Doggy Flatulence

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We’ve all been there.  You are relaxing in your easy chair and your furry companion wants to cozy up for a petting session or just settle into your lap for a nap, when all of the sudden, you are engulfed with an aroma that is beyond unpleasant, it’s downright disgusting!

Dog Gas:  What Causes Doggy Flatulence … and What Can You do About It?

posted 2/17/10,

Does your dog have problems with flatulence that can easily clear a room? It’s nothing personal … just a normal process that occurs when bacteria in your dog’s digestive tract breaks down his food.

However, while some gas is normal, excessive flatulence can be a sign that something is amiss in your dog’s diet.

What’s Causing Your Dog’s Gas?

As in humans, flatulence in dogs is often related to the foods they eat.

It occurs when a food does not get completely broken down in the stomach and small intestine. The food then reaches the large intestine in this undigested state, and bacteria there get to work, essentially breaking the morsel down further.

This process actually ferments the material, which produces a mixture of gasses: carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen, and sometimes hydrogen sulfide (the tell-tale odor we think of when we think of gas). If you’ve ever been in the room when your furry best friend has passed wind, you know exactly the odor we’re referring to.

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