Things To Do With Your Dog, Today!

Me and My Heart Dog, Nix!

Okay, okay so here it is New Year’s Eve and I personally can’t believe I recently turned 40!

It’s okay don’t feel bad for me, I don’t look forty 😉 and I only feel forty on some days!

For the past many years I have focused on New Year’s Resolutions and trying to become more like my dog for more on that click here.

Dogs are so simple.

I love that about them!

They don’t live in yesterday or tomorrow, they simply live in the NOW and enjoy it.

I still wish I could get rid of more of my human qualities and adopt more of my dog’s simple and happy qualities.

I have NEVER heard my dogs back stab or gossip!  And, for that and their constant unconditional love I love them with each and every beat of my heart.

Life is Short

My Designer Paw Print Art

My Designer Paw Print Art

At 40 I am realizing how short life is!

My father began showing signs of Alzheimer’s in his 50’s and died a few brief years later.

In some ways, I can’t stop thinking about that and looking into my future.

And, as is human, looking back to my past.

My past relationships visit me, some good and some bad.

But all the relationships with my animals have been good!


However I am a procrastinator, and sometimes that makes me miss out.

So Learn From My Mistakes

So looking back, I would like others to learn from my mistakes.

Take Pictures

Take pictures! And PRINT THEM OUT!

Don’t just save them on your computer somewhere to be gobbled up by the internet or lost in a broken hard drive or stuck on a phone never to be seen again.

The truth is, someday your beloved pet will be gone and you will wish you had taken more pictures!

0614092104Do Silly Things

I do luckily have one painting that I am pretty proud of; I painted the paws of all of my current pets (each had their own color and make sure to have a “key” as to who’s feet were who’s on the back!

Those paw prints and that moment in time was a special memory I will always have!

I wish I had taken a nose print of my “heart dog”.

There is a jewelry maker online who will send you a plastic cast and you simply press it to the nose of your dog.

Dog nose prints are like human finger prints, each is unique!  I am sad that I missed the opportunity to get a cast of his nose before he died!  Check them out here

I also have paw print tattoos of my dogs, and although that is not up everyone’s alley… it reminds me daily of my love for them and that they left prints on my soul.

You will appreciate all the things you did with them and all the pictures you took, some day!

Dogs at BeachTake Them Places

Running to the post office for a moment or going to the drive through for the family?

Take your best friend!

Don’t leave him in a hot or freezing cold car (that is very important) but my guess is that your dog would like to accompany you on a car ride!

Go on walks more often!

Once they are gone it is too late!

And, find time for the things that you enjoy doing with your dog (go to the beach, go running).

I have never kicked myself for closing my computer a little early or skipping out on a bit of work to spend time with my critters.

Sometimes I just take a break and let them curl up in my lap, they hate when I am on my phone or computer and takes turns trying to nudge me away.

But I certainly kick myself for not spending time with them and making memories and savoring kisses when I could.

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  1. Jenny says:

    What you said I totally agree. I have pictures of most of my dear pets who have died in frames on the wall to help me remember.
    My mother has got dementure, she said she never had any pet when she was young. So this Christmas I got her a kitten, best thing ever, my dog is totally fascinated with her and follows her all over the place, he won’t hurt her, just loves watching her. Mum loves watching them all, she smiles and laughs at them. Animals are the best to help settle and distract her.
    Thank you for your post I love reading them.



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