd training, puppy training, crate training

My Boy on His New Bed… note his Aluminum Indestructible Crate in the Background!

I tried to think about tough materials, and canvas came to mind.  Canvas isn’t soft… but it is better than hardwood and could take a serious scratching.  It is even hard to rip with teeth (not impossible).

So I bought a large canvas painter’s drop cloth and I gave it to my baby whom I have nicknamed, Zippy (because I sing “Zippity Do Da to him every morning) to see how it would fair.

It has lasted many weeks and he loves laying on it… and it has been washed many times making it much softer.

So I gathered some old pillows and some old sleeping bags (my husband’s kids had when they were little) and I sewed them into his canvas drop cloth.

I did the sewing by hand and used dental floss to make sure the stitches would be STRONG and would last through some humping and grabbing and possible ripping.

And, I didn’t stuff it FULL so that it would have a little bit of give when he grabs it, making it less likely to rip.

What You Need

  • One Canvas Painter’s Drop Cloth (from about $12-$20)
  • Dental floss ($2)
  • Old T-Shirts, blankets, pillows, towels (anything soft to fill it)
  • Cedar Chips (if you so desire for their flea controlling properties $8)
  • Heavy Duty Velcro ($20) if you want to get fancy
  • Zipper (if you want $5)

I’m no seamstress, so I kept it simple by hand sewing with no amenities, I can still throw it in the washer if I need since everything I put in it is washable!

Happy sewing my friends!





There are 72 Comments

  1. Louise says:

    Indestructibones are the best chew toys.


  2. Karen says:

    THANKS!! I have a Doberman pup that thinks everything is to be torn to shreds. I’d like she has something softer then the floor to lay on. Started out with an old (clean) saddle pad. It seems anything fuzzy is a target. Including tennis balls which are stripped of any fuzz in 45 minutes. The canvas isn’t plush, just might work.


  3. Holly McKenzie-Holmes says:

    I have a couple air mattresses that have tiny holes in them. Also, the foam that came from an old love seat. I plan on wrapping the foam with the felt part of the air mattress and gluing then stappeling in the bottom to see if it will withstand my two Siberia Huskys. One of which ate an entire couch a 5 months old.
    Let ya know.


  4. Linda Feeley says:

    I made 40 dog beds for my vets, and a few washable ones out of old pillows and duvets, and when they go tired and flat, you have to grab them and tear them apart. But the best still was, some really strong, Jeans material, very tightly woven together, and filled it with bean bags, now he loves it and doesnt try to rip it apart, except for the clothes in his bed. Funnily enough the water proof ones.

    I wish I could show you a photo, I have made it oval shaped, and theres enough room for him to dig and make the beads to the shape he wants, he loves it. Believe me I made one for when I had migraine attacks, and it just molds to the curvature of your head gently. I use the carpet washer attachment to wash it, and it sucks up surplus water. Or you can put it in the bath. But other sizes you could put in the washer, as my dog is a great dane crossed with a irish wolf hound. perfect for a dog with arthritic limbs too as would support them.


  5. Nita says:

    with Akitas I have found that baby crib mattress seem to work the best. I just throw an old blanket over it and everyone is happy.


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