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Should you buy health insurance for your dog?  Whether you have ever considered buying health insurance for your dog or not, here are some things to think about…

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Recently, people wanting to buy dog health insurance has seen a dramatic rise. The amount of money that Americans are willing to spend on the health and comfort of their parents has more than doubled over the past several years. At the same time, the cost of pet care has also increased, and the veterinary services have start to look more and more like human health services, with dogs and cats routinely undergoing ever more expensive and complicated procedures. And, as with humans, there’s always the dread lurking in everyone’s mind and heart that this will be the trip to the office where the vet will say “I’m sorry, but…”

Whether it’s cancer, stomach diseases, liver problems, or any of a whole host of other new ailments that vets can now find–and often cure–the pet owner can be sure of one thing; it’s almost a given that it’s going to be expensive. This is where dog health insurance comes in. Just as with health insurance for humans, you pay a premium each month; in return, should your pet come down with any of the ailments covered by your policy, the insurance company will pay all or part of the bill. The problem is in those two clauses; “covered by your policy” and “all or part of the bill”.

Do not get lured by the pet insurance comapnies that provide cheap dog insurance because cheap is not always cheap. Usually we get what we pay for!

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