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With temperatures dropping into the lower digits, please keep in mind that your pets are affected by the cold weather just like you are, especially those that stay outdoors.  Make sure they have access to plenty of fresh water and a warm, dry place to sleep.  Of course, when temperatures dip below freezing,  ideally it is best to bring them indoors, but a heated dog bed might be a great alternative as well.

Heated Dog Beds, Outdoor Heated Dog Beds, Orthopedic Dog Beds or Heated Dog Pads:

Learn Why Heated Dog Beds Are The Great for Your Dog

Heated dog beds are a great way to keep your pooch warm and keep them warm in style. These beds come in many different sizes, shapes and colors. You would be hard pressed not to find one in a color that matches your décor, no matter if your dog sleeps in your bedroom, in the living room, in the den, or even on the porch.

Heated dog beds are great if you love to pamper your dog but they are also good for practical reasons as well. If your dog is getting older or if they are heavy and have joint problems, these beds will help to ease their pain. If your dog is less active than they used to be, it could be due to sore muscles, and heated dog beds will help to relax those muscles.

Many online retailers offer orthopedic beds that are made with several layers of thick, supportive foam. They have a dual thermostat that maintains an even surface temperature. For many of them, the heater is removable for washing. Veterinarians are recommending heated dog beds (especially low-level, long duration heat) to help accelerate healing from injury or surgery and to help if your dog has arthritis. This heat also provides stimulating circulation that is helpful to dogs.

If you are in the market for one of these beds be sure to find one that has low-voltage, that is UL listed (and if you live in Canada, be sure it is CUL listed), and that it is made of non-slip materials to help keep the bed in place. It is also important that the cord is chew-resistant. If your dog loves to be cozy, you can find heated dog beds that have a soft dome over them (like a hood) that will keep them so snug.

Visit this site for more information on heated dog beds.

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