Taking Your Dog on Field Trips

A lot of people are feeling the effects of “cabin fever” this winter with all of the snow we’ve had, so imagine how good it feels to finally get out and see new sites, other people, and generally just stimulate our minds with new adventures.  Well, your dog needs new adventures once in awhile, as well.  Read this article explaining why it is important to take your dog on field trips.

Field Trips: why it’s important to get your dog out of the house

by Rachael Pan, February 6, 2010


Dogs are highly intelligent creatures and as such, can quickly and easily become bored. Stimulation—both physical and mental—is very important to the overall health and well-being of your dog. Taking your dog on a “Field Trip” is a great way to give him some extra stimulation.

A field trip for your dog is going anywhere new, unusual or rarely visited. Your dog may surprise you with how fascinated he is with something as simple as sniffing (or marking) some new trees, nose-to-nosing with new canine friends, or exploring some different territory. Field trips give your dog something to “think about,” and, when used to stimulate a destructive dog before leaving him alone at the house, can contribute to helping him be less inclined to seek and destroy items in your home.

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