But My Dog Listens at Home!

dog training, puppy training, my dog won't listen to meThen he isn’t well trained!

Okay, okay as a dog trainer I have to admit that this is one of the most infuriating thing that we hear while we are trying to teach obedience classes.

Until I remember at 18, I said this once too.

And, so I recoat there are two kinds of people who say this…

The one that is totally confused because he really does do his obedience this at home.

And, the one that is using an excuse for not working with his dog but feels put on the spot.

I might also mention the same goes for the statement

He Never Does That at Home…

They are fairly synonymous.

So I will tell you what the trainer said to me at the time.

She said

Then your dog isn’t trained because you are only working at home.

Funny it Was Like I had an Epiphany.dog training, puppy training, my dog won't listen to me

I’m not dumb.

I wasn’t dumb at 18.

But it was like I hadn’t really thought that through.

 Rules of Training

You should begin to train your dog at home.

Actually now a days, I teach my dogs obedience at home before I ever take them to a class.

A dog obedience class is merely a way for me to proof my obedience or add distractions.

And, as mentioned above; once you have taught your dog obedience… it is time to make it more difficult.

Sure, your dog can “Sit” or “Down” at home but can he do a sit or a down with another dog running past?

Can he sit or down while a squirrel taunts him from a tree?

Can he sit or down while a skateboard, bike or toddler whizzes past?

Usually the answer is a resounding, NO!

He actually has to be taught to do those things.

You have to make his obedience scenarios more and more difficult to teach him

Sit means sit no matter whatdog training, puppy training, my dog won't listen to me

Otherwise he gets conditioned only to do it in a certain environment and of course never or hardly ever when he is distracted.

Obedience at certain times in only ideal known circumstances; is not actually obedience.

Obedience is listening all of the time when given a command, no matter the circumstances.

However It Isn’t That Easy

I mean the concept is easy for us humans..

But it isn’t easy for our dogs.

You see dogs don’t have the same reasoning ability and cognitive skills that we are given.

Dogs conceptualize what they know, but they don’t understand it in other circumstances.

Down means down at home, during training; but he doesn’t understand “down” if he is outside with other dogs running around.

You actually have to “teach him” that it means the same thing.

That doesn’t mean to use your leash and “correct” or yank him to the ground; that means to understand that his learning is different and helping him understand that the meaning is the same no matter what.

So many people get mad and think that their dog is blatantly refusing.

But understand that your dog doesn’t speak the same language or have the same social cues that we humans have.

So if you want your dog to listen, in the car, at the baseball park, in obedience class… you have to train for that.

Most of us will take our dogs somewhere else at some point in their lives and we will want a well trained and behaved dog!


As hard as it is for me to say… if he only listens at home… then he doesn’t understand and is not well trained!

Train outside the box and work with your dog to make him a good companion.



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