What Does Your Dog Say About You

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I am not talking about talking dogs, although that would make an interesting conversation as well.  I often wonder what my dogs would say about me if they would talk!  Maybe that should be left to a private conversation without children ;)

But, what does your choice of dogs small, medium, large HUGE and your choice of breed or mutt say about you?

I have often marvel at what my dogs say about me....

Eva Mendes and the "Love of Her Life" Hugo the Belgian Malinois

I have my own opinions of course and some days they vary.

I find it interesting to watch celebrities carry dogs as if they are some sort of outfit ensemble.  I frequently wonder if some of these small dogs can walk on their own or carry their own body weight as they seem to live inside a purse, bag, or under someone’s armpit.

Sometimes I even wonder how they get these small dogs to sit still for that long?  Don’t they need to play or investigate life and smell the roses occasionally?

I have Belgian Malinois.  I think this makes me smart, athletic, and also means I like a challenge because these dogs are thinkers.

Did you know  that one year old Belgian Malinois, Mia opened four doors during a house fire to let herself into the basement and hid in a water filled bathtub for 6 HOURS before she was rescued by firefighters?  I’d say that is Einstein Dog Smart!

Eva Mendes and Tony Lampert join my ranks.

And, these dogs and Dutch Shepherds (my other loves) are well known in the world of police, secret service and other working dogs!

So what breed do you have?

I think small breed dogs indicate a desire to love and be loved and cuddle.  Or a need for an extra fashion accessory if you happen to be a celebrity.

Terriers are usually always up to a little bit of no good, so watch their owners ;)

Labs and Golden are usually family dogs.

Pitbull and Rottweiler people are usually pretty serious and pretty tough.

Mutts usually belong to someone who is loyal and just wants the company of a dog and the love of any dog!  Mutt people are true dog people!

So tell me what breed do you have and why?  And, are you a loyal breedist or are you going to mix it up the next time you get a companion?

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  1. Carol says:

    I originally adopted a Siberian Husky because he was beautiful. I love those thick necked, sickle tailed fuballs. Now that I’ve had them for 16 years I love that not entirely tame, fun loving, personality, just like me. I get to run with my own personal wolf every day. He also keeps me active!


    Minette Reply:

    I bet he does!! They are truly the athletes of the dog world!

    And the professional singers 😉


  2. Marcus Ortelee says:

    I was adopted by an 8 year old female Black Lab 7 months ago. She was a bit over weight, but a change in her diet, has eliminated her allergies. Exercise is steady. Two days a week at doggy day care for 11 hours of play. The other 5 days a week, there are 2 -3 walks from 1 – 2 hours. playing in the yard.. and swimming now that the weather is warmer.

    I have had an assortment of dogs over the years. St. Bernard, various mix breeds, shar pei, black labs, newfoundland, 3 legged shepherd, golden, and malmute/pyrennes cross. Most have been either pound puppies or rescues, many have just shown up at my door, and I took them all in.



  3. grace billings says:

    I have a standard poodle (my second). I love the breed because of their personality. She is high-spirited, playful and friendly, loves other dogs and all people. Likes to tease cats but not at all vicious. She is very well-liked by all the dogs she meets and plays with at the dog park and never engages in aggressive interactions that some of the other dogs get involved in. I must admit that I also like the fact that she doesn’t shed. she is very smart and knows what I say to her and knows where she is when going some place she likes like the walk along the beach or the dog park. She is 17 months old, and I am hoping she calms down a bit though so that I can have her become a therapy dog. Due to her outgoing, friendly personality, I think she would be good at it once she is a bit quieter. I have always had a dog throughout my life (I am 70) and previously had mutts, which were also all friendly, playful and outgoing.


  4. Punk says:

    Miniature Schnauzer I love this dog because she has a great personality. Fun loving, loves her tennis ball, extremely well hehaved, intelligent, loves to cuddle, loves children, loves to hunt, good watch dog, very protective, does not want to displease you,good at nursing homes and assited living facilities, never needs a leash and just a great companion to travel with.


  5. Tony says:

    Previously had springer collie cross. First dog. New I wanted a cross & when I went to the rescue he chose us. Cheerful, clever & bright. Then, after he died a 14 years had a boxer collie cross, beautiful gentle giant, but not what I would have thought I would have picked. Sadly – developed brain tumour at 19 months, became very aggressive and had to have him put to sleep. Last Friday (11th May 2012 – a new fellow walked in to our lives – four years old, not reactive, mot submissve or dominant, just well mannered. As to breed – well – a leg at each corner, tail one end and teeth at the other. Best guess – some collie, but who knows what else?


  6. shyrell says:

    I have a rescue dog that I brought home when she was 8 days old. She is now 6 months and wildly active! Her mother was a Black Lab and we think the dad may have been a Bloodhound. Even though I’m an older person, I find myself loving Willow as one of my children in spite of the fact that she can hurt me sometimes. She loves to jump and her claws are big and sharp. She is still in training. I have wondered why I love her in spite of it all and my answer is, I was just like her when I was a little girl. Happy, wanting to be with people. She really reminds me of myself when I was much younger.


  7. Nancy says:

    I have an 8 mon old Aussie named Ozzie. He is our 3rd family dog, after a Golden of 10 years and a border collie mix before that for 10 years. We are empty nesters now and I wanted a smart dog and a walking partner. He is vert smart with a lot of energy…wow! He is my dog totaly! Doesn’t get very far from my side. I’m not sure he knows he’s a dog. We are enjoying him so much.
    So what does that say about me? 😀


    Minette Reply:

    Aussies always exude confidence and intelligence both for the dog and owner 😉


  8. Jeanine says:

    I have 2 basset hound siblings. They re 18 months old and full of suprises. My husband loves the breed so thats how we came to have them


    Minette Reply:

    I would guess he is relaxed and easy going 😉


  9. Evelyn says:

    I have a 4 year old Mini Schnauzer and we think JRT mix. I got him when he was not quite a year old. He was found wandering the streets of our small town/hiding from coyotes during a wind storm. It’s taken 3 years but he’s no longer afraid to go out in the wind! I needed a non-shedding dog because of new allergies and after having had a Rough Collie and Labs I wanted a smaller “cuddle” dog.
    I saw his picture on a local rescue site and after hearing he’d had 2 unsuccessful trial homes, I knew he was meant to be mine!


  10. Teri says:

    I have 2 Yorkies. My first one, Roxy, was purchased from a breeder and had a luxating patella which her vet missed. When I told her about it, she offered to give me another pup. I asked her what she would do with Roxy and she told me Roxy would be put down. YIKES!! I had fallen in love with Roxy after only 3 days and couldn’t bear the thought that she would be put down. Needless to say, I kept her. I had my vet perform her spay and then when the time was right he took care of the leg. I will never buy a dog from a breeder, no matter how reputable they may be. My second one was an eight week old, blind rescue dog who I named Tink. Tink’s mom passed away when she was only a couple of days old and was given to a pregnanat dog rescue service to be raised by a Chihuahua mommy and her babies. Roxy is the calmest, most sedate yorkie ever and Tink is just a little wild child!!!! I love them both so much.


  11. Gina says:

    We have three bichons. All three are rescues, although our first one was only 5 months old when we got him from his second owner, a woman who was allergic to him. The other two were both 5 years old when we rescued them – one from the local shelter, to which he’d been returned 4 times, the other from Virginia via Small Paws Rescue. We’ve had the two older dogs for almost 18 months. Our first bichon is now 5 1/2. We love bichons because a) they don’t shed, b) they’re brilliant dogs who can be taught anything, and c) they are lovable, friendly, inquisitive little fluffs that steal your heart. Oscar, the rescue from the local shelter, has been transformed since being in our home, from a sometimes fearfully aggressive dog, to a happy, secure, confident lovable fluff, thanks to our patience but also to Riley’s (our first bichon) unrelenting playfulness with him. Riley taught Oscar how to be a bichon, and how to be a member of the family. Oscar had been a stray when he first arrived at the shelter at 2 1/2 years old. Who knows what he endured while on the streets. Whatever it was, it made him fearful, which manifested itself through aggression when frightened. Three adoptive families couldn’t deal with him and returned him to the shelter. We took him, and vowed he would never go back to the shelter. We were willing to take as much time and patience as necessary to heal him, and we knew Riley would be a great help in the process. Oscar is now well-adjusted, and one of the most affectionate dogs you will ever meet. Shei, the rescue from Virginia, doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and wants nothing more than to have his belly scratched, and play tug-of-war with us or the other dogs. His only issue is that he was neutered at age 5, so territory marks, and scratches up the lawn after urinating. We’re working on those problems, and give how bright these dogs are, it shouldn’t take too long to eradicate the undesirable behavior. We adore these boys!!


  12. Heather says:

    We have 2 doberman pincers pups 8 mnths old, We have them partialy because my boyfreind has always wanted one and we feel in love with a freinds pair they had we wanted pups from these parents both loving and awsome dogs. untill we were in a place where we could have dogs we saw pups of theres and wished we could have 1 then when we fianally got into a place where we could have dogs, before this we found out that there parents wouldnt have anymore pups so i called owner to see if she knew any breeders in the area. Happy day her female was unexpectidly pregnant when they were born we went to see them the next day, We picked out our male and female. There dogs are loving caring loyal and we chose to keep there tails and ears uncroped they are trully our best freinds.


    Minette Reply:

    Good for you!! I like ears and tails too


  13. Mary Anne says:

    I have two dogs; a golden/sheltie male rescue who is about 13 or 14 yrs old (I’ve had him for 8 yrs) and a pure bred puppy mill female rescue black and tan cocker spaniel who is almost 4 yrs old and I got her at 3 mos. They could not be more different in behavior…more than just the age difference.


  14. Randi says:

    I have a 17 month old Boxer named Max. He is the love of the whole family. He is funny, goofy, loving, loves to go on long walks, and loves to cuddle! I can’t imagine life without him now!


  15. Maura Rudden says:

    I have always had big dogs, German Shepards, Rottweilers, Dobermans and have loved and enjoyed all of them. A couple of years ago my daughter decided that I needed a small pup. Well that didn’t go over well because I have always loved big dogs, (where I live, I do not have a large yard, so big dogs were out). She calls me on a Friday night and says her breeder friend has a 5 week old Pug. She got me a a weak moment and after saying she will pay for the shots, I said I will see. Sunday she came with a crate, bowls, piddle pads and a bag of food. She was holding this little ball of fur like a baby and gave her to me. Well friends that is all it took. This little fur ball cuddled in my neck and snored and that was the beginning of me falling in love with this little bundle. Luckily I did not give in to my heart and put her in bed with me but did put her in her crate for the night. She is now almost two years old and the absolute love of my live. She is full of joy and happiness and simply a love. She has my heart all to herself. What a bundle of love!


  16. Candy says:

    I have a “Heelador” her mom was a red Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) and dad was a Black Lab She was just a fur ball when my husband brought her home. He is the animal control officer the mother dog had been shot and we went and got one of the pups last year. She is the sweetest dog but full of energy and so willing. Her name is Blizzard or Blizzie. she looks like a black lab in a blizzard of snow. all white and blue specklrd with a perfect heeler mask of black.


  17. EJN says:

    Cardigan Welsh Corgi – short strong intelligent and STRONG WILLED no BS. I got myself in dog version.! we are soul mates.


  18. Bonnie Bird says:

    We have two Australian laradoodlr, each of which have titles in tracking, agility, rally, obedience and therapy. They’re smart, tractable and affectionate and we enjoy them enormously. I think people who own labradoodles are very sociably, because you cannot walk down the street with a labradoodles without people stopping you to ask about your dog.


  19. Carol Bonham says:

    I have 3 dogs. 1 Yorkie and 2 Shih Tzus. would love to know what that says about me!


    Carolyn Reply:

    Perhaps that you love little cuddly dogs? That is why I favor the small dogs. I have owned in years past all kinds of dogs of all sizes, and used to raise Pekingese. I currently have one chihuahua, who was a rescue… and who had grave issues because she was never socialized to people. She wasn’t aggressive at all but very timid and often terrified of people when I got her. I have always had small dogs because I need something to love and cuddle and I am disabled and unable to care for larger heavier dogs. I love my little Lulu like a child and she has bonded very well to me. Good luck with your babies!


  20. Bonnie A says:

    We have a rescue that is part Golden retriever and part Brittany Spaniel. She is white it liver spots on her ears and the feathering hair on her legs and large tail. I think she had been abused. Sitting with her on the ground to get to know her before adopting she wouldn’t make eye contact and was very timid.My husband is her Alpha but i do in a pinch. She has a really strong need to be around one of us laying quietly beside us. She has barked maybe twice and occasionally makes a low howling type sound ask if she’s talking. I had to go out of the country for a prolonged period and she suffered separation anxiety. Started peeing in the house which she had never done previously. My husband isolated her at night so she had our bedroom and the en-suite. Thru the day if he was going to be out of the house she was isolated in the bathroom with her bed. Since my return we have continued the routine because I am going to have to leave again for another prolonged period. This time I will leave a piece of old clothing that I’ve worn and not washed so that she continues to have my scent. Hopefully this will help the problem and she will gradually be able to earn the right to the rest of the house a bit at a time. She’s a beautiful and gentle soul who doesn’t like being alone just like one of her ‘parents’.


  21. Van says:

    I have 8 rescued mutt simply because i want to provide them a “home”. I got most of them from streets, field & shelter at their worst conditions. They are not as “good looking” as purebred but I love them for who they are. I personally do like rottweiler. So.. I’m not sure what kind of person I am. =)


  22. Zoe says:

    I have a Tibby (Tibetan Spaniel). She is the first Tibby I have evr owned, and I love her mischievious nature and loving personality. I have also owned a Jack Russell, German Shepherd, Sausage Dog and a labrador cross. I love all dogs, what ever the breed:).


  23. michael says:

    I have a mutt, he’s definatley got some Chow Chow in him based on his tongue color (it’s tie dyed) and I think that he’s finished off with golden retriever or German Shepard or a combination of both. He’s my first dog and a rescue. I was his third owner in three years. i guess it’s true what they say about third times a charm because we’ve been very happy with each other for the past six years now. What does that say about me?


  24. Sharon says:

    I have the SWEETEST puppy, 50% bullmastiff 25% pit bull 25% boxer. Rescued her at 4 months old, she was in a bad situation and later I figured out she had been abused (unfair about strangers, cowering/hiding when scared or in trouble, very clingy/over-attaching). She is rehabilitating SO well, this dog is my hero. She walks very well off-leash, is learning hand-signals for commands, and will do anything I ask as long as she understands what I want. She plays very well with large and tiny breeds, and even likes cats! “Saber” is a dream dog, the most loving I’ve ever had, and I am prepared to work on her fear aggression & human socialization (which she is doing awesome with, despite still cowering/hiding when she gets really scared) for the rest of her doggy life:)

    Previously, I have owned a lab, a shih tzu, a lhasa/shih tzu/poodle mix, a pit bull, and two different pit/boxer mixes–pit bulls are my favorite breed because they look tough but just want to cuddle & are big babies!! I also favor pit/boxer mixes: highly intelligent, relatively easy to train (consistency directly correlates to successful training), lots of energy, huge cuddlebugs, and very, very loyal. Beware they also come with HUGE responsibility, to socialize adequately and train very well to avoid problems and negative attention. So worth it!!!!


  25. Jackie Lyzen says:

    We have been owned by a Dalmation & Shih Tzu and now by a Chi-Terrier-Lahsa(?)12# mutt. He is very smart & looks like “Yoda”. He’s very funny & very challenging! Has had some fear aggression & is learning obediance (slowly).
    Was picked on at the shelter & has some dog & child aggression. We are determined to help him feel safe & secure in his forever home. I have learned much from your lessons on dog behavior & have high hopes or him! Meanwhile, I am getting lots of excercise vaccuming up dog hair.


  26. Frances says:

    We have two Maltese. Bam, 6 years old, is the father of Spencer, 2 years old. The mother, Lily, was severely attacked by my neighbours dogs leading to her death 7 months ago.
    We take our boys out every weekend – to the park where they pass other dogs They are learning to pass without barking
    – to the bush where they love the tough walk and are learning to ignore the kangaroos
    and to their favourite place the off leash beach where they chase and share the ball and enjoy a swim.
    They enjoy to walk about 3-5 kilometres so often we take our bikes and after the walk we ride with them tethered on a short leash into boxes between our legs. They look forward to the weekend all week long.
    We also take them for a short walk each night of 1-2 kilometres.
    Bam loves to sit on my lap in evenings especially to remind me to take him for the walk, while Spencer prefers to lay beside my husband while watching TV.
    Ours are not yappy dogs. They never bark at people but they may bark at dogs passing by our house. They usually rumble first so we tell them to be quiet. The dogs next door are always the aggressors when we walk around our property but our boys ignore them now.
    We keep their coats clipped (I used to trim them myself with scissors, but now take them to a groomer every 6-8 weeks)so grooming is not such an issue. I do clean their teeth each night and wipe their eyes. They are bathed once a week – after the beach.They cost very little to feed, home cooked because they are a little fussy. Here in Brisbane Australia, I do have to treat them every 2 weeks to prevent paralysis ticks – this is the most expensive part of caring for them. They are totally worth it.


  27. Lia says:

    I have a 6 year old spanish podenco-terrier mix, a 4 year old border collie and a one year-old pyrenean shepherd! What does that say about me? 😉 They are the loves of my life and keep me very active! They’re also a blast to train!


  28. Kate says:

    My dog is a German Shepherd. I love his beauty, intelligence and his goofiness! People will often tell me how serious their GSD’s tend to be, but my dog is just a lovable goofball who will do anything for a hug, and I love him to pieces 🙂


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