Dog car Sickness Cures (Video)

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  1. Heather Turpie says:

    Thanks – lots of good advice. Thankfully our dogs are fine in the car but I often get asked this question by people training at our Club.


  2. corina says:

    Very helpful. Thanks a lot


  3. Dave Makin says:

    Hi Chet
    Was looking forward to travel sick video (BIG problem) but can’t seem to find a play button on the page it opens.Can see click on links to 2 related videos but not video itself – I’m obviously as useless with computer as I am with dogs !! Guidance please….
    Kindest Regards


    Linda Reply:

    I am having the same problem. It seems to be loading, but does not play. Thanks


  4. Jill Wreggelsworth says:

    Thank you Chet. You have certainly given your costumers their money’s worth and more.


  5. Dr.N.A.Khan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m a vet. I give training to the dog/puppy. Pl. give me some tips about dog training like urination in proper place,be quite by seeing foods in dying table, etc.


  6. Sandy Levy says:

    My poodle would get car sick but it is much better. My problem is she won’t jump in the car. She will jump down but not in. I am thinking its because when she was a puppy she did get car sick and doesn’t want to get in the car. We did take her to Maine from Fl and she did awesome no sickness.

    Do you have a way of teaching a dog to jump into the car?

    Thanks so much.



  7. Gayle Chandler says:

    Hi Chet,

    just listened ( not watched) your video on car sickness… good messages, I pass these on to friends who have dogs and they enjoy the message.

    When you say watch the video, I was expecting to see you, not just listen and watch a blank screen.

    I think it’s easier to absorb information when you are looking at someone; its a visual stimulation… and,in your credit, you present well and get the message across in a great manner!!

    So, after seeing some of your videos, I’d like to say, put yourself on camera and make it more real!!
    You’re doing a great job..

    I have purchased the package of dog training, have not put them into play, as Im minding my daughter’s border collie and he doesn’t need much guidance; only in the area of jumping up on people! really bad!!!

    he can absolutely do anything, any trick, but still jumps on people!
    What is your remedy for this?

    Thanks so much, Gayle


  8. Marylou Aiello says:

    My dog does fine on a 5 min trip. But going to the vet which is 40 min away is a nightmare. It is not just a small amount of throw-up. It is huge for a pug. I may try the easy travel solution, I wanted to take her to Ariz with me but that went out the window because of car sickness.


  9. mary josadusky says:

    Well, my dog is having problems with traveling but i’m not sure what to do. Here is what he does: he whimpers and pants when he is traveling on a short trip or a long trip, i do take him in the car everyday to and from a walking place (short distance) that he plays with friends. He whimpers and cries until we get there (he is excited) but after the walk he gets in the car and is fine. We went on vacation and he cried and whimpered the whole 4 hrs. we stopped every so often and took him for a walk but it didn’t stop his whimpering and panting. he was in the back seat and also i had him in a seat belt.. i even tried hiding him as not to see out the window.. on the way back from the trip i gave him benydril to knock him out and that didn’t even work. He does get over excited when we get into the car as i think he can t wait to get to his walking place i try to have him relaxed before we travel but into the ride he starts again with the whimpering.. Any suggestions on this?


  10. Irene says:

    Thank you very much for your free training, my young pup is responding very well to your course for 11 weeks old, I have taught him 7 commands which I think is very impressive, which I totally put down to your training. I hope you will still continue to e mail me. Once again I thank you. I am soo proud of my pup and what we have learnt from you. Really grateful. Irene.


  11. Irene says:

    Thanks a lot for your information I really enjoy it, it has proved very important in training my pup, but one problem is that he eats gravel and large pebbles which I cannot get hem to stop, I am really worried incase this will really harm him or worse still. Please can you help me to deal with this matter. Thank you very much, I will be very grateful if you can. Keep up the good work. Best wishes Irene, from N. Ireland.


  12. Kim Silvers says:

    My year and a half old yorkie does great in the car but when I put her in her wheeled carrier behind my bike she always vomits and poops.
    It doesn’t matter how long or short the trip.
    She does her pottying before and she never eats much before a ride.

    Can you help me with that?


  13. Darlene says:

    I have contacted you before about the sound on your videos; there is either none, or so low you can’t hear it. I get sound from other sites with no problem. Would really like to hear all your great tips!


  14. Aruna says:

    Thank you! My puppy did have this problem and I never took her out in a car. Now she is about 7 months and I am planning to follow your tips and take her again in our car after long long time. Thank U!!!


  15. Mae says:

    Thank you so much for this very informative ‘video’. Personally I prefer the information posted as you have done, versus someone else’s suggestion to have you in the video… I just retain the information of this sort, better through visual/words vs seeing a person’s face just talking. 🙂 You have provided great tips that I will try – thank you again!


  16. mary says:

    thank chatt for the info on the setbelt


  17. Ann says:

    Thanks for your useful information on dog car sickness.
    I am having a slightly different problem, however.

    my dog refuses to get in my car PERIOD…. whenever I try to get him in the car he squats down on his stomach and will not move. Then I have to manually put him in the car. He will be 2 years old in December, is it too late to try and train him to get in the car now? If not, how do I do it? By the way he is a Lab/Mix.


    gary Reply:

    Chat great advice alone 1 thing have people wait till dog is calm b4 letting him / her
    In the car works 4 me


  18. Brandon says:

    I’ve been using your free guide kit, and oh my gosh! It works very easily. However, I’ve came to a block here. I’m deaf, and the video didn’t provide any subtitles or closed caption so I wouldn’t have any idea what the video is trying to say. I do have a Newfoundland / golden retriever dog with me who has been car sick since I’ve got him at 6 weeks old. I love taking my other dog who is a Black lab / Border collie dog * VERY SMART DOG.* I love taking them with me to my kids baseball game or whatever I go. I believe on sometime most people tend to disagree with me about is dog is considered a family too. So I try to treat them with respect, feed em, and hang out with the family as of going places too. But I can’t keep up with the throwing up when my newfoundland dog keeps getting motion sickness.. If there’s another video that provides closed caption, I’d love to hear this!! Or anyone who could tell me what the video what trying to say. Much appreciated! 🙂


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