Dog Who's Afraid of Everything?

Karen Pryor recently wrote a blog post which I’ve linked to below where she talks about how to deal with your dog and examine yourself if your dog is afraid of everything.  She’s had many dogs in her life but her most recent German Spotted Poodle is a Scaredy-cat Dog as she calls her 😉

I like that Karen not only took a look at the dogs behavior but examined herself which often times is the root of the problem. Us not the DOG!  Certainly worth the read and could be applied to almost any dog training situation.

A Scaredy-cat Dog

By Karen Pryor on 12/08/2009

Dealing with fear

I’ve had a lot of dogs in my life, Labradors and poodles and Great Danes and Border terriers, a Weimaraner, a collie, a golden, and a great mutt named Goulash. But I never had a fearful dog—until the current Dog-in-Residence, Misha, my German spotted poodle. He’s ten years old now, and still panics at every sudden sound or strange sight. If a new person or a new piece of furniture comes into the house, Misha has to lift his leg somewhere. If I’m too preoccupied by work, or, God forbid, annoyed with Misha, he vomits and has diarrhea, usually on the dining room rug, which of course makes me more annoyed.

Read the rest of Karen’s article on dealing with scared dogs here.

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