Cats Vs. Dogs


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  1. Dimitri Argyropoulos says:

    Hi Chet,
    Thank you and Minette for all the good lessons you send us.
    They have helped me a lot in bringing up my Maltese correctly.




    wonderful how these dogs and cats can combine.


  3. Edna Jackson says:

    I,too,want to thank you for all the great tips and emails we have for our lovely young Lady – Sweetie. We have had 2 Cats (lived 20 years each) so know that our cats ruled the house and our dog is the sweetie that she was named. The joke of Cats and Dogs is is really funny. Edna Jackson


  4. Luann Johnson says:



  5. Katie says:

    that is SO cute…and true, no offense to all you cat lovers out there 😉


  6. raloh says:

    OH MY!! My [now deceased aussie cattle dog] looked to me almost like her provider but was never an overly affectionate dog, my pits [mother & son] they were the affectionate ones… I will say this my cat is the most affectionate animal I have ever owned, he wants to be ‘just-by-me’ when I am writing he will be by my feet when I am working in the yard, he will lay on the porch or close to me depending on what I am doing. When I am working on the car he will lay in the driveway… well you get the picture – God gave all animals their own ‘special’ personality and I some dogs act more like cats and visa-versa, I just happened to get a wonderful cat. I will be getting another dog in the near future, not sure what kind yet…


    Gjohnson Reply:

    Hi, just wanted to say I have a 10 month old Australian shepherd B n Tan and she seems to be somewhat like a cat. She is very affectionate but can also be very demanding and sassy. She more or less talks and will let me know I want to play NOW. But she will lay on her back often and have a toy between her paws and hold it like a cat would and play and chew on it. She also will always try to stay by my side and whine if a door comes between us. If I leave for 10 minutes or hours she greets me like she hasn’t seen me for a month. Lots of kisses and jumps up to 6 ft. high.


  7. Marie says:

    i love dogs and cats but more of a dog lover!


    Margo Reply:

    I love Cats & Dogs but rather Cats as they are so smussy Dogs are good for getting out of the house.


  8. BJ Pup says:

    So true. I’ve had both.


  9. Retarded Dino says:

    My pastor used tthis quote once, leading to “We need more dog theology in this world than cat theology”


  10. J Stalder says:

    Good quote ~~ I would also like to thank you and Minette for all the great stuff you send out & I have passed on a few tips to other folks.
    I really like both. I live with two cats (twin sisters ~ 11 year old orange longhairs) and a 1 1/2 year old Airedale Terrier. I am amazed on an everyday basis how well they get along.
    One thing I have learned ~ Dogs will usually bring you things you can throw, but as a rule, cats will pretty much always bring you things you want to throw away (immediately).
    thanx again….js


  11. freda schwarm says:

    I hear you adopt adult rescue dogs;I can’t get my yorkiepoo(1 year old)to stop pooping in the house on the carpet. any ideas?


  12. Hi Minnette,

    I have had sveral cats and now my sweet Lady Daphne a cavalier King Charles. i LOVED your joke and “yes” I think that is ‘spot on” but I can also say both dogs and cats can love and be affectionate in their special way and I have always loved them all for their special qualities.
    I want to thank you for all the advice and valuable information you are sharing. it is helping enormously with bringing up my puppy Lady Daphne.



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