Control and Contain Why It’s the New “Little Black Dress”

Why you need to control and contain your dog first.

Dogs of today’s generation have changed.

We can see that “the times” have changed.

We can see that “our children” have changed.

We can certainly see that society has changed.

But for some odd reason, we think that our dogs are the same dogs of the 1950’s.

You know the rogue dogs that wandered 100’s of acres and towns, all getting along and seeming to embody some kind of “tracking gene” that kept them near to home when they were needed.

Think Lassie and Rin Tin Tin

The Truth

The truth, well it’s going to disturb some people, the truth is that most “dogs” of this generation were just an off shoot of livestock.

The wanderers still wandered off and got hit by cars, attacked by other dogs, or eaten by wild animals but the farmer, rancher, or land owner didn’t take as much notice of the ones that wandered off.

I suppose less horrific things happened because there was typically less traffic.

But like I said… times have changed.

Dogs dying of an overdose of illicit drugs was probably way less back then too.

I don’t think “dog training” was a real thing, except for police dogs, or dogs in the movies and their training was often sub-par.

And then there was that statement….

“No dogs IN the house”.

That is how I was raised.

My father wasn’t a fan of dogs when I was little, he eventually realized he didn’t like small dogs but he did like large dogs and he gave in on the dogs in the house rule when I was 12 and we got a Chow Chow!

Again, times have changed!

We live in a world where in most places we must contain our dogs.SONY DSC

  • Fences
  • Dog Runs
  • Invisible Fencing
  • Leashes (are the law now)

We do it to keep them safe.

We do it to keep other people safe.

We do it to keep wildlife and other dogs safe.

It is in everyone’s best interests!

And, in a world where most of our dogs are living inside with us, it is our job to control and train them.

I don’t want to live with a dog that poops in the house, chews the dry wall, chases my cat, eats my underwear, bites visitors, steals food, or knocks me down.

But, it is my job to make certain that he doesn’t pick up those habits!

After all, he is a DOG and all of those things are things that dogs just do!

Dogs are not hard wired with our social norms.

It is our job to teach them to control their impulses and how to fit into our lives.

But, like any good relationship, it takes time, effort and kindness!

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  1. Fannie Cruse says:

    Thank you Chet and crew for, first of all, being kind to older ones like me, and helping us keep in the race of life, learning how to change the things we can, and cope in a kind manner with the things we can’t change, and the help from your traininghands off program program to know the difference. I am 78 years young, and am getting super results from your teachings. I have two 16 month old precious “yorkies” that love to obey my husband and I. We love these furry babies! And you have helped us to have this relationship. We say “THANK YOU!


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