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  1. Trouble says:

    I took you upon your deal last week to buy your system for $18.89 but did not get anything or links to anything. I did get one video but nothing else. Could you please resend me the system videos and the bonuses included?

    Thank you. You tips so far have been helping me understand how to work with my puppy, Kimi, who just turned 3 months old.

    I have two problems I hope you can address for me. I tryto take Kimi out for walks but she is horribly afraid of the cars that come by us. We live on a pretty busy street. I have tried walking confidently and pulled her along for a short time but ended up carrying her back home, she was that afraid.

    The other problem is her biting. We don’t play tug of war with her, we don’t rough house with her and do play fetch. We have plenty of toys for her to chew on but she bites us when she is excited and when we try to pet her.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Trouble OHara


    Chet Reply:

    I’ll have Dana, one of my customer support gals get ahold of you, but in the future email us at to get help. You’ll get help faster then here on the blog.


    thomas Reply:

    i paid $37.77 and didnt recieve anything but 1 video


    Sharon Reply:

    I paid $37.77 and didn’t recieve a video at all.

    Les Reply:

    I wanted to let TROUBLE know – you are not alone. I have a 3 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback who has the same two problems. Since she is so strong willed, I knew strong training was critical. But these problems are a true test of patience. It has taken a while to get up to a 1/2 mile walk with the clicker, rewards and “being a tree”. It’s been working. Hang in there. The ankle biting and nipping we are still working on too- 🙂


    lu ann walter Reply:

    i got a squirt bottle and take it on walks with me and my dog is a changed dog on walks. she used to try to bite me and grab the leash in her mouth while pulling at it. Now all I do is show her the squirt bottle and she calms right down.


    Paul Reply:

    I tried the squirt bottle method on my dog and he just got used to it, no longer worked.

    Teen learns dog language Reply:

    I brought your methods for my daughter and her dog Ash (Bull Arab) he barked at the back fence and in his run (full of toys bones fresh water and it’s large with trees and a two story dog house) he barked for attention, he is only put in there in the evening for the night but spends all day free in the whole yard.
    Your reward the good and ignore the bad attitude has worked amazingly, my daughter is starting to understand dog handling and her dog is starting to understand her, they look very relaxed around each other now they are starting to understand each other 🙂 I don’t have a camera and cant get one in time, I have a 7mth ridgeback and he is nearly ready for off leash and I tried to explain handling to her, and failed, so I got your methods and printed your workbooks, make her sit every afternoon and watch your vids and make notes, then I get her to explain what she learned to me then show me with Ash and it all appears to be working fantastic, thank you Chet 🙂


    Karen Reply:

    Thank-you Chet, I just recently started the training, so I’m not ready to enter the contest yet @ this time.


  2. wayne scrimgeour says:

    Despite making several complaints regarding download problems I keep getting what is a computer generated response to install flash player.I have stated that I already have flash installed and working properly on my computer. very disappointing.
    wayne scrimgeour


    Chet Reply:


    Could you elaborate on exactly what problems you are having? Reply to


  3. Victoria says:

    can’t down load your course or video only play part way through if you are having trouble ok if not,and this is the way your course is just refund my money


  4. sophia delaat says:

    I could not find info re the PetSmart competion-where do I go?


  5. MURLIN LOWER says:

    Unfortionately, I do not have a camera that takes vidios so am unabe to respond.


  6. Elizabeth Dietrich says:

    Chet, I have a problem similar to Wayne Scrimeour. However, the program will not download. I, too, have flash player. Perhaps you can help both of us. Thank you, Elizabeth


  7. I bought this dog training series for 37.99 two days ago and have had nothing but problems loading the lessons. My computer is up to date on the systems needed to download this program, however, I keep getting the same response back from Chet giving me the same download instructions. I would like a full refund of my purchase price back.

    I was very excited about this program until I received it and have discovered all of the problems with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very Disappointed in Cincinnati

    Deborah Bryant


  8. mike and dawnie thompson says:

    we didnt recive any video on the training. i got words. will except anything
    in mail box? i have used the video on other training, like tricks,playing dead, etc. what i need to do is burn this to vedio. better for me to learn by visal not reading. can you help me?
    thany you, mike & dawnie thompson


  9. dawnie thompson says:

    i have responded in 30 days. today at 9:15 pm. my puppy is mariska-pookie
    she is 4 1/2 mos. old. she is a tes pomeranain. she is very smart for her age. she respons to praise and treats after is very hard for me to
    live video. i’m not sure how. but here is her picture.thank you, cawnie


  10. dawnie thompson says:

    how do i send video of my pup doing the worse and best?i have it on a cd
    thank you dawnie


  11. Terry says:

    Chet,I am very pleased with your program so far. I have a 12 wk. old Redbone hound (UKC)Clover is a fine intelligent dog.I’m having trouble with her grabbing on to pant legs and not letting go when she tries to re-grip she usually sinks the needle puppy teeth into my leg or who ever.I have been trying the leave it com.& trying to stretch the time before a treat I’m up to about 20 sec. It just dosen’t seem like it’s detering her much.Maybe I’m doing something wrong as Clover and I are are both greenhorns at animal training.Any suggestions?


  12. Robert Patterson says:

    I am not interested in intering a contest. Just want ideas on different methods of training. Bob


  13. Shivani says:

    Hi Chet,
    I have subscribed to your program 3-4 days ago and I am trying it on my 2 months old lab TYLER. I absolutely LOVE my baby dog however I am having real trouble with his biting problem.

    I am not joking but he has made enough marks on my face and hands. Last night he bit me badly on my nose resulting into bleeding.

    saying “ouch” only aggreviates the problem…and trust me although he bit me badly I did not hit him nor did I gave him any punishment.

    I must accept, my main problem is that I treat him like my own child. Please help….I love my dog soooo much that I guess its spoiling him. PLease HELP



    angie Reply:

    Shivani please let me know if you find anything out. I am struggling with my 3.5 month old lab/chow mix Lilly as well. Saying ouch does nothing and she nips at me when I move away from her. I have scratches and scars all over me from her and many of my clothes are ripped from her jumping and biting when I try to stand up and ignore her. I know she is a good dog, but I am really at my wit’s end.


    Micki Reply:

    My Labradoodle is now 5 months old and he was terrible with jumping and biting everyone. I first trained him to sit with just the command of touching my hand to my shoulder. Then I taught him to stay down by using the “clicker/treat” and the hand command and saying down. Just take your hand and make the down gesture and reward him with a treat when he stays or lays down. it did take a few weeks, but he no longer bits or jumps up on people. He does however still love playing little helper in the kitchen when we make dinner and ignores the commands so I’ve just been putting him in his crate until I’m done preparing dinner and let him out when we eat. If he jumps up at the table, back in the crate. Hope this helps, I really find that the hand commands work better than talking. I have a Blue Heeler and she’s 3 and knows all the commands.


  14. Kathy Scholze says:

    Dear Chet,

    I was listening to part III of the training. I heard you say if your dog has bitten someone and that is why you bought the training, contact you. Well, he has now bitten the second person (skin was not broken) and I feel he needs something I can’t give him. I actually have two dogs. They are brother and sister age 4 this April. They are long haired doxies. The female(Daisy)has never bitten anyone but the male(Beau) turns into strong muscle bound defender of me, our house from any dog, human or roller blader that comes near. I had a smooth doxie for 19 years and she never barked or showed any aggression. Where do I turn and who do I contact about this? I am very upset and feel very helpless.



  15. Monica Foster says:

    I would suggest Chet, invest about 90 cents and send people a cd. Much better angle on the customer service. I love you program and have gotten your downloads, they are only voice, no video so that was a little disappointing. I downloaded and printed the printable version and it is fine. I have a 3 month old toy poodle who has impressed all of my family and friends with the clicker tricks!! love it! I wish your training program you sent me via eamil was videos rather than voice only, which would be a little easier to get a visual. But it is working. He has learned stay, sit, down,potty, get in his “spot” and now I am teaching him to stay (its difficult for him, but he is getting it!) I wish I could teach him to quit chewing on my carpet edges and corners of the couch as well as our pant legs and ankles. Not sure how to do that but to tell him NO and give him something he CAN chew on. However, it is when we are watching tv or doing something and he is quietly doing it and we dont notice. 🙁 I will see if that is in what I bought, I have not heard all of it yet.. Thanks!!


  16. Betty Lundin says:

    I bought the #37.77 course and was disappointed that it was just for the audio version. I really can’t afford the other downloadable version so I am going to have to think about this. How do you go about training 2 dogs at once? I have 2 maltipoos.


  17. Dave says:

    I just got the hands off formula and I can’t wait to try this on my boxer puppy when we get to pick here up in 7 to 8 more days she will be 8 week old on the 17th . I have listed to the first two cd you said we need to teach the dog what the clicker is for first and only teach one thing at a time I would like to no if we can teach them to sit at one training and go potty when they need to go or do i just tack them out and let her do here business with out clicking and treating her

    ps I do not have my dog yet so I do not have a video to send for the pets mart game . Thank for your help Dave


  18. paula says:

    Hi Chet,
    Do I use the same technique for crating my puppy as you do for teaching him to “got to the mat”?
    I’ve tried this and it doesn’t work. He will go near his crate but no way he goes in it without my help.
    By the time I have treated him for going to and near the crate he seems to be so full that he lies down and sleeps or runnes in the opposite direction. When I put him in the crate for the night he howls piteously for at lease 15 minutes. Very disturbing.
    Any thoughts?
    PS I bought your program and have just started to look through it. If this is anwered on the program just let me know where, Thanks again


    paula Reply:

    Thanks for your reply I will check it out. I would imagine that the vaults are accessable through the main site.
    I’ll go now andcheck!


  19. Dorothy Darr says:

    New client…tried to play video and no sound…before purchasing I had sound. What gives? Lila is my sons puppy and I want him to train her, we were going to take her to a local dog training club until I saw your offer. Please correct ASAP so that he can begin training her, the sooner the better. If I continue to have trouble, & have read that others are having trouble also, sadly I’ll have no other recourse other than report you to BBB. This looks like a GREAT program and I hope we’ll be able to resolve any problems quickly. If not please refund, I’ll talk to my bank as well. Are these videos available physically or just on line?


  20. Marilyn A. Simmons says:

    Do not have my puppy as yet. Scheldued to be born this month (September 2011), and must wait, I think, six weeks before delivery to me.

    This will be my 4th Yorkie and as I am now retired will have the time to use your Dog Training program.


    Minette Reply:

    I suggest waiting till your pup is 8 weeks old 😉 he/she needs as much time with mom and littermates as possible!


  21. Pam W says:

    no video with rules and instructions : File upload temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

    Sorry to say, I am a bit disappointed with the product, I did expect more than what I got. I am intrigued with the clicker technique, as I think it pinpoints the action much better than general praise. I have to find a ‘clicker’ to try your method. My two dogs have been able to ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ just using praise.

    cannot video tape – so will give written like I got with the program…. 8 )

    before my dogs would go crazy whenever I went to the food bucket and picked up their feeding bowls. I couldn’t put the food down on the floor without them spilling it. Now with the ‘sit and wait’ command feeding is much calmer.

    Pam w.


  22. Joey says:

    Good information, over-priced though for what you get. You show all these videos leading up to purchasing, then find out its all audio, besides three videos…


  23. Deb says:

    I too was disappointed I received audio CDs to download instead of videos. It makes gaining understanding of the information more difficult but I can get the gist. Also, I’ve had to buy a clicker and since we live in a very rural area, driving an hour just to buy a 3 dollar item was pretty ridiculous considering the cost of both the course and gas. It sure would have been better if one was included in the package.

    I’ve trained my own dogs all my life and had good results with all of them, but I’m always open to learn new methods. It would be nice if your course included everything needed to apply your methods, especially for the price. For the online course, although your site states you don’t explain downloading procedures, including instructions to do that would also be much better PR for your business. Not everyone is computer savvy, even today.

    Please reconsider how you present your course to include better customer service. It will make all the difference to the profits of your business.


  24. Gordan says:

    What is difference between “half off” offer and (already purchased) “Hands Off Dog Training”? Same “thing” offered again or something totally different? Thanks.


  25. Rick says:


    If you get this blog please let me know your thoughts on training a Jack Russell! I have a lovely little Male JR T who is ~ 2 years old. Problem is that he is a little naughty and can not be trusted off the led for sure! We recently lost him for 5.5 hours only to be found down a 15 foot fire pit! That was a big shock for us and made my wife believe that we were never going to win with him. I hear they work these dogs, but when I see my dogs behaviour I really wonder how they manage it! I just started your loose led training exercise and started getting very quick results. I will continue with that. I also worked on your ideas on the pillow exercise and already owned a click trainer so that was a good experience! So now for the BIG question! Can you help me get him to not run off when the door is open or when he is off the lead?

    I have also read into you report on “Dream Dog”. Very interested; agree with the list; and will probably buy soon, but if you can tell me how to solve this one I will be a very happy believer!

    Kind regards,

    Rick Butts


  26. Dianne says:

    Chet… I would love to take part in this contest but I have not received my dog yet. She will not be ready for pick up for another week and a half…
    Can’t wait to get her and work with her using your techniques. So far, they sound great. I also did not receive any videos…just the book that I had to download and print out. Pleasant reading tho…


  27. Sherry says:

    Hi Chet,I like many others am having trouble downloading the videos,and am in desperate need to see them, I was so excited to get them, my husband and I have 3 dogs 1 is a 3yr. old golden reriever and the other 2 are brother and sister 2yr.old yellow labs they are all potty trained, and can sit and shake however any other training has become difficult to say the least. We would like to see them not jump on people when they enter the door (especially our little grandchildren) I know that they get very excited and are very loving but we don’t want people to get hurt. The other issues we have are digging the yard if left outside for any period of time, and barking like crazy if they see someone,or something outside. Anyway my computer like others is totally up to date, we happento have a computer expert in our family that works on computers all day long its his job.Thanks, Sherry


  28. Chet,
    I have a stray puppy that was 20 lbs when I found him. His name is Tiger and about six monthd. He has all his puppy shots and will soon be neutered and microchipped. He now weighs 40 lbs and growing. He is very well behaved but continues to strain at the leash. I have “heeled” other dogs with no problems, but this guy is a different story. He wants to run and i can’t do that. I am nursing a broken wrist right now and have purchased your three (download, cd and video program). I have already printed out the courses and listened to several audio online. I am now waiting for the bonus gifts, and as soon as my wrist heals, I will be able to work with him. By the way, I am typing with my left hand and I am normally right handed. See, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Can’t wait to enter your future contests.

    Jenifer Newfeld


  29. Dave says:

    I would send a video. I could make an hourly one. Inside the house my German Jagd Terrier is Great. Hand up she stops and hand down she drops to the lay position. Hand across the chest she comes to me. She will sit and stay for about 10 minutes waiting for a treat( if she knows you have one for her). I now have treats all over the house in bowls, still waiting to see if that will work. Outside the house her brain changes to everything else. A real cement block head. I carry raw beef with me for a super treat and she takes it and then drops it just to sniff for mice or anything else that might have been there in the past two hours. She wants to pull and yelps like she is getting beaten if she can’t go her way. Around other dogs she acts even worse. Yelping and pulling. HELP


  30. Honey and Cora says:

    Hallo Chet, having just viewed the clip of the for GSDS, I am delighted to see the lady trained her dogs to let her out the door first, and appreciate she threw down some treats for them to forage, as she walked away, but why on earth, would she wish to curtail the dog’s exuberant play, of racing back and forth from the house to the barn? With that game, they are getting more good exercise than half an hour of sedate cycling would give them!
    What she achieved looked good, but why??
    Honey and Cora


  31. Paul says:

    Chet I have ordered the phycical videos and handbooks along with the donwload version.How long is it going to take to receive these items?


  32. Chet, I have not received the CD’s or the book. As for a video I do not know how to do that; I am lucky I know how to do as little as I can do! I am so happy to have found you. Iam doing little things that you spoke of on line. Tinkerbell is slowly changing with the little that I have read on line.
    Thank you,


  33. christine says:

    Unable to respond with video at this point in time. I have a 3yr old maltese who was locked in a small room and then abandoned. Now I have her and she keeps jumping up on me, for attention I think. I have started ignoring her jumping up and turning my back on her and it is working – to a degree. Now I don’t pat her or pet/pat her tummy which she loves unless she is sitting on the back door mat. Slowly improving. Will have to try the squirt gun people above have mentioned to stop her straining to run ahead when I take her for a walk. Have shortened the lead as she thinks she in in charge and in control, not.

    Thanks for access to the videos. Haven’t watched them all as yet.
    Great ideas.


  34. Eric says:

    Since reviewing the Chet’s videos our rescued Pekinese is showing a marked improvement every day. It would have broken my heart if we could not integrate her into our family. She and the 13 year old Pomeraian, Tia, get along like litter mates! But Tarra our new dog came home when I was at work so when I got home, I was the interloper! She avoided me like I was a plague. She was constantly hiding and did not allow me to approach her at all.

    After reviewing Chet’s videos and got present to the insistence that TLC is the only method that works I swallowed my male pride and took to heart the task of praising her. She now eats treats from my hand and when in the wife’s lap will allow me to stroke her belly!!!!!

    You think this is small stuff? This is the dog that bit at my hand twice! She is too small to penetrate my tough old hands but her doing so bothered me a LOT. We saw her reaction to unknown women vs her exposure to my father in law. She was a rescue from a backyard breeder so we reckon she was treated horribly by the man in that horrid business.

    She is used to sleeping in a crate so we have a crate next to the bed. Today I was able to reach into her crate and take her out for her morning pee in the backyard. She did not growl nor attempt to bite me and in fact offered only a wee bit of indecision. Another Victory!!!

    Small steps every day!!

    We are now convinced she will be with us for as long as she lives.

    Thank you Chet for inspiring me to the possibility of what is a monumental transformation in our family.


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