The “Green” Dog Owner

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With Earth Day having just passed by a few days ago on the 22nd of April, we thought about putting up a post today that touches on that subject for all you responsible dog owners out there.

We here at The Dog Training Secret, among many others in this beautiful community of responsible dog owners, believe that Earth Day shouldn’t just be under the spotlight one day out of the 365 days in a year – it should instead be a concept and lifestyle that we all adhere to throughout the year and for many years to come.

And, what better time to show you responsible dog owners reading this more about how to help your dogs live more eco-friendly lives than now, seeing that Earth Day was just around the corner a few days ago?

After all, all of us here love our dogs to the fullest extent, but we really should be showing the environment we live in some of that love too, or else chances are we won’t have a clean and viable environment to live in anymore in the years to come.

Also, did you know that by being an environmentally conscious dog owner you could also be doing the world of good for the community in and of itself?

A prime example about this is, as you’ll learn more about in the infographic itself, the great extent to which you’ll be giving a helping hand to local shelters around your area just by donating stuff to the shelter that your dog no longer uses and you thought†has become “useless” because of that.

You’d be amazed to learn about how much these resources can help out shelters and help keep them alive and running, instead of having these items thrown†in some landfill where they’re going to be of no use to absolutely anymore, but will bring about all kinds of harmful effects to the environment.

And, let’s be real here for a second, can you name one dog owner you know who doesn’t like to save on money and expenses they have to pay on a month to month basis? It doesn’t even have to be a dog owner, really, can you name anyone you know who doesn’t like to save on their costs?

Of course you can’t, and neither can we, because these people simply don’t exist!

The good news here is that by following these tips, not only are you going to give your dog a much healthier life to live and a healthier environment to live in, you’re also going to be saving on a considerable amount of expenses as you go, which is always nice to see, considering how costly being a responsible dog owner can get at many times.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in and want to learn more about, then (besides us commending you for being an awesome person) here’s a†visual illustration designed by dog informational website Ultimate Home Life that explains all you should know.

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