Guilty Dogs Caught In The Act: Here Are The WINNERS!

I have two big announcements today…

First, I’m excited to announce that we have reviewed all the entries to our “Dogs Caught In The Act” VIDEO CONTEST.

From those who qualified with videos that met our entry guidelines, we drew the names of 10 winners, who will each be receiving a $100 GIFT CARD. 

Plus, we drew the names of 7 more lucky dog parents who will be receiving a FREE COPY of our *just released* “Perfect At Home: House Manners Training For Dogs.”

THANK YOU to everyone who participated and sent us guilty dog videos... funny dog videos... and downright bad dog videos! ?

For fun, and to celebrate the launch of “Perfect At Home,” I’ve created this fun compilation of "bad dog" videos from our contest entries. (See above!)

I hope you enjoy it.

And if your dog is a “brat” who could use a Manners Makeover, then I would encourage you to check out “Perfect At Home.”

Just released today—it’s everything you need to transform your dog from “THE BRAT” to the perfect gentleman (or lady).

Plus, until March 4th at 11:59 p.m. PST we’re celebrating the release by giving away 15 MORE amazing prizes, valued at over $1,157.98.

Click Here To Get All The Details. 

Now, without further ado, here are our lucky winners with guilty dogs, caught in the act!

Each Receive A $100 Amazon Gift Card

  • Ailsa Winton
  • Cherrie Westwood
  • Christina Daugherty
  • Dina Schulman
  • Joan Harper
  • Lexandra Creitz
  • Rebecca Hye
  • Stephanie
  • Tami Lallo
  • Terri Malen


Each Receive a FREE COPY of “Perfect At Home”

  • Erin
  • Kathy Rose
  • Steve Shapiro
  • Allison Keith
  • Barb Paulson
  • Jane Cornelius
  • Debbie Mann
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