Dr. Ian Dunbar on the meaning of Dog Friendly Training

Here Dr. Ian Dunbar explains what the term dog friendly training means. Using a little humor he is able to really convey what a dog is probably thinking. Dr. Dunbar has greatly advanced positive reinforcement through his 30 years of training and has been a role model for those getting away from dominance theory principles.

It is my hope that people who are in the research phase of figuring out which types of puppy training techniques will be most effective for their dogs, will take this videos message to heart.

Because if more of us dog owners took Dr. Dunbar’s approach to training our dogs, and in learning how to train our dogs with the approach he’s talking about… we’d all have happier, much better behaved dogs.

Thank You Dr. Ian Dunbar for a wonderful speech!

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  1. Pam says:

    The Dog training Secret is about the best website that I have come across. For the first time I have encountered a problem. I cannot find the video WHEN IT’S O.K. TO BEAT YOUR DOG. I cannot think of ANY justification for beating a dog! But, in South Africa people do a lot worse than BEAT their dogs! e.g. one individual cut his puppy’s head off with a chain saw, because it killed his parrot!! Please let me know how to find this video, and prove me wrong that there are times “WHEN IT O.K. TO BEAT YOUR DOG!


  2. Interesting post, subscribed to your rss feed. thanks


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