Helping Your Dog Live a Long and Healthy Life

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Since our beloved dogs become such a big part of our families, we want them to live as long as they possibly can.  Find out more about how you can help.

How to Help Your Dog Live a Healthy and Long Life

by Brenda Nelson,

Although we know that our beloved dog will probably die before we do, there are many things an owner can do to help their dog live a longer life.

Dog Selection

Right from the start, the dog you buy, and the place you buy it from, can have a huge impact on how long it will live.  Pups sold in pet stores come from mass breeders, places who only breed for profit.  As such these pups may typically have genetic health problems or predispositions to some problems.  Of course, most owners know that small dogs live longer than big ones, and most pets stores sell only small breed pups.

Back yard breeders also tend to disregard breeding for health, rather they breed for cuteness.  If a person wants a long lived purebred dog they are best off to select one from a reputable breeder.  Sadly many people in the market for a puppy have no idea how to determine if a breeder is reputable.  Quite simply put, a reputable breeder takes their dogs to shows to prove their worth as breeding animals and has them tested by a veterinarian against any genetic health problems.  They do not breed any dogs where problems have been shown to exist.  They do not advertise puppies for sale, rather they get waiting lists before they breed.

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