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If you are a fan of sporting dogs, check out this breed.

American Foxhound

The American Foxhound was developed over time through cross breeding a variety of dog types, from the French walking dogs to the hound breeds like the English Foxhounds, Harriers, and German bloodhounds.

The breeding developed several American Foxhound types related to the type of hunting they were bred for and today there are several variations of the breed like the red coloured “July-dogs”, which are used for hunting coyotes.

The American stud book has record of 8 acceptable variations on the breed with over 100 000 registered dogs.

The American Foxhound is closely related to the English Foxhound and although the English cousin is used primarily to hunt in packs the Americans use the dog as a solitary animal and more often than not in shows and specialist exhibits.

The American dog has a moderate length with good spine, being a muscular strong dog, with a deep chest able to have a good set of lungs for running. The dog is bred narrow with a 58cm dog having a chest proportion of 71cm, in order to run after its elusive prey in thick bush.

The dog coat’s are thick and have coarse hair of medium length and all colours are accepted. The American Foxhound is somewhat smaller than the English version with a shorter leg and lighter build.

The ears are set moderately apart and are deep and long and if folded forward almost extend to the tip of the dogs nose. The ears are thin with rounded edges and they have large smooth looking eyes that vary in colour from brown to hazel.

The American Foxhound is a very self-willed dog yet it has a special connection with the owner and one can always tell the owner of the particular dog by its behaviour.

The American Foxhound was originally bred as a hunting dog and in England is used primarily in a pack as hunting hounds whereas in the USA they are being used more and more on the competitive show circuit.


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  1. This may help but he might astound you when the baby comes. But then again every puppy is different. I have introduced my 2 puppies to infants and young kids as they were pups and they do get excited in the beginning. But they eventually keep quiet and when I command either my dog to back off they do. It is interesting how they know to be gentle. I noticed with infants and other kids that my dogs turn out to be more cairng of them and will lay down and keep an eye on them. Good luck!


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