This is sooooo embarrassing!

If you own a dog, most likely you are use to some kind of embarrassment.  If you own several dogs you are probably on a first name basis with it.  As a dog trainer I have learned a lot about humility!  I have done a few demonstrations in my life where the dog refused to comply and I ended up resorting to describing to my audience what the dog was suppose to be doing.

It is high time we as owners learn how to deal with such moments and teach our dogs a party trick at the same time.

So here it is your holiday party trick to show the family and friends that come and visit!  We are going to teach your dog to raise his paw to his snout when you say “I AM SO EMBARRASSED”  or “AREN’T YOU EMBARRASSED?”  or you can say “DID YOU….?”

What You Will Need:

  • GOOD treats!!
  • Your clicker
  • Your Dog
  • A soft hair scrunchie
  • Your sense of humor!

Getting Started:

Version 1

  • Grab your dog and head off to a secluded room.  This is easier with less distractions.
  • Take the soft scrunchie (not a tight elastic hair tie) and slide it over your dog’s snout
  • BE READY with your clicker!!
  • Your dog will pretty much immediately bring his paw up to take off the scrunchie, you must click and treat the moment the paw goes to the snout!
  • If he doesn’t instantaneously remove it himself with that paw after you click take it off as you give him the treat.
  • Wait a few seconds and try it again.  Click when the paw goes up and then take off the scrunchie if needed.
  • Once he is beginning to tolerate it and getting the idea, begin giving  the command “Embarrassed” or whatever you want to use.
  • Say it in a dramatic way, like you will deliver the command when you showcase the trick.

Version 2

  • First you must get him to target a treat in your hand with his paw.
  • Put a treat in your hand and if he goes to scratch at it, click and treat.
  • As he gets the idea and paws your hand raise the treat and your hand progressively higher and higher up to his snout.
  • Jackpot if he touches his face, as this is the behavior you want.
  • This version might take a little longer for him to grasp, but be patient and help him with lots of praise and jackpots to understand what you want!

Soon with the aid of the clicker and his understanding of it, your dog will be able to offer this trick without the use of the scrunchie or your hand!

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  1. Rosanne says:

    That could be entertaining.

    The pictures show the dogs laying down, is this the posture that comes about after along time doing it? The directions don’t indicate that they be in any particular stance.

    Yes the my dog infact any dog I’ve ever had would immediately want it off. I would imagine breathing would be an issue never mind the pain from whiskers being pulled or smashed and lips pinched.

    I’m not sure she would even let me get one on her considering the effort it takes to get a collar on her.


    Minette Reply:

    They don’t have to be laying down or in any particular position.

    Although they tend to want it off, it should be applied loosely and should never be tight, painful or inhibit breathing! It is just a quick way to get them to paw their snout. In fact when I do it with my puppy and click she is too excited about the clicking to persist at taking it off, so I know it doesn’t bother her.

    Each dog is different and nothing should be done to cause trauma but most dogs tolerate it just fine, use the other method if you are interested, and have fun with her!


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