How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Jumping Up?

Jumping Up is an Issue For Many Dogs and Dog Owners!

The problem is that dogs aren’t born understanding what irritates us humans!

Dogs interact with each other by jumping up, flying around, and playing.

When they are excited, they get in each other’s faces.

When they are nervous or being submissive, they get in each other’s faces.

When they are dominant or aggressive, they get in each other’s faces.

Interestingly, our faces are on our necks, up high in the air.

In order for a dog to interact with you, he thinks he needs to get up close to your face.

He doesn’t realize this is wrong, by human social norms, so please be kind while you are teaching him.

Did You Know?

Losing your patience makes him even more likely to jump.

Did You Know?

stop dog jumpingKneeing or kicking him makes him even more likely to jump, because it makes him more submissive and concerned for you.

Unless you do it SO HARD it hurts him, or knocks the wind out of him.

And that is just sad! Don’t do it!  🙁

Did You Know?

Ignoring him is not likely to work to stop your dog from jumping up.

Jumping up is a self-rewarding behavior; so ignoring him is not likely to stop him.

Also, turning your body away from him is not likely to work… I am not sure where that piece of training advice got started.

Most dogs will simply follow you around and jump on you at another angle.

Again, jumping up is a self rewarding behavior; it feels good to him to get up close and in your space.

Lack of Impulse Control

stop dog jumping upSo, yes, we have established that your dog wants to be with you, near you, by you, and on you, but he is certainly capable of learning to control his impulses.

He shouldn’t be able to do whatever he wants because it feels good.

We all have to learn to control our impulses to live within society.

Babies and toddlers are taught when they are young to keep their hands to themselves and not to steal things or take things that aren’t theirs.

Your dog also needs to be taught to control his impulses.

And, ironically, as you teach him some basic impulse control, you will begin to see him respect you and your space more often.

The Other Go-To?

The other big go-to when I am working with dogs that jump is teaching them an incompatible behavior.

My dog cannot lie down and jump on me at the same time.

He also cannot lie down and jump on my kids, or other people that he is greeting.

Some people choose “sit” over “down”, because it is easier to get an excited dog to sit.

However, I think it is easier to go from a “sit” to a springing jump, than it is to go from a “down” to a springing jump.

When I trained Service Dogs for people with disabilities, “down” was our go-to behavior for greeting.

Dogs are much calmer when they are in a down position.

And, a calm dog is much less likely to jump.

It takes work!

You will have to work with your dog when he is excited and get him to lie down on command.

In just a few training sessions, you will have a handle on this behavior.

And, it will be worth all of your hard effort!

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  1. Darlene says:

    I didn’t have a clue how to stop my dog from barking. Now I do. Thanks for your tips!


  2. maggie says:

    Chet you keep doing what you do! You are a definite breath of fresh air after having dabbled in various unreliable methods that scream of unkindness and dominance “training” YUK! Pity, you weren’t my first means to an end when I was searching for answers to difficult a Womack convert… You the MAN!
    love your thinking.


  3. Nancy says:

    Most people like to learn how and why something works before they take the trouble to learn it. Thanks , Chet, for giving us a good explanation.


  4. IRISH PACK says:

    Chet, you are an amazing trainer! I live in Spokane and wonder if you know of anyone in the area that would train a service dog for free or little cost? Also, do you know if there are any programs or grants for the elderly/disabled to have their dogs trained?

    Thanks in advance,


    Minette Reply:

    google assistance dogs international and they have listings of service dog organizations.


  5. Maria says:

    I live in Australia and I bumped into a video of Chet with clicker training. Best thing ever.
    I’ve payed some training courses from him and also read a lot of these blogs.
    Wether it’s free or not I don’t care. The training tips are great and I love training my dogs with Chet’s way.

    I’m thankful and I love learning about why dogs do things the way they do and I got my partner into this as well.
    We love it.
    So thank you Chet and Minnet.


    Minette Reply:

    thank you 🙂


  6. Chet is THE DOG WHISPERER! He understands the dog mind and the owner’s mindset! He is so wise and knowledgeable in all aspects of training US OWNERS! The dogs are fine…It’s the owners who need the training! He taught me so much already about training ME and my new puppy!
    BRAVO, Chet, you tell it and SELL IT!


  7. Kate Slimon says:

    Hi Chet
    I have also been told from the instructor (where I take my
    2goldens for obedience classes) to make my dogs SIT or lie down when someone comes to the door! I have tried this; but they are sooooo excited that is NO WAY they will lie down when they know someone is outside the door!
    I have tried putting leashes on them and pulling them OFF the guests; but it doesn’t work! I find myself NOT wanting to invite people over now! My male is a big boy who could knock someone down and seriously hurt them! Just wanted to say that ” Make them sit; does NOT work for ME


    Minette Reply:

    You have to train for it and make it work! Don’t give up, invite a friend over and work with your dog until he/she is laying down


  8. Reita Ash says:

    A few years back I purchased the Hands Off training Method and have appreciated so much the extra hints and helping hands along the way as I am a very old lady with her very first ever dog. BTW she had me pretty well trained until I found the Hands off method by Chet. I have gained so much more than the mere cost of his guide. Now I have the most polite and adorable baby in the world….no prejudice at all here. Please people go to the pound for all your furry needs as they are so in need of homes and love. And go to Chet for training that precious baby. Please dont anyone say anything bad about Chet as he gives so much of himself and absolutely is entitled to be paid. I would gladly pay extra if they would bring back full service at the gas stations. Does anyone remember that? I kind of look at Chet that way as a full service guy who goes the extra mile. Thanks a million Chet and all of your friends who support your methods of training. Before Chet, I watched the so called Dog Whisperer and even in my ignorance I felt that what he was doing was not right and if I were a dog I would probably bite him. I have since seen many videos on utube and none compare with the training Chet gives. My Maggie is the love of my life so am always on the lookout for anything to improve her quality of life. I havent found anything that compares to Chet.


  9. Sam says:

    Jumping has been a big issue for one of my Labs. Thank you for the tips!


  10. I miss your session on stopping dogs from barking when door is knocked on, any chance of a rerun?Love your work


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