Why Doggy Daycares Save Lives

Dogs running together on the lawn

I work for a friend of mine at her doggy day care.

Most of you live nowhere near me, so I feel like I can generically plug good doggy day cares out there everywhere!

The truth is that doggy day cares can be life savers!

And, there are many good doggy day cares out there!

For instance, 90% of those of us who work there are already well established trainers.  So we don’t allow the dogs to jump, pull us, pounce other dogs in crates, and we make the dogs sit before going in and out of doors.

And, when the place gets busy because dogs are coming and going, we utilize long lasting treats to give them something to do other than get mad and bark at one another!  We want our students to go home better dogs than they came in.

We also have strict rules, no corrections, corrective collars or anything of that sort.

Most of our clients use easy walk harnesses, but some just have great leash manners because we are always prepared to reward good and attentive behavior.

And, we make it our business to ensure that all dogs get out to play, and get the occasional naps they need, because even dogs can get aggressive when they are too tired.

Even dogs who can’t play (because they are sick, injured, or aggressive) still get one on one time or long walks.

But….Agility equipment

But, I would caution you, that not all doggy day cares are created equal.

Not all doggy day cares employ regular trainers.

Not all doggy day cares keep dogs from barging through crates, keep them in heel position, or care when they jump.

In fact, some doggy day cares have incompetent people working for them who are not trained or skilled with dogs and dog behavior.

And, some of the dogs in some of these places rarely get out to play or interact with anyone or anything.

It is critical that you make appointments for a tour and drop by a few times, unannounced.  And, I always poke around, ask to use the bathroom and make sure that for the most part things are clean.

Any animal business can have it’s stinky moments but a good vet, kennel, or doggy day care is mindful of keeping things as clean as possible.

I also like to watch the interaction of staff with the dogs.

Some doggy day cares even have webcams (although we don’t) this would be a great way to ensure that everyone is monitored while handling the animals!

But if you look, search, do your research, ask for many different references, then you will find a great place.

Why I Love Them

dog playI love them because our clients bring us tightly wound up dogs, and they return to piles of tired doggy fur.

Imagine going to work or school for the day and feeling exhausted.

When you get home, you have a responsibility to make sure that your dog is fed, watered, exercised, trained and in some cases massaged.

When a dog is dropped off at day care, they are exhausted while you are exhausted!  After some food, water and a brush up lesson on obedience they are probably going to beat you to sleep.

And, without this exercise some of these difficult dogs would be taken and dropped off at shelters and euthanized to to space and high exercise needs or what we see as wild behaviors.

 These Are great Places for most people and Their Dogs

We even have an older couple (in their 70s) and they have a giant Rottweiler that they drop off to play with his friends.  Then they pick him up when he is tired.

They aren’t off working all day, in fact they are at home all day, but they also know they don’t have what it takes to exhaust a 1 year old Rottweiler.

So we do the work and exercising for them, and they reap the benefits.

He isn’t in the trash, he isn’t eating their sofa, he isn’t chasing their cat; he is curled up on his bed snoring because he spent most of the day tackling and being tackled by his friends.

Remember anytime you let dogs play with other dogs, there is a risk of injury or even death!

But, in most cases (baring those horror stories which I am sure exist and which is why you must be careful in your initial choosing process), it is a win win situation for everyone, especially if your dog likes other dogs.

The owners are tired, they take a tired dog home and their dog gets to work around other dogs and people all day.

We even have a dog that has severe separation anxiety(actual real separation anxiety), who unfortunately also doesn’t like other dogs.

His parents were turned into their home association because of the constant barking all day.

So now, he comes and gets long walks, gets training with us trainers and has a much better day!  He is even becoming less reactive and aggressive with other dogs!

Does he bark?  Sure, he does!  But he gets a lot more interaction than he would if he was at home in his crate all day!

I can’t imagine that his people would be able to keep him if he was at home barking all day, especially after the home owners association gave them an ultimatum. And, this particular dog has been placed and returned 4 times.  And, with each time he is returned the likelihood of him making it out alive is decreased.

So if you are tired, your dog is exhausting you when you come home, or barking all day when you are gone then consider doing your local homework and finding a great place for him to stay while you are away!

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  2. Pat Suit says:

    We have a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Vizla mix with a lot of energy..doggie daycare has been our and her’s salvation!


  3. rebecca Smith says:

    Requiring trained and competent handlers to work in your day care facility is superior for your dogs health and mental stability. Rarely is this true. Competent and trained dog handlers rarely choose to work at such a facility. In fact, they are probably working at a training facility or own one.
    I agree, all dogs should have a job……besides play, all dogs should be nurtured by walking or running w/their people.


  4. rebecca Smith says:

    All dogs need discipline, exercise and love. Most dogs are loved but infrequent walks and little attention to discipline creates havoc in your dog’s life. Doggy day care facilities should only hire skilled handlers but rarely do they because such skills can receive higher pay when applied to a training facility and receive daily rewards as both the dog and the owner learn how to have a happy and balanced life.


  5. Pamela Kutscher says:

    This is a great post! I wish there were good doggy day cares near where I live! I am like that couple in their 70s–I am semi retired and work mainly from home now but have increasing physical problems that are interferring with my ability to keep my rescued Sheltie mix (9 years old now) adequately exercised and socialized. I walk and hike with her when I can and sometimes am able to arrange doggy playdates with friends but that is not always possible. It would be wonderful to have a reliable, safe place nearby to take her for the day or even just a few hours–I’m sure she would be happier and I would feel less guilty.


  6. AB55 says:

    I wish we had places like this where I live, or even a leashless doggie parks for them to run around. I walk around my development just looking for some socialization for my dog. 99.9% we come home with no interaction for her. We walk the local parks, but no place for the dogs run & play. Its sad some towns don’t see the need for them. Dogs are so much more adjusted, with people and other dogs with this type of freedom. Otherwise they are frighten of many everyday sounds, and people they don’t know, and some become to protective. That why dogs bites happen.


  7. Cleophas Mc Donald says:

    Your programme sounds very interesting,i probably would want to try it,


  8. JoanM says:

    Where in Florida are you located?


    Minette Reply:

    I am not in FL


  9. Christal says:

    I just personally don’t feel comfortable having my dogs around dogs I don’t know, when I am not there


  10. Juliette says:

    My only concerns are: my dog catching any communicable ailments from other dogs and What is the best way to research and compare Day Cares?


    Minette Reply:

    Make sure that they ensure that vaccines are up to date and have requirements.

    I can guarantee that a doggy day care that checks vaccinations is safer than the park where sick dogs can go with no issue.

    Everything in life has risks, I suppose we have to decide what is acceptable and what is not for our pets.


  11. Holly says:

    There are many more dog parks and doggie day care facilities around then people think. Please do searches on your computers for them. It is really a shame to keep dogs inside confined all day and many in crates all day when other arraingements can be made. Even if they don’t go to day care everyday, going Monday, Wed and Friday would really change their lives or at least Tuesday and Thursday would break up their week. My son takes his dog every other day and she is happy to sleep a large portion of the day she is not in day care.


  12. Susan says:

    We have a yorkiepoo that’s 10 years old and recently got a puppy (shepherd/terrier mix). We are having trouble getting our older dog to accept the new dog. We’ve had the puppy for over 4 months and our older dog won’t stay in the same room, and runs away when she tries to play with him. Is there anything we can do to get the to become friends.


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