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Working with a Cheetah! How's that for training experience!!

I love to read!  When I was a baby I got a vaccination that almost took my life.  I am sure my mother was terrified.  I have some memories of lying on the couch very sick.  My mother would read to me for hours, and at that time (before DVDs or VHS…ahhh I hate aging myself) Disney movies came on record.

I would sit and listen to a movie over and over until I had basically memorized it. In some ways I am grateful for all of my experiences they have shaped me and who I am as an adult.  Because of that one shot, my immune system was never quite able to fight off infection and I did get and still get every flu bug that goes around. I grew up loving reading.   Reading was my way to escape into another world and to learn about…well, anything I was interested in at the time.  My mother did not allow video games, and TV was restricted

This love of reading followed me to college when I double majored one being in English.  I still love English Literature (I know I am a nerd).  But, in many ways these are all the reasons you are reading this article right now.  If I grew up playing video games, I probably wouldn’t be writing or reading to entertain myself.

I am able to learn by reading, and I have hundreds of books lining a book shelf to prove it.  I enjoy reading and breaking things down; highlighting important points for further study.

Part of the beginning of my successful dog training career came from reading just about every dog training book I could get my hands on.  Almost 20 years ago it was difficult to find any kind of dog training on VHS or to see anything visually that wasn’t learned at a class or a seminar.

Much of my learning took place at night reading one book and then another.


I remember when Karen Pryor came out with “Don’t Shoot the Dog” such a remarkable ground breaking book. I still read it for fun occasionally (party animal that I am).  I recommend that book to anyone who has a dog, is a mother, works with people…well, ANYONE really!

But not everyone likes to read.  My husband (bless his heart) admits that if it is not a popup picture book he is probably not interested in reading it.  I am not sure he has read a book since high school and/or Navy Training and he was forced to do so.  I can say these things because I know he is not going to read this ha ha ha ;)

Don’t get me wrong, he is a smart guy and was E8 Senior Chief Engineer on a destroyer in the Navy.  He actually has much better recall on most factual things than I do; he can tell you each step or how a bill becomes law, the capitals of the states, and all kinds of bizarre history facts.  I pretend to remember these things too, unless put on the spot.

So what happens to those of you who might learn better from a hands on approach to dog training, and other things?

We are introducing instructional dog training videos!  Me and my furry kids have been hitting the grass (no pun intended) and shooting some videos that tackle some of the most basic, and some of the most difficult dog training problems.

Although it is hard for me to keep things to a short minimum while writing or taping (I like hearing myself my husband says), most of the videos are a short 2 to 3 minutes long.

2 to 3 minutes may not seem like long, but it is enough to help you visualize the problem and how to fix it!

It may be difficult to imagine working a dog in “drive”, but it only takes a minute or two to show you how to begin developing drive to utilize your dogs instincts in your obedience training program.  Drive and Focus are two of my favorite aspects about good, competition style obedience.  Often the things I have written articles about, I have also shot instructional videos to help you achieve these goals.

Come Join Us!

We also tackle some of your questions and some of the basic needs everyone has with their dog.

I know, too that there are many readers from around the world, and these videos will help to break down the language barrier for anyone who might struggle.  Visually seeing how to do things will be enough to help you with your dog’s training, problems, or level of exercise and entertainment.

So come check them out at the Dog Training Secret Video Vault and utilize these tips to further your relationship with your dog and your dog training skills.  We guarantee you will enjoy them and you will see a rapid change in your dogs obedience and attitude toward you and training!

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  1. Hannah says:

    Love u and the Cheetah photo!!!I love cats and had the pleasure of walking a 6mnths old cheetah here in South Africa at Tenikwa Cheetah Sanctu.My husband and I had quite a walk(run)the 2 was brother +sister. Love cheetahs


  2. Shahin says:

    Hi! So where exactly can I find these videos? Bye 😉


  3. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the redirect. Yes, that sends us to a promotional page, but does not give specific information as to how to access the videos themselves. It only includes a demo video.


    Minette Reply:

    Try this one!


  4. Deborah Todd says:

    Hi Minette,
    I purchased Chet’s progarm and pay an additional monthly fee for access to the videos. I am unable to view them. When I clicked on the picture that came up when I searched “Heel” (dog staring at cupcakes), I simply got a larger picture. When I
    went to the preview link that you suggested to Nancy, I get a promotion that offers me access for $2.95? Please advise. Thanks, Deb.
    P.S. Minette, you rock!!


    Minette Reply:

    You do have to pay an access fee for the video vault videos. My articles are free but the videos are 2.95. I think he uploads a video or two a week in there on different subjects and I do most of the video shooting 😉

    The cupcake picture was only one of my written articles, you would have to pay the fee to into the vault.

    Because they are considered High Definition videos they can take up to 5 minutes or more to load. So if you are interested join! I shot videos for each level of leash training I wrote articles on…but I don’t know when he will upload them. I would guess he will spread them out a bit.

    Thanx for noticing its me that writes the articles and saying I rock 😀 that makes my day!


  5. Deborah Todd says:

    Got it! What I don’t get is what my monthly fee covers…that is in addition to the purchase of Chet’s progaram.


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