Dogs that Exercise Themselves

This is Exercise Thank you for the photo

This is Exercise Thank you for the photo

There I was just the other day thinking I need to start my “P90X” program or “Insanity” either of which kick my butt and leave me wanting to scoot around the house with my lips instead of using all the muscles that end up raging at me.  Even getting down to the toilet and back up is excruciating.

So I got up, rubbed the peaceful sleep from my eyes and headed down to my exercise room (yes I have a whole room I haven’t used in a very long time).  Before my last two dogs died I was running 13 miles a day and doing P90X daily.  I think you could have bounced a quarter off my abs.  But, depression for me  leads to inactivity, sadness and weight gain, and I just haven’t had what it took to feel good enough to get back to it.

But, today was the day!!  When I got there I saw all 3 of my dogs mid-way through “Insanity” doing burpees, push-ups and sit ups…

Each one had a different reason for working on his/her physique: Fury wants to stay skinny for flirting with the boys and intimidating the other girls, Jovi thinks of himself as an athlete but wants to gain muscle and Sir, well he is a competition junkie and just wants to be buff enough to scare off people and other dogs with his muscles.

They were planning a 5 mile run around the yard later in the afternoon!

doing exerciseOkay so I am kidding, but that is the point right?

I have never seen a dog sit down and come up with a rigorous exercise routine.  If they could have the reasoning power to understand that running around the yard 6 times is a mile and would make their body, mind and spirit stronger they would absolutely do it, but they don’t!

One of My Biggest Irritants in Dog Training is Someone Who Says

He doesn’t need exercise he has a big yard or he has 10 (or however many) acres…

My dogs have 16 acres and sometimes they run and play but rarely do they come inside exhausted and heaving from a good workout.  Actually NEVER; never have they come in totally exhausted and laying on the air vents in the house to cool down.

But when we go on a 13 mile run, or we play ball in the backyard for  45 minutes or more doing obedience and letting them run it out, or we go hiking for the day up in the mountains; then they come in heaving and seeking cooling vents and water!

runningEven dock diving and swimming for an hour or more leaves them exhausted.

Exhausted is what I want.  It is good for their bodies, and heart and their mind and it is good for my house because other than the drool stripes from the water bowl they don’t shred things they shouldn’t, they don’t jump and bite on me, they don’t chase the cats, they aren’t sneaking off to have accidents because they are tired.

I have to meet their needs mentally and physically, they can’t meet their exercise needs on their own.

Just the other day I was at the vet hospital for a health certificate to travel to a few obedience trials.  And, the vet mentioned what great condition my dog was in and how low her heart rate was (an indication of her health).

But that is because we spend time exercising and training, and exercising and training and as she gets older I will slightly decrease the speed and the difficulty but exercise and mental stimulation will help her age gracefully with less chance of canine dementia for more on how to alleviate that click here.  

Don’t Fall Prey to this Ridiculousness

Lace up Your Shoes and Get out!

Lace up Your Shoes and Get out!

Dogs and puppies are athletes they need structured and strenuous exercise.  Be careful not to affect the growth plates of puppies with exercise that is on hard surfaces if in doubt consult your veterinarian.

But do your dog and yourself a favor and give them some actual exercise every day!  You will thank them and they will thank you for it!

For a better look at real exercise click here.

What's That?  You don't have Time to Exercise Your Dog?

Click this link here for more information on that!

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  1. chuck fisher says:

    i have adopted a english bulldog very well trained she is agreat dog gives hi five meney other tricks chuck. talk more later


  2. Christina Frances-Pratt says:

    I have a 2yr old rescue girl,Skye, Greyhound mum, but short legged solid body Dad, I have had her 18 months and no matter what we do together, as soon as we head back to the house, she takes of out the back, then returns to me, all at high speed, the Manx cats join in at some stage, them chasing her, she will pick up a stick at full speed, and somehow has never collided with me or anybody else toddlers included, I alway call stop to people and pick up little ones,it lasts no more than 4-5mins, then Skye collapses on her side, and appears to laugh at us, the first time she ran and collapsed on her side I expected broken bones, but it is her game, I wish that I could run with her like I did with my Dobes, but she seems to understand Mums body is worn out, and makes her own fun, she is so fit that when Dobes do visit, she can out run and out turn them,much to their owners disgust,she also sleeps on the foot of my bed if I go to bed early, and I have woken during the night to find her full length against my back, she is better than hot pads for pain, but only does it if the pain is there, how does she know what I need,?


  3. lynn says:

    That is great when you are young What about when you are older and it’s cold outside?


    Minette Reply:

    I bundle up and still take my dogs out for exercise. a 20 minute game of nonstop retrieve and run will exhaust them quickly.


  4. Sue says:

    I have 2 Minature Schnauzers & live in Saudi Arabia, in fact they were born here. It gets very hot but we still walk 3 times a day, albeit slowly & I take lots of water for them. My dogs sleep a lot but are happy & healthy despite the heat. They love their walks even when we have sandstorms!


  5. Deep says:

    Hi, i’ve health concerns because of which i am not able to take my pup for his exercise else can he get his daily exercise? Kindly assist as i am just not in a position toexercise him..he is a yellow labrador of 3 months age.


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