Have a Dog that Chases Cars or Needs Additional Help with Advanced Obedience?

Pulling toward cars can be Dangerous for You Both!

…or have a dog that attempts to chase cars even when he is on a leash?

It is estimated that over 1 million dogs are killed by cars each year.

And, if you are a cat lover like me over 5 million cats are killed by cars each year.  The vet I use to work for would tell our clients with outdoor kitty patients that the life expectancy of an outdoor cat is about 3 years.

How to Keep Your Dog from Being a Statistic

  • Living outdoors or being exposed to cars can be dangerous and deadly for our pets.
  • So the first thing to do is make sure your dog or cat can’t get out of your yard.
  • Fenced yards and even invisible fencing keeps your dog safer. 
  • And contrary to popular belief, neither dogs nor cats need to roam.

Those of us who have indoor dogs quickly realize that most of them just go outside to do their business and then they want back inside to spend time with us!

They love it when we go outside and play with them, but dogs are pack animals and prefer to be with us!

Dogs are easily acclimated from outside life to indoor life and I sincerely recommend it.

How to Keep Your Leashed Dog and You Safe

Many of us have herding dogs (or other breeds) that like to chase cars even when they are on leash.  I even have one.

When she was little she would chase dogs on TV, when we were in the car she would chase the headlights of oncoming cars, and when we walked on leash she wanted to bounce out and give chase when a car (especially big ones) passed us.

I quickly recognized what a big problem this was and began to put an end to it.

I went back to basic obedience and in the home and in the car when she wanted to chase I would put her in a down stay so she couldn’t see the distraction and get herself worked up.

So she was often placed on a down stay behind a coffee table or sofa so she couldn’t see the TV.  And, just making her lay down in the car meant she couldn’t see oncoming traffic or other cars.

When she began to be able to control herself and listen, I would allow her to look at the TV or our the window but the moment she whined or became out of control she would go back into her stay.

But!!!  This doesn’t really work with oncoming cars when you are walking your dog on a leash.  The closeness of the car is often too close for your dog to be able to ignore and frequently at the last moment as the car is just passing dogs want to jump out and pull you with them.

This makes the situation dangerous for both of you!

What I have Learned

My 6 month old Puppy Learning Attention Heel!

My 6 month old Puppy Learning Attention Heel!

I teach my dogs to give me eye contact and focus.  They are not allowed to stare at cars, or cows, or cats or anything but my eyeballs.

Dogs aren’t great multitask-ers so it is difficult for them to watch you and pay attention to the car.

But, as with any good dog training, it takes time and patience!!

And, the training starts at home, so you can build the strongest foundation to give you control before you ever move outside or by vehicles.

Eye contact and focus is crucial for dogs that have chasing, or aggression issues!

We Can Help

Our first Ultimate Companion Dog/Service Dog training program was extremely successful, so we are offering the program again.

We will teach you how to teach your dog eye contact and focus through video, lecture, and one on one calls where you can ask ME questions.

And we will also teach your dog distance obedience and obedience that will help him learn off leash skills (always being cautious with car chasers, sometimes these guys can only be off leash on hiking trails or beach where no cars will come into the equation).

Because of My Awesome Eye Contact and Obedience

My dog and I were just invited to the AKC National Championship for a specific kind of obedience called Rally Obedience.  Being invited to a National Obedience competition is very hard and  very rare.  She was one of the three dogs of her breed and only 100 dogs can compete!

And, I know I can help you with more of your advanced obedience!

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  1. Sian jones says:

    Please i need help i got a 8 month collie dog and I just can’t get him to stop trying to run after cars and bikes and he sits in the garden constantly barking i try everything I am thinking of handing him into a rescue centre i just need help


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