Puppy Training Tips

Do you have a puppy that requires training? It can be highly fascinating to have a puppy at home. It will bring a lot of fun into the family and it will serve as a great stress reliever for the entire family. If you want your puppy to be molded in to a disciplined dog, you need to train your puppy well.

Here are some puppy training tips that you can use. First of all do not start your training too early. There are varied opinions about the right age for starting your puppy training.

One of the mostly agreed views is that you should not start your puppy training until your puppy is 3 months old. If you wait for too long before you started your puppy potty training, then it will be difficult to unlearn some of the habits your puppy would have already learned.

When it comes to dog training always remember that it is much easier to train your puppy on new habits rather than making them unlearn some of the habits they have already learned. That is why the age of the dog or puppy is a crucial factor for dog training.

dog smoking cigarWhen your puppy is still young, it would not have learned too many bad habits and even if they have a few bad habits, they would not have been reinforced strongly.

On the other hand if your dog grows up with bad habits for several years, then you will have tough time to get rid of those habits.

The next important factor that you should remember is that you should give your puppy or dog enough time to assimilate the new training that you are giving them. Give them time to learn the proper dog obedience. Do not expect them to obey your commands from day one. They need time to associate your commands with specific actions.

Do not try to train your dogs for eight hours a day just because you are free on a particular day. Do not try to train a dog too many things on the same day. At any given point of time, you should only teach one new command or trick. Only when your puppy understands your new command or trick, you should move to the next. Never compare your puppy’s performance with your neighbors or with your friend’s dog. Each one of them is different and treat them so.

Puppy giving high five

Follow through is always very important. You must always start your training each day with the tricks or commands that you have already taught your puppy and make them repeat them each day so that the new tricks and commands will become part of them. Always set the pace of your training based on your puppies abilities.

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