My Dog Keeps Getting Out of the Yard!

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dog keeps getting out of the yard

Quick Tip – My Dog Keeps Getting Out of the Yard!

Having a dog that gets out of the yard can be dangerous.

Actually, having a dog that gets out of the yard can be deadly!

One of my friends that works at a different veterinary clinic is helping to rehabilitate a 9 month old Puggle (Pug/Beagle mix) that kept getting out of her yard and finally got hit by a car.

Her pelvis was broken and she had to have thousands of dollars worth of surgery and she is now on crate rest until she heals.

The owners relinquished her to the vet clinic and staff, not because they didn’t want to pay for the surgery, but because they were frustrated that she kept digging out of their yard.

I think that is sad.

I’m happy that the dog is finally going to get a good home, but I am sad that it ended so painfully for her.


Leaving your dog outside all day is kind of ridiculous.

I let my dogs out to potty and basically let them back in the house with me so bad outdoor habits can’t take hold. (Proper training with your puppy is key.)

People think that the dog would prefer being outside all day rather than inside in a crate; however being outside is much more dangerous.

Dog’s dig out and try to jump fences because they are bored.

They also can learn to bark obsessively.  I have known neighbors who poison dogs that are left outside and bark all day.

There is a lot more trouble a dog can get into outside all day, than in his crate!

So it is better to avoid the problem if at all possible.


But, if you have a dog that has this problem it is kind of an easy fix.

You can get invisible fencing products just about anywhere, these days and it is pretty easy to drape the wire on an existing fence or even bury it near the fence.

From here, you can set the collar to go off a few feet inside the actual fence, which will stop the dog from being able to dig out or jump out.

The nice thing is that these fence systems are fairly cheap now.

I am not a big fan of electric collars, but I think it is fair because the fence doesn’t change places or make mistakes and it is better to get a few shocks than it is to get run over by a car.


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