Your Dog Wants YOU

cute border collie dog portrait in studio

I have recently seen a rash of this kind of “human” behavior and so I thought I would address it.

I think the same behavior crosses over into our human child world as well.

People think if they buy their dogs everything, their dog will be happy.

It may work better for your child than it does for your dog.

Your Dog Wants YOU!!!!

I do this dog training thing all the time.

I eat, sleep, breathe dog training and doggy time.

I understand that, for the most part, I am the anomaly, but so many people come to me and tell me or show me all the things that they get for their dog.

They buy the most expensive dog food fad.

  • First it was high protein.
  • Then it was no preservatives.
  • Then the BARF diet took hold.
  • Now it is an odd combination of all of the above.

Did you know there is a brand of dog food that is $159(ish) bag of dog food on the market and it is not even a prescription dog food?

That is dry dog food… which is apparently fit for human consumption so if you too, want to share the food with your dog, I suppose you could, but I am pretty sure there are starving people in other countries who would be happy to eat any food… cheap dog food included.

I really can’t imagine that.

I used to get rump hurt when I had to pay $50 for prescription food.

My dogs don’t need to eat Bison or Goat.

And, quite frankly, although it may kill me; I eat food with preservatives.  I’m sure I should eat all natural, but I don’t have the money or the time.

I am a firm believer in good quality dog food, but $5 a pound for dog food seems a little high.


Happy young woman and her papillon dog

Happy young woman and her papillon dog

To each his own, honestly if it is safe nutrient wise and made specifically for your dog then you can feed whatever you like.  Your vet is the best person to help you find the right food for your dog.

But expensive food, does not impress your dog.

You can tell him how you can’t pay the electric bill or buy new shoes because he needed food but he won’t really care.

If he has a full belly and he is healthy, and you spend time with him that is all he really cares about.

That is the nice thing about a dog.

He doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, he loves you no matter what (sometimes unlike a spoiled child)!

  • Buying him expensive food
  • Buying him expensive toys
  • Buying him expensive treats

I have to tell you, it doesn’t make a difference to him.

He would be happy with a full tummy and old water bottle to fling (not for dogs that chew!) an old tennis ball found in the bushes.

And, of course YOUR TIME

People spend all this ridiculous money and shower their dogs with everything and can’t figure out why their dogs still have behavior problems.

They have the best food, the best toys, the fanciest collar, the softest bed (that they keep shredding).

It reminds me of spoiling your children in the same way when you feel guilty that you don’t spend enough time with them.

Except kids value “THINGS” more than a dog.

If I threatened to take a cell phone, TV or computer away from an addicted child; I could probably get some good behavior.

Your Dog Doesn’t Care About “Things”

Sure, I buy my dogs toys.

And, beds

And quality food

And I make their treats (although I buy some on occasion)

But they are just as happy to fling a sock through the air as they are to fling their Kong Wubba ©

What Do Dogs Need?

Dogs are simple.

Dogs are loving.

  • Dogs require time.
  • Dogs require attention.
  • They require love and affection.
  • They require training.
  • And, of course food, water, veterinary care and shelter
  • Did I mention TIME?

Now don’t go totally overboard and spoil your dog and spend every waking moment with him…that is also a recipe for disaster.

Moderation in all things.

Dogs need to be independent and WORK for you!

Dogs like work and training!

Remember (for those of you that are old enough) when dinner time was family time and people met around the dinner table to talk and spend time together.  Or we had family game night.

Your dog would like to spend his time working and playing for his food instead of eating alone out of a sterile boring bowl.

Trust me, working and spending time with you is what he wants.

Well trained dogs rarely end up at the shelter…

All Relationships Take TIME

bulldog with white banner

bulldog with white banner

I use that line all the time.

All good relationships take time and effort.

Especially in the beginning, you can’t have a relationship without some time and sacrifice.

If your new friend calls you, or texts you and you never respond; you won’t have a friend for long.

Like Any Relationship

Like any good relationship, it takes more time in the beginning.

You must spend time exercising and teaching your dog what you want.

Sure as he gets more established and older you don’t NEED to spend as much time with him.

But, don’t you want to?

Some of my happiest moments are spent with my critters.

20 minutes here, 5 minutes there, a few hours for hiking on occasion and other outdoor activities all make a big difference!

If I was too busy buying them things to spend time with them, I would miss out on those moments that I so cherish.

Quite frankly, I personally would rather live meagerly and spend time with those I love, than live in a multimillion dollar house but have no time and no loving relationships.

Choose your priorities, but understand that you make time for the things you love!

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  1. Gail says:

    I have a 1 yr old Yorkie who is peeing/ pooping in house, barks all the time( or at least seems that way) and is chewing my good carpets. I’ve trained Many dogs before , obedience trained , everything, but cannot get this dog to listen. Help I’m at my wits end. I do have him heeling , and never let him in the door before me. He will stop chewing if I catch him and tell him No! Otherwise he is a disaster and I love him so much, I hate the thought of getting rid of him. Please help!!!!!


    Minette Reply:

    you can search the blog for articles that will help with your problems. There is a search bar at the top of the page.


  2. margie says:

    I have a small 8lbs shih-Tzu Chihuahua mix she will not let me cut her front toe nails when she was a puppy .she would let us do it ever since s her first heat she would let any one cut toe her toe nail


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