Is Your Puppy Like a Child?

Are puppies like children?   I believe we can all agree that children must be taught, at a very early age, how to behave, what foods are healthy for them, things they should not touch, etc.  And, the same is true for our puppies.  They need to be properly trained so they know what is, or is not, acceptable behavior.

This article addresses some of the similarities, but also the differences.

Dogs are like little children

by Roberta Baxter, Eugene Dogs Examiner, December 19

When we leave the home, unless we have a video camera, a pet owner does not know everything that goes on while they are away. Even if the camera is set and ready to record, don’t bank on it telling you everything. The mind and brain of a dog can be sneaky.  Do you wonder if they know what is right and wrong? Just remember the canine is a dog and is not human. Pet owners sometimes think of their dogs as children, but they are dogs, folks.

Some similarities of dogs and children ring a familiar bell.  One such event that comes to my mind is putting things in the mouth.  Puppies chew on EVERYTHING even if it not palatable.  Try to imagine a jumping bean alone in the house with your pain meds by the bedside table, conveniently left so you will take them for comfort.  The caps are tamper proof, but not dog proof. Dogs cannot read.  The bottle might have your scent on it, or the dog could have viewed you eating from that prescription bottle at one time.

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