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I came home to find a package sitting on my door which is always intriguing. Assuming naturally that my wife had done some Amazoning I figured it was hers and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the box was addressed to me.  I opened it up and found a nice box from which is pictured above.  I had never heard of this company before so I didn’t really know what to expect.  Upon opening I realized that I was going to have 2 very happy girls.  You can see why below:

Dogswell Inside

They had sent a little sample pack which include several goodies for my puppies and couple cool things for yours truly.  The products they sent for the dogs are as follows:

  • Happy Hips Jerky Strips – Lamb Flavor
  • Happy Hips Jerky Bars – Salmon & Veggie
  • Vitality Jerky Bars – Chicken & Veggie
  • Vitality Jerky Strips – Duck Flavor

And as you can see by the pictures below both of my puppies were eager to give them their seal of approval.













Each of my dogs loved the treats and every time I bring them out are excited to do whatever I ask in order to get another.  The extra treats inside the box for the human variety was also a nice added bonus!


So a big thanks to for sending us the delicious Jerky Dog Treats!

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  1. Mary Kay Gerrets says:

    I hope you threw out all products made in China and are aware of the FDA warning against feeding dogs jerky treats from China. The risk is not worth it. For more information check out the Facebook page – Animal Parents Against Pet Treats and Food Made in China.


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