Devocalization of Dogs

Do you know the laws in your State regarding devocalization of dogs?  If not, you might want to read this article.  It seems like such an inhumane and unnecessary step, and can lead to other physical and emotional problems.

Stop the devocalization of dogs in your state

by Stephanie Modkins, February 1, 2010

Dogs Examiner

Did you know that some breeders and canine owners devocalize their dogs in order to reduce the sound of their barks? Sound strange? Seem barbaric? Well, it is. For this reason, passing a bill in your state that sets parameters for this type of sugary is a must.

Overview of devocalization

During the process of devocalizing a dog, a veterinarian surgically alters a canine’s voice box. This procedure permanently reduces the volume and pitch of a dog’s bark making it sound more like a hoarse or whisper. The side effects of this kind of surgery are infections, laryngeal paralysis and airway stenosis. Devocalized dogs often struggle with eating and drinking. Also, they can’t defend themselves or alert an owner of trouble because they can’t be heard from far away. These side effects, of course, are life altering ones resulting in a lower quality of existence for a dog. (See video below.)

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  1. I agree with you that this is a barbaric practice there are lots of anti bark collar devices that could help cure the problem even good training works, please please don’t do this to your dog!

    I would be heart broken if my dog had no voice, I didn’t like it when they went mad at people at the door, but with patience and love we cured the problem.


  2. Sandy says:

    Hi! I have 2 dogs and love them as though I gave birth to them personally!!! They are the world to me! Unfortunately I live on a corner in a neighborhood that does NOT allow dogs their natural right to bark! I have 1 neighbor in particular who calls and complains often enough to have caused me to go to court twice in the last 8 years. I have tried everything from shock collars (which left bloody holes in my dogs necks) to systems that emit an annoying sound. These things work somewhat but not to the point of keeping my dogs from NEVER barking. So it’s go to jail or debark my dogs. I am just now looking into this process as I do feel it is a last resort. I certainly do appreciate all your comments and the education you have provided me such as possible side affects and long term issues (eating, drinking, etc.) What would you recommend for someone like me who does not want to move, does not want to cage my dogs up during the day, does not want to remove their “bark” but feels she has little choice left????


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