Dog Training Helping Troubled Teens

An Australian project that is focusing on helping troubled teens by means of teaching them dog training is gaining national attention.  The teens are training farm dogs how to jump for the Australian dog jumping competition.

One of the 16 dogs in their care, Zorro, is the holder of the Australian dog jumping record, at about three metres.

Co-ordinator of Paws Up, Bernie Shakeshaft, says the program takes boys off the streets of Armidale and creates opportunities for them.

“Part of the objective is to get them out of town when a lot of the trouble occurs on weekends and late at night, so we take them out bush a fair bit,” he says.

“We get invited out to sheep farms. We’ve had about four boys now that they’ve gone on andre working in the rural industry, so we’ve sent them off with a dog as well.”

“In 20 years of youth work, I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many kids like this show up for every single training session.

“It’s the only time they’re ready, up, swags rolled, ready to go every weekend.”

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