Dog Digs up Unexploded Grenade

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Imagine coming home to find your pooch dragging this around!  Read this fascinating story which thankfully had a happy ending.

Dog Digs Up Unexploded Grenade in Backyard; What’s the Wierdest Thing Your Dog has Dug Up?

by Maria Goodavage, Dogster’s for the love of the dog blog

January 5, 2010

A New Zealand man returned from work to discover his dog, Duke, playing with a mud-covered metal object. Upon further inspection, Sean McDermott realized in horror that it was a hand grenade.

And the detonator was still in place.

The grenade has a “kill radius” of 25 meters. And at last check, a dog’s mouth chewing on it was certainly within that range.

Read the rest of Maria’s story.

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  1. Manfred says:

    GOOOOOD DOG NOW drop it!!!!!


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