Dog Training Mistakes To Avoid

Training a dog is an art and not all of us good at this art. When we set out to train our dogs we make a number of mistakes. These mistakes happen because of our ignorance. We do not realize that our faulty approach affects our dog very badly. Things that we think are helping our pet while training them indeed make them regress to their old ways or make them into fussy pets.

If you know the common mistakes that people make while training their puppy, you can easily avoid them. Here are list of common mistakes that you should avoid in your puppy potty training and puppy house training.

Consistency Is KEY

The first mistake that you should avoid is inconsistency. When you are inconsistent with your training you will only confuse your dog. Remember your pets have their own limitations as an animal to understand and interpret your commands and your language.

Making a listSo if you want your dog to understand your commands and to obey you, it is always best to have your list of commands written down for each and just use those commands every time you want your dog to perform that act.

Consistency will improve the pace of your dog’s training progress. It is not only with your commands that you should be consistent, it is also your reactions to your dog’s behavior that should be consistent.

If your dog makes a particular mistake let your reaction be consistent every time it repeats that mistake. Do not try to be rigid one time and soft the next time. This does not help your pet to learn fast.

Punishment Is NOT The Answer

Secondly, when you notice that your dog has made some mistake like Confused Dogmessing up in the wrong place do not call your dog and punish it. This will lead to your dog thinking that you are calling it to punish it and it will try to run away every time you call.

This is the most common and the biggest mistake many people make with their dog training. Not rewarding your dog when they maintain good behavior.

Your pets should know that their behavior is appreciated and which type of behavior is appreciated. So give your pets small treats they love for good behavior. This will encourage your dog to develop good behavior fast.

Don’t Put It Off!

Pet owners think that their dog is too young to be put to training and wait for too long. Habit formation will become very difficult once the dog grows big so all habit formation has to be handled in the tender age. So time your dog training correctly. Check with a professional dog trainer if required to know when you should start your training.

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  1. Jana Rade says:

    Consistency …
    Imagine that the traffic lights would mean something else every time you want to get through an intersection …

    One time green is go, next it is stop. How would you make sense of that? How would you guess which one it is this time? Would you toss a coin or just resort to ignoring the lights completely?

    And yet we do this to our dogs all the time. Consistency with commands, rules, feedback is more than the key, it is a necessity.

    I think that the best way to train your dog is to TRAIN YOURSELF FIRST
    .-= Jana Rade´s last blog ..Reader Question: Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) =-.


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    Dog Training Mistakes To Avoid…

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  4. Verner says:

    I have a lab,one and a half years old, he is very stubborn and when he is done,playing or learning, he lays down or leaves and that is that, he learns very fast,but when it is his time to stop, he stops? what should I do? We live in Yuma, Arizona and right now it is too hot to be outside too long, he is a outside dog.. help


    Minette Reply:

    Outdoor dogs are twice as hard to teach as inside dogs because they don’t have the drive or desire to learn and work with you because you are only part of his life.

    In order to make him work for you you need to find a motivator, like making him work with his food. And, you need to learn to stop before he is done so he wants more instead of being burned out.


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