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No matter whether your dog is afraid of the occasional vet visit or terrified of everyday objects and social situations, I expect you’ll find this free report a useful read.

In just 14 pages, it covers the 7 most common fear and phobia triggers in dogs while explaining how to reduce and even cure your dog’s anxiety with a simple, but strategic multi-step plan.

Download your free copy of “The Dog Anxiety Cure” here:

And then tell me what you think in the comments area below:

What’s your dog afraid of?

What mistakes have you made along the way…?

And what are you going to do differently now to help your dog live with greater confidence

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  1. Dana says:

    My dog is afraid of the groomer. He starts trembling when we walk in the door. He goes to the groomer about 4 times a year. He’s 5 years old. I ignore him and turn him over to the groomer with no fuss but it gets worse each time. Any tips?


  2. Amy says:

    Here is one that I have never seen. My 1.5 yr old yellow lab mix is scared of everyone except the family. This is a fear that only came along after she had a serious illness last year. We now have to even restrain her at the vet. She use to always love people anyone could pet her and come over now we can’t even have guests at our home without her being locked up. When she hears a voice she doesn’t know she will bark until they leave. What can I do?


  3. joyce driver says:

    when gracie gets out of house it is almost imposible to get her back in house.


  4. kera says:

    I got my dog when she was 7 years old. She came from a farm, where she has been a working dog. Bizarrely, she is afraid of other animals and loud noises. She’s very obedient and walks to heal, comes when she’s called and definitely knows that I’m the boss. However, she is very timid with most people, shows sign of fear/agression with dogs, is wary of other animals and quickly covers if I raise a hand/arm too quickly. I can only guess at what trauma she encountered on the farm.

    I’ll definiely try the desensitation technique for the hoover, but would appreciate any tips/tricks for encounters with other dogs. Unfortunately most people say ‘introduce her to my dog, it won’t react’. Of course, it usually does – whether as a defence mechanism from my dog’s growling or whether it just senses she is weaker – and it ends up with teeth and fur flying, reinforcing my dog’s fear and defence attitude.

    Any help would be gratefully accepted.


  5. Pok Taberski says:

    That last comment by me (NYGal) was NOT ME! Something is definitely wrong with the website comment function.


  6. Connie says:

    Hi there. Well my dog is 10 monthes olds. He is paper trained. What or how do I train him to go outside when he needs to go for his needs?


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