Canine Carpe Diem

When I left him, he would look out the window for days until I returned... I very rarely left him.

I have sooo very many thoughts running through my mind right now, not many that are truly coherent so we will see how this all lays down.

As many of you know both Chet and I lost our dogs this past weekend.  And although I hate to keep talking about it, I just can't seem to fight the feeling that I need to write a couple of cathartic articles.

I am numb.  I hurt from my soul through each and every bone in my body.

My days have consisted of getting up in the morning to let my other fur kids out; letting them play and then going back to bed, then letting them out to play again and then praying it is time to go to bed for the night.  My dreams seem to be the only time I see him now.

I can’t eat because each meal I miss his little face begging at the bottom of my chair, I've lost 10 pounds on one week.

If minds could have levitated food, he would have been a rotund little ottoman with legs.  There was not a bite that I ate that was not counted and cataloged in his little brain.

He was almost 13 and so I didn’t care that I never ate a meal without the glare of little brown eyes trying not only to gaze at the food but also to give me the eye contact I had so intensely taught him that I loved.

This was his beggin' face... I believe he had poured some grease on that ear trying to steal a pan off the stove :)

Drool often formed shoe laces from his watery lips down to the floor or onto my damp leg.  It is a good thing I would rarely grab a snack while I was dressed up for some social gathering.

Truth be told, I hate social gatherings so that made it even less prominent.

I guess I never minded his begging in his old age.  He was on phenobarbital to keep his seizures at bay and he was on prednisone (a steroid) to decrease the swelling in his brain from the meningitis.  Both of those made him feel as if he was famished constantly.

When he was a youngster I could have left a sandwich on the couch without a worry about him stealing it… as an older (sick) dog I couldn’t have left a cardboard cutout the looked like a sandwich on the sofa without it being ravished.

At twelve and a half and with meningitis affecting his health he lived a fairly lackluster life.  He could no longer go hiking or anywhere in the extreme heat; although we did try and take him swimming and I would take him on a car ride as often as possible.

His balance wasn’t so great so we had to take the curves extra slow, but he loved each time we went out even if he slept 90% of the time, he just loved to “go”.

I recognize I was lucky to have twelve and a half years.  I was blessed for each day I spent with him.

But there was no warning.  Although he was “sick” in general and “old” there was no warning to his last day or his last evening.  He woke up (the morning I was scheduled to drive to NYC to see my sister) and he was having slight trouble breathing.  My husband thought I was over reacting as I raced him to an emergency clinic, but I knew my boy and I knew something was wrong.

Cancer had filled his lungs and nothing could be done to save him for even give him one more comfortable day.

I had so much planned for him.

I was going to get video of him “smarling” this cute little thing he did when he smiled at me and almost snarled when I stopped stroking his fur.

I was going to get an impression of his nose print (dog nose prints are like human finger prints, no two are the same) to make a pendant that I would have forever.  But financial difficulties kept making me put it off till tomorrow or till he showed signs of getting sick.

His 12 birthday spent kissing other dogs at the dog park

My Advice to You

You never know when you will have your last moments with your best friend, human or canine.

Take pictures, take a million of them if you want mark them with their age and save them somewhere.  Do it weekly or monthly.  You will never be sorry you have “too many”.  But you will mourn that you do not have enough.

Take video of the silly and goofy things you do together.

We live in a world where even our phones can take video and pictures; take advantage of that blessing and use them!

We suffer from Alzheimer's in my family and my biggest fear is that I will forget all the wonderful little moments we spent together.

Take him/her everywhere you can.  Make time to spend together.

Set time aside every day for massage and bonding and talking together.  Every morning when he realized I was awake he would throw himself down next to me and I would rub his tummy and scratch his rump.

Do all you can so that you will have fewer regrets.

Regrets hurt and make the grieving process worse.  Cherish each moment you are blessed to have because tomorrow is never promised!

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  1. Vicky says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your dog.

    While I was counting the days until our puppy could come home, I was trying to convince both my husband and the Rescue to let him come home at 8 weeks of age, even though they both wanted to wait until 9 weeks. My husband said, “It’s only a week.” My reply was, “I would have given anything to have another week with my boy Jack!” Jack was a Rottweiler and a Rescue, and lived to be 14 years and 2 months of age. My husband will tell anyone that Jack lived that long only because he loved me so much.

    The puppy, (aka Heart-Glue, but officially named Stuart), came home at 8 weeks of age.

    My thoughts are with you…


    Tea Reply:

    It is a terrible thing to lose a best friend. I lost my Lois on July 19th of this year the exact date that I lost my son 22 years ago. Lois was a 2 year old Boxer; just a pup. just as my son Tez was only a baby. I love my dogs just as I love my children. So sorry for your lost. Time does not heal this kind of pain, but love helps you carry on.


    Cheri Bales Reply:

    I am sorry for your loss as well as Chet’s. I’ve lost a few animals (dogs, mostly cats and a few birds). I know it’s hard and it’s a terrible loss to you and those that your puppy has touched.

    I know this isn’t a dog story but I wanted to share it with you. At the time my bf’s sister had a cockatiel that wasn’t eating, didn’t move and was sick. They left to do something and so I took it out of it’s cage, wrapped it in a little cloth and held it to my chest. I felt he was going to die and I wouldn’t want to die alone on the bottom of a cage myself. I talked to him and he died in my hands. He was a sweet bird, wasn’t even mine but I mourned him, hard, for about a week. One day at work while I was waiting for my ride to pick me up, I saw a bird sitting on a wire. Idk why it caught my eye but I stared at it. I could swear it was staring back at me and suddenly I felt calm, a feeling that the bird that passed was okay; like it wanted to let me know that it remembered. I later found out that the bird staring at me was an eagle, and someone made a comment that it’s very odd for those birds to come into populated area, even odder for it to stay in once place for so long.

    Where ever our loved animals go when they pass, they are with us still, somewhere, somehow letting us know that they love us still and thanking us for every day that we loved them as well.


    Lena Cofrancesco Reply:

    So sorry for your loss and I know exactly how you feel. My boxer of 12 years, Brandy, had to be put to rest last Aug/2011. I still cry…I have pictures but not enough and spent great moments but not enough. when is any time with a loved one ever “enough”. I had a beautiful dream that brandycame home and showed me she was well and able to walk again.She had a beautiful glowing light around her and she was surrounded by love and happiness. It gave me alot of peace. Good luck and try to smile.


  2. So sorry Minette to hear that your precious dog had died too. I did hear about Chet and Bauer, but didn’t know about your sad loss. I’ve endured the loss of many of my loved dogs. I’ve made a pack with myself about how the end will be. For me, if I have to make a decision about when my dog will die, then I will arrange it to be in our home, comfortable, and with me holding them in their last experience on this earth. This is a extremely difficult but compassionate way I think to be with them in their last experience. Mostly I’ve been lucky in that I’ve been able to be with my doggy companions in their last moments. The one time that I wasn’t able to do that because she (Dorcha) was in the vet’s when she died, I’ve had regrets and guilt since. I’d like to share my tribute to my last beautiful dog, Froach, a Scottish Deerhound, who died in 2009 and I so miss him, and he comes into my thoughts so often.

    Fraoch: 21st Dec 1997 – 22nd Aug 2009.

    “The first time our eyes met, I fell in love

    You were 13 months old, yet your eyes held the depths of wisdom, gentleness and love

    You were always steady, yet you ran with wild abandon – swift and agile, ears and coat streaming in the wind

    Your rough coat, hairy face and gentle look was irresistible to me – words cannot express what we shared – you were my pal, you shared my secrets, my joys and my pain and you were always there, with a head or a paw in my lap to let me know

    I had to make a decision to let you go when your time came – I hope you know that it was the hardest decision, but one made with great love

    We were together at the end, with gentle, loving hands stroking you on your last journey

    Go bravely to the Rainbow Bridge my faithful, best friend – your paw print lives forever in my heart, dearest, dearest Fraoch”

    22nd August 2009

    Much love to all of you at the dogtrainingsecret xxx Maggi


    Kim Messick Reply:

    I copied this poem (with your name and Fraoch’s, too) onto a document that I am journaling. I lost my Chloe on 8/21 and I have grieved like no other time. I thank you for putting into words what my heart wants to say,
    Kim Messick


    Maggi MacGregor Reply:

    Blessings to you too, Kim, and thank you for saying that it helped you put words into your heart for Chloe. Maggi xx


  3. Tina says:

    Interesting as well as heart melting story. Regrets hurt and make the grieving process worse. Cherish each moment you are blessed to have because tomorrow is never promised! Life must go on!


  4. Jean Kester says:

    I am so sorry. I remember our wonderful Boxer Lacey we had her for 11 years and she went home in 2006. I worked nights and slept days, she was always at the side of my bed on watch and when she barked, it meant get up someone is closer than they need to be. The years we had with her and our sons and grandchildren will never be forgot. I remember coming home and crying for days after work because I could still smell her and at times when tired I would start to call her when I walked in the door. I knew she wouldn’t come to me because had she still been with us, she would have been wagging that butt at the door as I opened it.
    Thank you both Chet and Minette for sharing!
    We finally did get another Boxer about a month ago, I just wasn’t ready until then!


  5. Gail says:

    Don’t worry. You will never forget your dear friend. I have a suggestion. I planted a rose bush on my best friend’s grave and it produces the most beautiful flowers so I truly believe my dog lives on and it is reaffirmed every time there is a new bloom.


  6. Angela Howell says:

    My heart goes out to you on the loss of your baby. I have three dogs, two of which are 12 years old and one who is 2 1/2 years old. Thanks for the advice about taking pictures, will take more, have some great ones, but will take a lot more. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope the heavy heart will soon be lifted with the wonderful memories.



  7. DEB says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. My neighbour’s dog passed away last week. She is doing better. But as we all know healing seems to take quite awhile. I as well know the pain. As the years have gone by the memories are sweeter


  8. kelse says:

    What a sad time for you. Its been 2 yrs for us since we lost my soul mate – I cry every day still – and now somedays a also smile when i think of her. the pain doesnt go away – but eventually you can find peace in the memories – I am truly sorry


  9. Chaz says:

    My deepest condolences for your loss. We lost our best friend, Beavis, a Jack Russell Terrier who was 14 last December. Still seems like yesterday. We have since gotten another dog, but we will always miss the one we lost to cancer. I would have given every material possession I have on earth to spend just another day with the little guy. Anyone who thinks dogs are “just dogs” has not learned much about true compassion.


    Theresa Orchard Reply:

    Chaz, Chet & Minette:
    I found this little article, thought you should have. I have it as my desktop. I LOVE DOGS xoxoxoxoxo
    From time to time people tell me “Lighten up it’s “Just a dog”, or, “That’s alot of money for “just a dog.” They don’t understand the distance traveled, time spent, or costs involved for “Just a Dog”. Some of my proudest moments have come about with “Just a Dog.” Many hours have passed with my only company being “Just a Dog,” & not once have I felt slighted. Some of my saddest moments were brought about by “Just a Dog.” In those days of darkness, the gentle touch of “Just a Dog” provide comfort & purpose to overcome the day.
    If you, too, think it’s “Just a Dog,” you will probably understand phrases like “Just a Friend,” “Just a Sunrise,” or “Just a promise.” “Just a dog” brings into my life the very essence of friendship, trust, & pure unbridled joy. “Just a Dog” brings out the compassion & patience that makes me a better person. Because of “Just a Dog,” I will rise early, take LONG walks & look longingly into the future.
    For me & folks like me, it’s not “Just a Dog.” It’s an embodiment of all the hopes & dreams of the future, the fond memories of the past, & the pure joy of the moment. “Just a Dog” brings out what’s good in me & diverts my thoughts away from myself & the worries of the day.
    I hope that someday people can understand it’s NOT “Just a Dog.” It’s the thing that gives me humanity & keeps me from being “Just a man or woman.”
    So the next time you hear the phrase “Just a Dog,” SMILE, because they “Just Don’t Understand.” POOR THEM. Send me an e-mail & I will forward this on,it has a pictue of a dog & then the saying. xoxo


    Sylvia Reply:

    Please send me the article on “Just A Dog”. I just lost my Maltese two weeks ago due to liver failure and I miss her sooo much I can’t stop crying. I have lost 6 total in the last seven years and my heart won’t heal. I loved them so very much. Thank you in advance for the article.


    Barbara Bringuel Reply:

    A good way you described what the “POOR THEM” think so often.
    When people make “Just a Dog” comments to me, I smile and tell
    them they have no conception of how I feel about my little angel
    girl, Sophie. Shes’s a miniature poodle we rescued over two
    years ago and although we have had dogs that lived to be 13-19
    years old, this little girl has touched our hearts in such a
    special way and loves my husband and I equally. We take pictures constantly and buy her toys to play with frequently.
    she sits with me in my recliner every evening and looks me right in the eyes for minutes on end. If my husband gets up from his chair to get water or go anywhere, she can’t rest even with me until Dad is back in his chair and she sees him sitting. All our “Just Dogs” lived very long lives and we loved them dearly, but this little girl is something extra special.
    Maybe because being retired we have so much more time to give her attention, yet, she in return gives us so much more than a “POOR THEM” could ever begin to understand. Thanks for your article, it was uplifting.


  10. Lloyd Harrison says:

    I feel your grief and understand because I too have lost my best friend who only wanted to be with me, everywhere. Their love is so consuming and life so short. The only way to get over it is love again after the grieving is over.


  11. cher laughlin says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my girl Sasha [a rescued Australian Shepherd] 3 months ago. She was my soul mate, my best friend, my psychic siamese twin. I miss her so…. much


  12. Penny says:

    Minette — The following is what my vet sent to me when I lost 2 of my 14 yr old sweethearts this year. It helped me and I hope it will help you.

    Rainbow Bridge

    Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

    When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
    There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
    There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

    All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
    The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

    They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

    You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

    Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together….

    Author unknown…


    John Reply:

    I like to believe in the Rainbow Bridge. I have lost several pets and my one of my most favorites this past June. I once saw a painting of the Rainbow Bridge and appears to be a happly and content place. Thank you for sharing the story.


    Mamie Reply:

    That is so lovely…..thank you for sharing. And guys I am so sorry for your lost. I have lost four legged loved ones as well and can’t wait to see them again on the Rainbow Bridge 🙂


  13. SO sorry to hear of your sad loss Minette. Your story touched my heart and you and your wonderful hugely loved dog will be together again one day when he’ll once again enjoy you ‘rubbing his tummy and scratching his rump’. You must have no regrets only wonderfully happy memories. x


  14. Tammy Wenzel says:

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dogs. It was a very beautiful tribute that you wrote. It brought tears to my eyes. Loosing a pet is like loosing a family member. They have a way of getting deep into our hearts and it is so very hard to let go. As you said, cherish the memories, as you never know when the last memory will be. But remember, one day we will meet again at the other side of the Rainbow Bridge! Rest in peace all of our wonderful pets that we have lost. One day we will be reunited!


  15. Lois says:

    Sorry Minette for the loss of your fur-baby. Can’t even bear to think about that day coming with my precisou Daisy. I have been through it many times and it never gets any easier, only harder with each o ne. Know he will be waiting for you on the other side of the rainbow bridge.


  16. Jean Petryszyn says:

    So sorry for your loss, but you need to remember all of those wonderful years you had – I lost two dogs over the years and as hard as it is to say good bye, I would not be without one. They are so loving and faithful that they are so worth the pain of losing them. I now have a 13 year old Maltese and a one year old standard poodle – I wouldn’t trade either of them for anything! You gave your dog a great life – remember the good times and don’t be so sad.


  17. Margie says:

    Heartfelt regards to you both, may your heart’s be healed by knowing you were in their heart’s forever.
    Sincerely Margie


  18. Mary Nichols says:

    So sorry both your dogs have passed so close together. Not that time would have been any easier. I lost my first ever pet June 30,2012. A Tiny Toy Poodle, he was mine and only mine. I loved him more than alot of humans! Only had him for 5 years and it sure wasn’t enough. My heart is still broken and I have tried to move on. Got another Poodle just not as small this time. This little guy keeps my mind so accupied that I had to heal quickly. I will always miss my first baby!


  19. Karen says:

    You are so right about the pictures. How often have I thought “I’ll be sure to take a picture of him doing that tomorrow.” And then there were no tomorrows.


  20. michael blud says:

    It’s always sad to lose a dog

    Try and read Rudyard Kipling “The power of a Dog”

    and “Rainbow Bridge, both on the internet


  21. Gail says:

    I am truly sorry for your loss. I couldn’t read this without tears in my own eyes, because, you see, we just lost our beloved Golden just 3 weeks ago. She lived to be just shy of 15 so we felt blessed to have had her that long. Losing a dog leaves such a void in your heart and even though a new dog might help the pain some, it can never take the place that the other dog had. Each one is special in its own way. But, you will be happy again and able to look back at the memories and smile and laugh. It will just take a while. I’m hopefully on the path to happier days ahead since I just brought home a new puppy yesterday. But, my heart still hurts and I still cry and miss my Daisy just the same. I understand what you both are going through with your losses and I’m so sorry.


  22. Marcia Hayse says:

    Dear Minette and Chet: I am so very sorry for your losses. Only another animal lover can begin to understand the depth of pain we feel at losing a animal friend/family member.

    I know it hurts deeply, I too have lost some wonderful friends, but as much as it does hurt, it also makes us more compassionate people. It is sometimes hard to imagine loving another, but there is always another dog/cat that needs a forever home with a compassionate friend.

    May God bless you as you serve the wonderful animals He has placed in your path. You are doing a wonderful work. Thanks for the reminder to take more pictures. I really need to be doing that.


  23. Chet and Minette,

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

    I lost my Rottie, TJ, twelve years ago at the age of five from Osteosarcoma. I think of him every day. I’ve had dogs before and since TJ but he will always hold a special place in my heart. He was so protective. The last night of his life he gathered his strength and put himself between me and a stranger to protect me. The next day he wouldn’t come out from behind the couch. We made chopped meat for him and he turned away. I knew this was his last day on Earth. He had used up the last of his reserves protecting me. I will love TJ forever and pray he is there to bring me over when it’s my time to leave this world.

    All the best to you in your time of grief and I hope that you will soon be able to remember your dogs without tears but with wonderful memories.



  24. Autumn says:

    I have loved & lost dear fuzzy loved ones, seems way too soon. I found this once shortly after my dear sheltie friend’s suffering ended (liver failure).

    I could tell you the story of my life through the dogs I have loved. I could tell you the story of the losses in my life through their deaths. Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love and loyalty. They come to teach us about loss. We may try to replace them but never quite succeed. A new dog never replaces the old dog. It merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs, your heart is very big. – Erica Jong

    From my big heart to yours,


    B. Sanders Reply:

    Thank you for that response. Very true.


  25. Deborah Todd says:

    Hi Minette, I will share this quote that I left for Chet when his beloved Bauer crossed the Rainbow Bridge….It was written by Irving Townsend.

    ‘We who chose to surround ourselves with lives
    even more temporary than our own,
    live within a fragile circle
    easily and often breached.

    Unable to accept its awful gaps,
    we still would live no other way.

    We cherissh memory as
    the only certain immortality,
    never fully understanding
    the necessary plan.”

    Check out Rudyard Kipling’s Power of the Dog. It is my favorite poem on this topic. Minette, my heart breaks with and for you … Blessings, Deborah


  26. Theresa says:


    My heart goes out to you and your family. There is nothing anyone can do or say to ease you heartache. We recently lost our 13 yr old black Lab. and not a day goes by that we dont remember our best friend. When he died my husband and I blew up our cell phones texting each other with words of sorrow and condolences for each other. Your friend knew your love for him and I am sure he was just as sad to leave you behind. Let time and your other furry friends heal your soul.


  27. Kelly says:

    So sorry for ur loss Minette. I know what u r going through. We had to put my dad dog jenna to sleep a wk ago. She was 11 and had kindey failure. I live with my dad and I have 2 dogs. We had noticed she lost a lot of weight fast and took her to the doctor and was told she had a lot of toxins in her body. They flushed them out and sent her home for the night. She started to stop eating. Took her back to the vet the next day and they flushed her kindeys again and sent her home. Toook a blood test the next day and her levels went down a little. Brought jenna home for the weekend and it was hard to watch her suffer. We tried everything we could to help her be comforable. I didn’t think she would make it through the weekend, so had a hard talk with my father and we took jenna for her last ride in the car, which she loved so much to do. She went every where with my dad and I. Rarely she stayed home. My father and I r not very close and seeing him go through that was so hard. I knew jenna would be in a better place, but never saw my dad cry. I’m 41 yrs old. Jenna was a great friend to have known. she would also sit in front of us with big brown eyes and wet black nose. She loved to go outside and catch mice. Did a walk of the yard to make sure there were no mice. We live on 10 acres. Lol she could say yum yum and it sounded just like it. Lol. I know the feelings of lose, but know every min we had was so much better than the emptyness after she left. The dishes still sit on the floor. When its time ur hearts will heal. They wouldn’t want u to be so sad. They r all playing up in heaven waiting till u come to play when its ur time. It helps to talk about them and remember what made u fall in love with there big eyes and wet noses…


  28. terry says:

    YES. TAKE PICTURES. You never know when you’ll lose a pet. It can happen right now. My Doberman had a lump on her throat and the vet thought cancer. I was devastated and took a lot of pictures the next few days. Then the swelling went down with antibiots she was on because of the biopsy. Turned out not to be cancer. I was soo happy my sweetheart was ok. Then a few months later I came in the house to find her sleeping in her chair. She was dead. Died for no reason. I have since learned of the heart problems 40% of Dobes have and die from at 7-8 years old. She was my one in a lifetime dog. I got another Dobe, and of course, she is a little bit of a problem child. One sweet one, the next one makes up for it. But she is almost a year old and I love her also. No 2 are the same. When I lose a dog, I get another one to ease the pain. Puppies are the best thing in the world IMO.


    Minette Reply:

    Puppies are cute monsters with teeth… I can say that cause I have one 😉 and he is often the reason I get up in the morning.

    My other two fatties would sleep all day with me 😉


  29. Jim Gallagher says:

    Please accept my empathy and support for your loss. We lost our 8 year old Samoyed last May, so I can totally identify with the numbness you discibe. Teddy was one of those dogs who liked everyone, and who was liked by all in return. He had a cheerful disposition that always helped us get through the rough spots. He was truely a gift from God, and we feel so grateful for all the precious moments we shared every day. Even his sole bad habit was a message of love. He would often shred paper, and leave it right at the door, so we would be sure to see it upon our return. It was hard to even get annoyed, as his message was that he was upset that we weren’t with him. We miss him tremendously, but look forward to being reunited one day. May the good Lord hold and comfort you in your loss.
    Jim Gallagher


  30. Ann says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I, too, had to put my precious Hoover down 3 months ago. My vet came to the house and I got to hold him as I shed many tears. My two other dogs were also there to say goodbye to their buddy. It’s awful to say goodbye to such a loyal and loving, 4-legged member of the family. I miss him every day. Someone put the Rainbow Bridge poem in a message. I strongly believe that when I cross the bridge, I will be greeted by all of my puppies who are in heaven. I send that poem to anyone that I know who loses a pet. It is very comforting.


  31. Bobbie K says:

    I alerted to your name… mother’s name was Minette. She passed 10 years ago and I am sorry for all the things I never did or said to let her know how much I loved her. Our dogs also fill our hearts. I have had to put many furkids to sleep over the years and it doesn’t get easier. I am sorry for your loss and understand how empty you feel. Thanks for the reminder to take pictures regularly. I will do just that so that I don’t forget the slightest glance or twinkle in their eyes.


    Minette Reply:

    I am sorry for your mom! She must have been special… there aren’t many of us Minette’s out there!


  32. Lisa Mims says:

    I know this helped bring comfort to me, and when I lost my rottie, at 12 yrs of age, I had the regret that possibly I could have done more for her, helping to end her pain, it almost drove me mad..but looking in as an outsider to your story, I believe we truly should have no regrets at all because our dogs were very loved and what dog wouldn’t want to be an inside dog who lays by the a/c vent and gets loved and fed everyday! Some dogs have such terrible circumstances, but I believe your fur baby boy and my rottie have no regrets at all having been our dogs, they always say how “a dog knows” and honestly, as many lessons I have learned regarding love from my dogs, I know they know and we should both take a lesson from them in that where there is love there are no regrets:-) Truly, I know you must be in severe pain, but your baby would want you to love yourself too and let go of the regret and hang on to the love and memories, especially knowing you will be reunited again for sure!! That is the only thing that has allowed me to even move forward, hope that I will be reunited to my loved ones, including my fur babies. Faith, hope, and love are the good things he gave us and the greatest is love. God bless. Lisa


  33. Jill Bacon says:

    What a beautiful tribute for your lovely pet. I recently lost my two siamese cats, one 13 years, and the other 7 years, both with medical problems. It was devastating to me. I have just received into my life two maltese puppies, and am praying that they will be happy and healthy for many years with me. I am also using Chet’s training program and look forward to a great experience training them using his methods. Also, I have been very appreciative of both of your tributes to your lovely dogs, and it has given me comfort at this time in my life. Whether they be cats or dogs, the pain of loss remains the same. My prayers are with both of you in your losses, and I know we will find peace sometime in the days ahead.


    Minette Reply:

    Thank you so much! Everyone’s kind words truly lift my spirit and you should know ….. I am a cat person 😉 My name even means cat…. but shhh don’t tell the others 😉


  34. Kelly says:

    So sorry for ur loss Minette. I know what u r going through. We had to put my dad dog jenna to sleep a wk ago. She was 11 and had kindey failure. I live with my dad and I have 2 dogs. We had noticed she lost a lot of weight fast and took her to the doctor and was told she had a lot of toxins in her body. They flushed them out and sent her home for the night. She started to stop eating. Took her back to the vet the next day and they flushed her kindeys again and sent her home. Toook a blood test the next day and her levels went down a little. Brought jenna home for the weekend and it was hard to watch her suffer. We tried everything we could to help her be comforable. I didn’t think she would make it through the weekend, so had a hard talk with my father and we took jenna for her last ride in the car, which she loved so much to do. She went every where with my dad and I. Rarely she stayed home. My father and I r not very close and seeing him go through that was so hard. I knew jenna would be in a better place, but never saw my dad cry. I’m 41 yrs old. Jenna was a great friend to have known. she would also sit in front of us with big brown eyes and wet black nose. She loved to go outside and catch mice. Did a walk of the yard to make sure there were no mice. We live on 10 acres. Lol she could say yum yum and it sounded just like it. Lol. I know the feelings of lose, but know every min we had was so much better than the emptyness after she left. The dishes still sit on the floor. When its time ur hearts will heal. They wouldn’t want u to be so sad. They r all playing up in heaven waiting till u come to play when its ur time. It helps to talk about them and remember what made u fall in love with there big eyes and wet noses… I took a few pictures of her a day before she went to heaven. I say a prayer for all who have love there furry friends….


  35. Kay Pierce says:

    Dogs of the Heart
    In a life full of hectic schedules and too much stress
    A being comes to gently invade your life.
    You resent at first the gentle tug on your heartstrings
    The time you need to take to care for this new gentle being.
    And then one day as always happens your world comes crashing down

    You feel a cold wet nose nudge your cheek as you lie sobbing in your home.
    From that moment on love guides your every move
    And solace is found in the hugs that you give.
    This dog that had been a resentment at first becomes your heart.
    And then the Bridge is crossed by her for the final time.
    The wound you feel will gently heal from the belief that you will be reunited once again.
    For love is never lost, it always renews
    And even though their lives are too short by our standards
    They have more love to give sitting at
    The Right Hand of God.

    I wrote this when my beloved Hunter passed away, I didn’t know how true it was until 2 years later his sister Liberty also succumbed to illness.


  36. Kay Pierce says:

    Dogs of the Heart
    In a life full of hectic schedules and too much stress
    A being comes to gently invade your life.
    You resent at first the gentle tug on your heartstrings
    The time you need to take to care for this new gentle being.
    And then one day as always happens your world comes crashing down

    You feel a cold wet nose nudge your cheek as you lie sobbing in your home.
    From that moment on love guides your every move
    And solace is found in the hugs that you give.
    This dog that had been a resentment at first becomes your heart.
    And then the Bridge is crossed by her for the final time.
    The wound you feel will gently heal from the belief that you will be reunited once again.
    For love is never lost, it always renews
    And even though their lives are too short by our standards
    They have more love to give sitting at
    The Right Hand of God.


  37. Sandi says:

    Minette, what heartbreaking news. I’m so, so sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to you during this difficult time. Your tribute is beautiful and full of love. Our family is struggling with when it’s the “right” time to put your faithful friend down. Watching her struggle with the day to day existence is taking its toll on the other dogs and me. I’m reminded that she is not mine, however, I’m the one that takes care of her and in her mind she belongs to me. It hurts to see her suffer and I feel there comes a time when you have to love enough to let go. She’s a 13 year old Belgian Malinois, extremely arthritic and much too heavy to carry. You’re right, cherish the moments and the memories because tomorrow is never promised. God bless you.


    Minette Reply:

    Oh Sandi 🙁 Although mine looked like a Terv he was a long haired Malinois (both his parents were mals).

    I make myself answer some questions honestly when the time comes.

    Is she happy?
    Does she do things that make her happy?
    Does she eat with vigor?
    How often is she dealing with severe pain?

    It is all about quality of life.

    My last dog had bone cancer and I had to determine daily as time progressed if he had “quality of life” if he would choose to be with me and on this earth.

    The day I had answered no for a couple of days, I knew it was time.

    However I worked with an internist in CO who worked selectively with dogs and just pain management. He said a dog should never be euthanized just because of pain.

    There are many pain meds that may make a huge difference. My bone cancer Malinois was on oxycodone, tramadol, and a couple of others.

    If in doubt ask your vet and see if you can give some of her quality of life back to her! Then you can both snuggle, and watch TV and go for rides and get lots of pictures!


    Angela Grant Reply:

    I was just debating if I had made a mistake purchasing a 8 week old puppy; now almost 5 months old. He is so busy and my feelings vacillate. Keep him, give him away. Then your story off loss for Minette. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Thank you.


  38. Lisa Mims says:

    Thank you for bringing comfort to me, as I had said before without much detail, as now I have my chow who is 13 and she has a tumor under her tongue, I think about putting her to sleep because of the pain and regret that I had endured with my rottie, but she also will still walk a mile with me and still follows me everywhere, she also eats and can still go potty, so I am just not sure what to do, but after reading your story, It’s a reminder to spend my time cherishing every moment with her, and I didn’t know about the nose print, that is a cool idea. Thank you for sharing even in the midst of all your pain, you bring comfort to others with sharing of your story. I am truly sorry for your loss. It’s gonna take some time to ease the pain of losing such a special friend. Lisa


    Minette Reply:

    I would give anything, even my own life to have just one more day with him 🙁 I am soo sad… I didn’t know anyone could be so devastated. But I also know that he is here and sometimes I swear I smell his sweet fur at night.

    Here is the nose charm I wish that I had purchased

    Don’t forget to take lots of silly pictures and videos they will bring you much joy and comfort some day!


    Lisa Mims Reply:

    I believe the dogs we are blessed to have are sent from above, to act as guardian angels to help us in our faith know there are truly angels and a whole other realm of existence we cannot see, that’s where faith comes in (believing in what we cannot see). I do believe they are still with us too, just like angels they can check in on us for sure:-) Thank you again for sharing, and I appreciate the link.


    Angela Reply:

    I have just been in tears hearing your story. I really feel your pain and so sorry to hear your loss My thoughts are with you truely they are.

    How lucky you have been to have had such a beautiful relationship with your fur baby. I too have lost fur babies and none is any easier than the other.

    My love and thoughts to you and your family, not to mention your other fur babies who will be mourning the loss.

    I was given a poem once and it goes like this

    Dear Friend

    Do not stand at my grave and weep
    I am not there. I do not sleep
    I am a thousand sands that blow
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain;
    I am the gentle autumn rain.
    When you awaken in the mornings hush
    I am the swift uplifting rush,
    of quiet birds in circled flight
    I am the soft stars that shine at night,
    Do not stand at my gravde and cry,
    I am not there: I did not die.


  39. Laurel says:

    I too am very sorry to hear about the loss of both your dog and Chet’s dog.
    In 2005 I lost my wonderful English Springer Spaniel “Chancy” who was battling Cancer, but yet surprising healthy and active. Then a few months later I lost my 92 yer old Dad and still a few months later my foster brother Milo. I can’t tell you how felt. I loved my Dad and my foster brother dearly and will always miss them being here. But, I know they are doing some wonderful work for God in Heaven. But the seemingly needless loss of “Chancy” has always been in the heart of me. We still have her mate Buster, now 13, who laid on her grave for two days and their son Sounder, now 11, who would not play until I got down on the floor, put a rawhide in my mouth and played tug. Now we have Daisy and Sounder’s son Fenway 4 years. But, none of them will retrieve and spot a Kong on a rope like “Chancy”. Her incredible willingness to please and her love has transcended to every dog who enters our home and lives on. They say that “when one leaves this world, they leave something of them behind in another.” This was Chancy’s legacy and I know it will be true for all our wonderful four legged friends who are now free of age and infirmities and run through grasses of Heaven waiting for the day when we join them.
    When you look up see them in your minds eye and be warmed and comforted by the glimpse of their Spirit that still lives!
    God Bless!


  40. Catherine says:

    Dear Miinette,
    My beloved Border Collie I had to have put to sleep last September 5th. It was the saddest day of my life. It is only now a year later that I am having dreams of him. After he died I made a special photo album of his life from when he was nine days old. And yes, it does help. He was thirteen when he had to go. I also made memorial cards of him with his photo and some writings from
    Angel Pawprints amd also from the Bible, Romans 8 which I sent to all his “fan club”. He was well known and loved at church and the priest gave a sort of eulogy and I chose the last hymn which was St Francis’s All Creatures of our God and King.
    I send my sympathy to you. The photos of him show such a gorgeous fellow


  41. Melissa says:

    I am so sorry for both of your losses. I lost my Charlie to bone cancer on June 17th. I had 10 1/2 wonderful years with him and I was with him when he passed. I was so sad and lost without him. I just kind of wandered around the house with no purpose. I planned on waiting 2 years to get another dog but fate and my daughter had other plans. I now have Marley, a 15 week female golden doodle which is why I purchased your program Chet! I still miss Charlie and Fred my first dog but Marley makes me smile and helps to fill the empty spot that only a dog can leave in your heart. I am dong what you said to do, taking lots of pictures and loving Marley unconditionally.
    Sincerely, Melissa


  42. Sue says:

    Thank you for sharing. I lost two dogs 1 1/2 years ago two weeks apart. I was devestated but still had one old girl. She is still with me but I know any day may be here last. I have another younger dog to fill in the empty hole.


  43. Saia says:

    Minette, I am so……sorry for your loss!! You are absolutely right about taking pictures as you will never know when the last day with your dog will be. I have lost 3 dogs over the past 9 years and I have so many regrets even till today. Wish I had taken more pics of them, taken them out more often, walked them more often, cuddled with them every night….and could have saved each one of them !!!! My husband and I have got a pup 2 years ago and this little guy brought us tons of joy. But he can never replace the 3 that we lost. We still miss them so much!! I always feel that each of my dogs came into my life for a reason. It’s like we knew each other in our previous life and they spent their current life to fulfill a promise or to complete their wish…..


  44. Sarah B. says:

    I am so sorry about your dog. I have a four month old german shepherd puppy and don’t know what I would do without her. At least you know that he is in a better place, a place where he can run, play, chase, fetch, eat, and sleep to his heart’s content and his Creator is there watching over him until you arrive. ^.^


  45. Katie E says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. We too lost our best 4 legged friend this past april. It not easy and I still cry over losing him. I wish it would start getting easier but truth be told, it never will. Instead of “getting over it” or “moving on” you just learn to live with it. You learn to live with the loss. I pray for peace for your family and that the “learning to live” process is bearable for you.


  46. Billy Elliott says:

    I am very sorrow for your lost of your dog. I know how you feel because I lost my male puppy to.He was 3 months old a German Shephard


  47. Pam Kutscher says:

    My sincere condolences for your loss and for Chet’s as well.
    It has been less than two years since I lost a dear 13 1/2 yr old Boston Terrier–the light of my life. She wasn’t just a dog–she was a “funny looking kid in a dog suit”.
    I was in a severe depression for six months and I still miss her very much.
    After several months I felt ready to adopt another dog (rescued Boston) as a companion for my other dog.
    My point I guess I’m trying to make is to accept the grieving process–no one can tell you how much time it will take for you or when you will be ready to take on another dog. Each dog is unique and holds its own special place in our hearts.


  48. nancy ranfos says:

    So sorry for both of your losses.I’ve felt your pain,never would I’ve ever dreamed that my heart would ache as much as mine has.We lost our big ole bear Roxie a 10 yr.old rottweiller to cancer in July.When our vet told us she was in hospice mode I blew up the airbed and I slept with her everynight because she was weak and had a hard time with stairs.I’ve dreamnt about her and can still hear her deep bark
    (that would make anyone frightened)little did they know she was a gentle giant.I believe we will be reunited someday.It does get a little easier I promise.About a month ago I recieved a plaster cast of her paw print along with a lovely note from our vet.Something I’ll cherish forever.Our new puppy is 5 weeks old today,can’t wait to bring her home.


  49. Gina says:

    I am so sorry that you lost your precious fur kid, too! I can’t believe both you and Chet lost your dogs. My deepest sympathies to you both. This was a wonderful post – a great reminder to all of us who have fur kids. I have three bichons who mean so much to me. I know when their time to cross the rainbow bridge comes it will be devastating. I can’t even think about that time. We had a cocker who lived to the ripe old age of 17. He died peacefully in his sleep. We never knew we would grieve so much. Now we know how hard losing our babies will be. I am so sorry you are going through this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


  50. Dennis says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your losses. I know how it feels. In the past two years I have had to euthanise 3 dogs. Bonnie had cancer at 14 years old, while Boysie and Snoopy had arthritis and couldn’t walk anymore at 16 years old. I have pictures on my computer and my mobile phone which I look at every day. I also visit their graves regularly. I now have a young German Shepherd cross Australian cattle dog who is 11 months old but it isn’t the same as having the old cattle dogs who were no trouble at all. This one gets up to a lot of mischief and needs training so I will use Chet’s program to train her. Her name is Bella Mia and I got her from an animal refuge.


  51. Kim Parga says:

    My heart is again breaking over this tragic news of the loss of your beloved baby. No words can be said to ease your pain, but know that many others are holding you up in prayer and you are in our thoughts. God Bless you and know that the day will come when you will again be reunited with your precious angel.


  52. Joni says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I, too love my fur babies so deeply. After 16 years, I still mourn the loss of my beloved “Chucky”. 5 months later, I found “Stinky”. His Chihuahua antics made me smile through the tears. We are still together today but he is almost blind and quite toddery.
    Yours in mourning, Joni


  53. Denise Chupp says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of your baby, I know you lost one of your children. I lost my beautiful baby girl Punky in 2009 & I still miss & grieve for her every day. I do hope you can move past this faster than I have, but we all have to have our time. Sending Prayers to you


  54. Sandy says:

    So sorry about your loss, we know from experience how you are feeling and yet we should not say “we know how YOU feel”, we just know the losses we have experienced and the pain that seems to not stop.. We had a German Shorthaired Pointer, Buster Von Brown, had him for 10+ years and he developed a very rare disease, which could not be treated and within 3 days we lost him, he is now in Doggie Heaven. We also at that time had a Lhasa Apso Miss Muffin, at first she did not like her new brother but they became best friends and she too suffered the loss of Buster. We said we would not have anymore puppies but just one year later we got our second German Shorthaired Pointer, Remington Von Brown, Miss Muffin did not like him either, but they finally became good friends. Remi is now 2 years old and since Miss Muffin was nearing 14 we thought about another puppy for Remi to play with, that is how Sophie Marie another German Shorthair) came about, she is now 5 months old and they are very best friends, one month ago we lost Miss Muffin, she had alot of medical problems over the years and within a few days she was so sick we had no choice but to make the terrible decision and she now is in Doggie Heaven with her brother Buster Brown. Another terrible loss for us and for Remi and Sophie. Six weeks ago Remington injured his right rear leg, required major surgery, TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement), the recovery time is 12 weeks, so it became absolutely necessary to separate the two dogs because he has to remain totally calm, no playing, etc. So four weeks into our 12 week recovery he was simply walking across the floor and blew out his left leg, which required emergency TTA surgery again, so we have now started over with the 12 week recovery time, so Sophie Marie and Remi have not seen each other for many weeks and have many more weeks before they can be reunited. The things we do for our animals, would not trade a minute of time for anything else though and we too have many many pictures of all of them. It will take a long time to heal, you will “never” forget and of course you will not want to forget, but maybe down the road you can think about a new puppy, not right now, we understand that feeling, but hang in there, be strong and remember and always talk about all the good times you had and someday it will be better, trust me !!!! And our thoughts are with both you and Chet….


  55. Barbara Emler says:

    I lost my little boy last June. He found me in December of 2009, he was running up and down the drive way on a cold December night. When I looked into those big brown eyes, I was gone! On our first visit to the vet, we found out he had nerve damage and had no sensation of relieving himself. Consequently he was prone to bladder infections and spent many hours at the doctor. His last infection was particularly bad and he got a bacterial infection. His bladder was very thin, and he was in a lot of pain. Finally the decision was made that he should leave this world for the next. I never had a dog that I loved like I loved Chippie. I still grieve and will until my dying day. I am so sorry for your loss. Only one who loves a dog can know how you feel. God bless and know that you will be reunited one day.


  56. Cannot beleive I clicked on this message. I have just buried my little red border collie who was eleven years old. In 200 I had ten borders that were all trained to do tricks run barrels poles flag face jump rope etc. I took these dogs to schools special ag days and the Lincoln county cowboy sympoaium for twelve years. I have put seven to sleep and then lost his one yesterday.{LEASE READ THIS AS SHE DIED FROM SWALLOWING TWO TENNIS BALLS!!! My vet said in twenty years of practice he had only seen three dogs with two hard balls in their interstine. I am like everyone I cannot get over this and am trying to end my own life by working myself to death. These dogs are just so loving and mean so much. I have black and white border collies left and one was MArkys sister. I think if they both should die soon I will die too It is so hard. But so glad u have this web site it is a life saver>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  57. Larry Dicks says:

    14 years ago at the age of 46 I retired to spend my time with my dog, he was getting old. Every day we would take long walks in the woods and split a burger. He lived another 4 years I cryed every day for months then a freind brought me a puppy border terrier and lhasa Opsa mix. He became my heart, I didn’t return to work even though I had no money. He passed in December I still cry everyday when I’m alone. I rescued a Shipoo 2years old he snugles up to me when I’m sad and is very loving. Non have replaced the other but I still have to have my furry freind. I am so sorry for your loss I have hundreds of fotos and am hugging Chewy right now.


  58. Carol says:

    My heart goes out to you. They never leave us but stay in our soul forever. To know that they are without pain makes it a bit easier but the hollow that is let will always be there.
    No other dog will ever replace the feeling for the ones we have to let go but we will travel a different road with them knowing that we are helping another and giving our love.


  59. Melissa Bean says:

    Im so sad for you, My little dog has cancer and I dread the day she becomes sick with it. I had to put my 30yo horse to sleep on Friday and I cant seem to get past the images. I know what you are feeling.


  60. shaila s says:

    i have 3 yr old sunny. he is a blessing sent by God


  61. Janice says:

    Dear Min. and Chet. My our hearts go out to you and yours. It takes a true dog lover to know what you are going through. We are with you .It is never easy you will never forget this is the way it is ment to be.We all have losses please know that we who have lost know some of what it is like for you .We too will one day need to pass over that bridge also. It is most comforting to know you have friends in the computer world who are trying to lighten your sorrow for you. You don’t need to bear this loss alone.You have reached out and your friends are extending their hands to you. Take a hold of them and walk with us.Gain your strengh so again you will be able to do your work and help your firends.May you and yours find the love that is being given to you today and always,you will find love again.


  62. Frank says:

    It is with hard to say how sorry I am. I can say all of us here who have lost a loved companion understand completly the pain you are going through. I lost my Golden Retriever Duke of 10 years suddenly in march to CA. I still grieve and cry everyday. I promised him I’d be there to the end and he knew I loved him because when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge I told him over and over I loved him until he was at peace. No more hurt and no more pain. That is something to understand, pain and grief will be with you for awhile now and it’s ok to cry. Be happy though because through the tears you will always have those memories you talk about.
    I have my Dukes’ dog tags and I wear them around my neck on a leather string and he’s close to me everyday. God bless you, you wonderful pet and time will heal your pain and time will honor his memories.
    Again, I am sorry for your loss.


  63. Patty says:

    I’ve rad your tribute to your dog and it is beautiful. Our furry friends are so much like our own children that were there sick or getting old it touches us to our bones. We lost our Pit Bull Ajia a little over a year and a half ago. I know how your feeling because I felt the same way. Her life was cut short by cancer at 8 yrs old. All I can say is that I truly believe that when we pass on our beloved animals will be there to greet us.
    I hope that each day get a little easier and you heart a little lighter.


  64. Bonnie says:

    Hi Minette
    I am so sorry to hear about your furry kid. Never apologize for needing to share your grief and talking about it. The pain you are feeling will lessen in time but will never go completely away. You will never forget your precious boy and you will frequently think of him and his antics. Don’t be afraid to laugh at some of the silly things you remember him doing. I believe that he has a new body free of pain and disease and that he is playing with Bauer and my Sam and Ziggy and everyone else’s special friends that have gone on ahead. I also believe they will be waiting for us when it’s our time and we’ll be united for eternity. I will keep you in my prayers as I have Chet.


  65. June Pound says:

    Dear Chet & Minette
    So sorry to hear of your losses. From all the letters you have received you must know that all we who dog lovers understand. I lost my first dog when I was just six years old and we didn’t have handy digital cameras or ‘phones with cameras in those days (75 years ago!)
    I just sat at the computer and took another photo of Gemma! I cherish every photo I have of all my dogs and there have now been quite a few.
    I never quite understood the quote that someone told me once:
    “Never let a dog into your heart to shred.” The loss of my last three dogs, two within two weeks and the third eight months later, was hard but Gemma has helped with the healing. Bless them all!
    Thinking of you.


  66. Sheryl says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It is difficult to lose such a big part of your life. It’s like having your heart ripped out. My best friend Dani left me a few years ago due to a heart murmur. I believe she and I were meant for each other; I found her on the side of the road abused and starving. She spent the first week under the table hiding and every night I would crawl under there and hangout with her. Once we finally became friends it was time for the vet; Dani would not come near me with a leash in my hand so we left the leash at home. The vet believed that maybe someone had beat her with a leash due to some of the large whelps on her back and all I could do was cry.Eventually she came out from under the table and a little closer to the living room sitting beside the couch watching TV with me. It still took her another 2 weeks to crawl up on the couch beside me, but I was willing to wait. Dani was my best friend for 7 years before I came home and found her breathing shallow and barely alive. I lost her that night and lost a piece of my heart right along with her. I have a wonderful companion now his name is Ennis; I found him in the Walmart parking lot, I think Dani would approve.


  67. I am so sorry for your loss. I have my very first dog who is now just 8 months old. I saw how wonderful a friend a doggie could be when I visited with my sister and her dog, Mercy B. (short for Mercedes Benz!!) Since I am alone so much, I really needed a companion even though I am allergic to dogs. I could manage my allergies without medication but now I take it every day so that I can have my little Sara Lee (‘Cause nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee!). She is a Chihuahua mix. I dread to think of ever losing her and hadn’t really thought about it until reading all these comments. I do scrapbooking so I guess I’d better get busy and start one for my girl.

    Several years ago I had a pet Love Bird who passed away. My husband and I could not even talk about her without choking up for over 6 months. I really felt she was someone who had come back to me from a previous life and I used to snuggle her and kiss her and tell her that if anything ever happened to her I would never forget her and always love her. I had raised her from a featherless nub of a baby bird, hand feeding her every 2 hours in the beginning. She stayed on my shoulder most of the day and had to be at the table when we were eating. She would take some of our food and she had her dish of seed at the table. We had a chance to go to Spain and left her with my daughter who also had birds. Within the week she died. When my daughter got her cage ready to send home to us, she found that Phineas had been hiding her food. This was something she did with us as well but then she would pull it back out and eat it when we sat her cage on the table with us. My husband and I have suffered terrible regrets because we feel that she thought we had abandoned her. Be glad that your dog knew that you were there and trying to help him.


  68. vicki c. says:

    I also lost my little rescue dog, Peewee, about a month ago. He was half Chihauhau half Min Pin. We had battled with a bad heart for some time and the last 6 weeks of his life he failed rather quickly. Everything that could be done was done for him but we both knew when it was time to let him go.They seem to have a way of letting you know. He is burried in the back yard along with my little Boomer who I lost before him 12 yrs.ago with cancer.They both brought so much joy to our family and will always hold a special place in our hearts.The unconditional love they give you is like no other.I can’t imagine going through life without that kind of bond between owner and pet.


  69. Kacy Curran says:

    This is a poem that arrived with a card from the vet after we had to put Delilah Rose (just short of 13 year old Peke)to sleep.

    If I Should Grow Frail

    If I should grow frail and weak
    And too much pain keeps me from sleep,
    Then will you do what must be done?
    For this last battle can’t be won.
    You will be sad, I understand,
    But don’t let grief then stay your hand.
    For on this day, more than the rest,
    Your love and friendship stands the test.
    We’ve had so many happy years,
    You don’t want me to suffer so.
    When the time comes, please let me go.
    Take me where my needs they’ll tend,
    But stay with me until the end.
    And hold me firm and speak to me,
    Until my eyes no longer see.
    I know in time you will agree
    It is a kindness done to me
    Although my tail its last has waved,
    From pain and suffering I’ve been saved.
    Don’t grieve that it must now be you
    Who must decide this thing to do.
    We’ve been so close-we two-these years,
    Don’t let your heart hold any tears.

    -author, unknown


  70. Brenda says:

    I know what you you are going through Minette and Chet. I lost my “Skipper”, a beautiful 13 year old chow mix, last year on 9/18/11. I can’t believe I have made it through the year without him. I used to call him my roommate. He was my best friend in the whole world. I will always remember him as the dog who stole my heart.


  71. Angela says:

    I have just been in tears with your story. I am so sorry to hear your sad news 🙁 my thoughts are with you and your family. Such a hard time for not only you but also your other fur babies.

    I too was given a poem once which helped me so I thought I would share incase it helps you too xx

    Dear Friend

    Do not stand at my grave and weep
    I am not there, I do not sleep
    I am a thousand winds that blow
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
    I am the gentle autumn rain,
    When you awaken in the mornings hush,
    I am the swift uplifting rush,
    Of quiet birds in cirled flight
    I am the soft stars that shine at night
    Do not stand at my grave and cry,
    I am not there. I did not die.

    I lost a rabbit (he was not just any rabbit! 🙂 he was very special to me. He had cancer and He was 7 years old. I was told that he would be lucky to survive if we were to try to have it removed so I tried to keep his life as happy, and blissful as I possibly could. he would have these fits just aweful where he would foam from the mouth but then he woudl be completly normal the vet said that he was not in pain. One sat morning i sat outside with him and had a cup of coffee, stoked him and loved him…I went into my room and put him on my bed where he had a fit this one was the one that took him, I have never seen anything jump so high. He fell to my bed flat and that was it…he was gone. I still believe to this day he waited to pass when I was there for me…I would have been devasted to come home from work and to find him gone. I loved him so much and my partner who was never much of a rabbit man 🙂 was suddenly a rabbit man…amazing what animals can do they really can change your soul.

    Take care what you feel right now will eventually get better, and find peace in knowing that you will always have your beautiful dogs print left on your heart forever.


  72. Ruth says:

    So Sorry to hear of your loss. My husband and I know how you feel. We lost both our dogs within 6 weeks of each other, July 29, 2011 and Sept 15, 2011. The emptiness and heartache feel unbearable. I lost my mother on March 15, 2011 so it was a terrible year. I had a photo of my mom on our mantle and the photos and collars of our Harry and Sadie on the hearth in a dog holding a basket. One day the photo, when I was leaving, I heard a noise. I saw that the photo of my mom fell from the mantle into the basket with the photos of Harry and Sadie. I knew that my mom was telling me that she is taking care of them and also her beloved dogs who have died. She loved dogs and always had them. Take care and keep your beloved dog in your heart. It will get easier but you will always have the memories and love of your buddy.


  73. kaye murray says:

    Dear Minette,

    Oh, how I feel your pain, as I experienced the same devestation and loss of appetite and the desire to not get out of bed again. My beautiful little fur baby was dignosed with heart failure in Aug 2011 and out of the blue I had to make the painful decision to let her go to the Rainbow Ridge and i know she is there waiting for me. The only way I could justify the guilt that overcame me was to tell myself that at least I got to say goodbye and I may have woke up and found that she had passed away whilst I slept. My Kaffey was a chiahuahua cross and she was just 15yrs and so loved and I am so lost without her and just like now, I still have meltdowns and totslly collapse. I wanted to tell you about a journal which I printed from the net it is called How to Roar : Pet Loss Grief Recovery. By Robin Jean Brown and it takes you on the journey that you and your pet had together it also covers the grieving process and by the completion of the journal it is hoped that you are able to accept the circumstances a little better.It also recommends that you take photos, so I was really lucky and I have some really lovely photos of her and I before she became really sick and passed away in Dec 2011. I really was touched by your lovely tribute even thou I sit and type this reply in a flood of tears, but I am told by the pet grief counsellor that the greater the love the greater the pain. Hope this helps………Kaye


    Minette Reply:

    Thank you!!


    kaye murray Reply:

    Hi Minette,
    I do hope you are feeling a little better and that maybe you had time to download the journal How to Roar pet grief loss, as I found it really hrlpful and I thought yhat if it was helpful that you could tell other grieving pet owners about it.I think that thr author was american and she writes from the heart. P.S I have adopted another little fur baby from the RSPCA Pet Shelter and altho she is not my little baby Kaffey, she makes me get up in the morning and she needs walks and food so it forces me to get on with living. Take care and I hope you heal slowly as I have done. But we never forget

    Kind regards Kaye Murray (Australia}


  74. Terry Bobersky says:

    I am so saddened by your loss. Even though I have lost some of my best friends in the whole world years ago, I was brought to tears reading your article/tribute. I have two Bichons, Buffy and Scruffy, and they are my life! I am single and 59 years old and when I come home from work they are always so eager for me to play with them and just spend time with “Daddy.”

    Minette and Chet, I know words alone can’t comfort you but I want you to know that you are in my prayers and that one day we will see our beloved “BEST FRIENDS” again…..and I can’t wait to hold them in my arms and look into their eyes and tell them that “Daddy” is never going to leave them.

    God bless you Minette and you and Chet will be in my prayers. My heart goes out to both of you.


  75. Larry pailer says:

    Lib my wife and I have been married 62 years. During that time we have only had a cat named smokey. We had her for 14 years. When she went to cat heaven, I am not ashamned to say I cried for a long time. Last year we got a shih-tzu puppy named cricket. Chet showed us how to take care of her. She is our beloved child. I know how we would feel were somethin to happen to her. Wew are so sorry to hear that your friend passed away. We know that he will always be in your heart. Love Lib and Larry Pailer


  76. Natalie says:

    My Christelle died at nearly 4yrs old, she was one of the 3 king charles cavaliers i have. Willow 4 & 1/2, Christelle her sister 2nd litter and Jack 16months old.
    I was walking the 2 girls early on a monday morning at 7am at only 300m from my house when Christelle was struck down by a car driving 80km in a 40km zone. She died instantly on impact. I had to carry her poor lifeless body home with the other 2 in hand.
    I layed her down in front of the wood heater until the vet opened 1hr later for cremation.
    I always kissed and hugged my furry children before they went for their walks and they always went in the car with me on my days off. They even slept on the bed and would wake me if they heard someone outside the house. They went swimming at a dog pool once a week and Christelle loved to constantly water bomb in the water.
    I was very upset when she died so tragically as she was soo young. I have no regrets as she had such a beautiful life and I always told her she was my little treasure as I kissed and cuddled her evey day. She knew she was very loved


  77. Dottie says:

    I know your pain only too well. Since 1999 I have lost 17 and no it never gets easier. I am in rescue and take the old & sick ones in I originally had 7 of my own for years. They lived 16-20 years but the ones I rescues since 2004 were different. They came with a lot of baggage Health & otherwise. But I loved them just the same as if I had them from babies.

    Since I am a Pet Chaplain- I want you to know your baby is still with you in spirit. There are many scriptures that will tell you Animals do go to Heaven alto many people don’t think they do. I for one know they do & they will wait for you until your time to join them. I have had many signs over the years from above to let me know they were OK. Imagination NO it really happened. These are God’s creatures that he only lends to us for a time.

    I have several websites that I do but the Chaplain site has a lot of help for someone who is grieving for their little one.

    My heart goes out to you and I hope you find peace in knowing you will see your baby again one day

    I still cry over them at times. But in my heart I know they are with me in spirit and each one had a special place in my heart and they still do.


  78. Joyce Pruett-Roberts says:

    Ditto to all the kind and supportive remarks. We love our pets and grieve just as much for them as for a human family member. You have my deepest sympathy in your loss.


  79. Ralph Stern says:

    Lovely sentiments. My condolences.


  80. My heart broke all over again knowing the hurt that you are going through.I had to send my baby girl Nicole to the Rainbow Bridge July 30,2011.She will live forever in my heart.Here is part of a poem I wrote for my very first Poodle. To my Baby the one I love God has taken you up above.No pain you feel,no tears you weep.The heartache is here for me yo keep. New loves come into our lives to help heal the empty hole in our lives.We love them all in a very special place in our very big hearts and arms. I know you both will get a little better as time goes by.Picturea capture the Love. God Bless.


  81. To Chet and Minette,

    I am so sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers. I would like to share a poem I wrote. It’s not Longfellow, but it’s from the heart.

    ODE to Bauer and Fraoch

    He was only a dog,
    Or so it was said;
    But could that really be?
    For a nobler prince all wrapped in fur
    Could never be found than he.

    He was only a dog,
    Or so it was said,
    But what does that really mean?
    You could search the world over and over again,
    But no greater friend could be seen.

    He was only a dog,
    Or so it was said
    And if that was really so;
    Why’s there a hole as big as the world
    In my heart when he had to go?

    Yes, he was a dog,
    Or so it was said,
    But to me he was so much more.
    He was God’s gift of joy, my darling, my friend.
    He could make my weary heart soar.

    Rest now my dear friend
    And know from today
    I’ll forever be in your debt,
    For the love that you shared and the way that you cared,
    My precious adorable pet.

    Use by pemission only.

    May God tenderly dry your tears.


  82. Jenny Ross says:

    You described exactly how I felt when I lost my best buddy Toby back in April. Now Toby wasn’t a dog, he was a cat – a Maine Coon mix – that was more dog than cat. He went into acute renal failure with no warning and I was literally numb for well over a month. The only thing that got me through that day and all the days since is my little Pom-Chi, Bella. She doesn’t even weigh 6 lbs but she’s a dynamo and a force to be reckoned with. She’s shown me how to heal my heart in ways I’ve never experienced. Losing a furkid is so very hard but there’s always room for another (or more). My heart breaks for both you and Chet. I and my furkidz send you both hugs and hopes that you’ll soon be able to remember them without the devastating pain.



  83. Rosemary says:

    I am SO sorry for your loss. What a wonderful tribute to your baby. Was she/he a german shepherd? She was gorgeous! I have been in love with the German Shepherd breed for yesrs. Nothing bad to say about other breeds. This is MY preference. I have lost more then a few of my babies. I feel your pain. It never gets any easier does it? Where else do you get that unconditional love? No where! And it hurts to lose that. So many times I come home from stressful crap from high drama people and just wallow in the unconditional love I get with my pets who are simply happy to see me and think I am the greatest person on the planet. I can forgive Jas for eating my purse and Xerx for making me fall. :p


    Minette Reply:

    he was a long haired Belgian Malinois or Tervuren 🙂 Thank you!!

    He was my heart and soul 🙂 Miss him so much!


  84. Dorothy McCauley says:

    My Heart goes out to you all ,I have sat and read all of these wonderful thoughts, about all of your wonderful friends.Through the years I have lost 5 wonderful fiends, and think about all the JOY that they gave to me.
    I recently purchaced a wonderful Femail St Bernard, she is now a year old and is 162 lb’s and growing,I will now take alot more pictures of my baby,and evn tape her snooring when she takes a nap!!!I love this dog so much,I dont know what I would do without her. God bless you all.


  85. Cynthia says:

    I have my self lost 2 dog browny was a new born we were in Texas and coco my dad got him when I lost browny when we went back to Charlotte he knew I was sad so he got him for me and I’m about to lose my 14 year old dog Blackie and I have a pup he’s 3 now and I happy but I will never forget browny and coco you know he die happy because he was thinking about you and even if he’s dead dose not mean he’s not with you any more and I am 10


  86. sheila morisette says:

    Greiving hard is an expression of love too…know that all dogs go to heaven and you will be with him again someday, for now he is up there watching you, keeping vigil until you join him, and smarling often in your dreams of him. He is young again and pain free…take comfort in that.


  87. Gladys says: so sorry for the lost of yor frend I los my 2 beautiful babys a month a part, 9 months ago, still craying every day, so sorry, belive me I. know how is that terrible pain. is goin to take time,



  88. Clifton Parker says:

    So sad to hear of your loss.

    At 60, I have lost many Friends, but still have a place in my heart reserved for memories of each one, including the family hound Dixie, who passed on when I was no more than 4.
    I truly cannot say which lost hurt most, but the most recent was a rescued long-haired mini dachshund I called Mini-Mutt. She was 12 when I got her, and had not received good care. The vet had to pull all but 3 of her teeth, and she had breast cancer, but she was perfect for me. She slept on my pillow with her belly to my head, and kept my ears warm in the winter. I only had her for 2-1/2 yers, but they were wonderful years for me. I still have a 14 year old Border collie, and an 11 year-old Husky. Both are slowing down now, and will all to soon pass themselves. When Mini-Mutt passed in 2006, I found this little poem. I do still miss her.

    I miss the wagging little tail;
    I miss the plaintive, pleading wail;
    I miss the wistful, loving glance;
    I miss the circling welcome-dance.
    Henry Willett, “In Memoriam”


  89. Karen says:

    So sorry to hear about your loss. I feel that you gave us great advice to follow. Thanks for reminding me not to take loved ones for granted.


  90. Roberta says:


    I am concerned about you. 10 lbs in a week is too much weight to lose. You must be eating nothing. I do understand your intense grief, having experienced it myself. You must take care of your body, however. Please, think of some healthy things you can keep down, and make yourself eat them. Fluids can be easier to get down than solids. Drink Boost or Ensure if you must; or smoothies, milk, kefir,juice… An egg is a good whole food that you can get down in a few bites, especially scrambled.

    Please make sure you are not isolating yourself too much, that you are taking any prescribed medications as usual, and that you are not abusing drugs or alcohol to dull the pain. Get help if you need it.

    Our thoughts are with you.


    Minette Reply:

    Thank you so much for caring.

    I am pretty pudgy right now in my life 😉

    I have had a problem with the crematorium that cremated my baby and life has been full of threats and restraining orders and the anger has fueled a few cupcake purchases 😉

    Tomorrow I go to volunteer at the zoo, to keep me busy.

    Thank you! I appreciate that someone cares about my well being!


  91. Theresa says:

    Chaz, Chet & Minette;
    Something I found & wanted to share.

    Just a dog

    From time to time people tell me, “Lighten up, it’s just a dog,”or, “That’s a lot of money for “Just a dog” They don’t understand the distance travelled,time spent, or costs involved for “Just a dog.” Some of my proudest moments have come about with “Just a dog.” Many hours have passed with my only company being “Just a dog,” & not once have I felt slighted. Some of my saddest moments were broughtabout by “Just a dog.” In those days of darkness, the gentle touch of “Just a dog” provided comfort & purpose to overcome the day.

    If you, too, think it’s “Just a dog,” you will probably understand phrases like “Just a friend,” “Just a sunrise,” or “Just a promise.” “juat a dog” brings into my life the very essence of friendship, trust, & pure unbridled joy. “Just a dog” brings out the compassion& patience that make me a better person. Because of “Just a dog” I will rise early, take LONG walks & look longingly to the future.

    For me & folks like me, it’s NOT “Just a dog.” It’s an embodiment of all the hopes & dreams of the future, the fond memories of the past & the pure JOY of the moment. “Just a dog” brings out what’s good in me & diverts my thoughts away from myself & the worries of the day.

    I hope that someday people can understand it’s NOT “Just a dog.” It’s the thing that gives me humanity & keeps me from being “Just a man or woman.”

    So the next time you hear the phrase “Just a dog,” SMILE, because the “JUSY DON”T UNDERSTAND.”


  92. lucy says:

    I’m soooooooooooo sorry. I lost Russoe my old dog to cancer. Poor Buddy.


  93. candice says:

    I read what you wrote about your sweet boy. The words describing your pain could have been my own. A week ago today I lost Corky, my first little dog. She was a lover just like your big guy was. I feel numb too. I ache too. I know what you are feeling and it seems like this anguish will never go away. If I have a few minutes of relief doing something that distracts me, it blindsides me minutes later with a rush of pain and my throat closing and tears welling up.

    I know we will both get past this in our own time. Each time I have lost a dog, and I’ve had them all my life, I’ve experienced this terrible feeling of loss- something I can’t seem to share with anyone. Friends and family offer their time and say they will do anything to help…what can they possibly do? I know they care about me and that is a good thing but this is such a private thing.

    Keep putting one foot in front of the other and I will too and eventually we will get through. In the meantime, know that you are not the only one who is feeling this way.

    I hope you’ll be gentle with yourself and sometimes it helps me to wrap my arms around myself for comfort. It might help you too.
    Sending warm and understaning thoughts you way.


  94. Priti Kumari says:

    My eyes are filled with tears…

    How I wish even dogs could have 100 or more long years to live.

    May your baby rest in peace.

    Prayers for your family.


    Priti Kumaru


  95. Priti Kumari says:

    My eyes are filled with tears…

    How I wish even dogs could have 100 or more long years to live.

    May your baby rest in peace.

    Prayers for your family.


    Priti Kumari


  96. Dear Minette and Chet,

    No words are enough. When I lost Sunny, my 13-year-old fox-red Labrador, I thought there was no reason for me not to go with her. She had helped me through so many losses,(my husband, my mother, and two of her furry siblings, all within one year). Suddenly, there was no soft ruff in which to bury my face and cry my heart out. There was no reason to go on without everyone I’d loved. She was my last link to my “old” life.

    I mourned for her for months until Val Hart told me that Sunny would come to me in my thoughts to let me know she was still with me. One night I dreamed that Sunny and I were in a field playing her favorite game. She would run one direction, and I would wave her in another. She ran with all the joy she’d brought me in her life. She was so happy, and finally I knew she would be waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge. Peace came into my heart for all my losses.

    Think of your beloved boys before you sleep. I pray he’ll come to each of you as Sunny came to me. Let your heart be open. I wish you the peace I’ve found.

    After three years without her, I’ve fallen in love again with my new puppy. There will never be another Sunny, but each dog has so much to share. My heart is open again to giving and receiving that unconditional love. Life goes on, and memories are forever.


  97. Jessica says:

    i, too, had to say goodbye to my constant companion of 15 years on friday, the 21st. for some reason, the last few months of her life we were more bonded than ever. i believe in both our hearts we knew that time was short. i was more patient with her and her stubborn ways, and she was more clingy to me. looking back i realize how much i had stopped doing socially because i knew i always needed to be home with her. my little old lady dog… i haven’t stopped crying, still not showing my face in public too much. but i am so happy that she didn’t suffer for more than a day. i didn’t prolong things to see what we could do to help her. i could see in her that she was done, that she was very uncomfortable and would not get better. after only one day, i let her go to heaven. the last thing she did was lick all the tears from my face as she passed from this world into the next. there will never be a day when she is not with me, and now she gets to run around all day, healthy as ever, with my other minpin, who went to heaven 5 years ago.

    i am so sorry for your loss, and my heart goes out to you and all those who have lost their furry friends who meant the world to them 🙂


  98. Mary says:

    So very sorry of your loss. My condolences and thoughts are with you. Words cannot express our deepest feelings on the loss of our beloved pet friends/family members. My sympathy goes out to you.


  99. Janice Ponson says:

    Minette I am so sorry for you loss. Losing a pet can be as heart-wrenching as losing a parent or a child. It has been 10 months since I lost my Adam. He was the most loving dog I have ever had. Everyone nicknamed him Loverboy because of the way he was around all of my female friends. He lived for 17 years before we had to put him down because of the seizures and tumors. I felt sooo incredibly guilty but after being consoled by my dear friend, I realized that it was best decision for him because he would not have to suffer anymore. It was so hard to see him trying to get up and not being able to lift himself. The other pet family members sensed something was wrong and began to grieve in their own way. Adam, is free from all pain now and I imagine him walking, running and playing in heaven now.


  100. Connie M says:

    Oh my! I am truly sorry for your loss. You brought back my own loss of my beloved “Rachel”, a Flat Coat Ret. mix. My daughter brought her home one day while I was out. She had tied her to our back deck. I was coming in the back way when I saw her, she was about 9 months old then. We have always had pets, but I swore I was through of them when our last beloved “Benny” died. I am also afraid of others dogs except my own unless I know them (a product of being bitten at a young age by a GS).So, I went through the front door, no one home, and found a note taped to the back patio doors introducing me to “Rachel” who was going to be sent to a shelter if her friend couldn’t find a home for her. She was his elder Aunt’s who had passed away dog and we would be her last chance. Of course, I am also a sap, and when I tentatively opened the door and spoke to her and she looked at me with those sad brown eyes, more afraid of me than I of her, and I reached out and stroked her head, that was the end of it. She was the best dog I ever had, and had the greatest temperment. She became overweight, mostly through my fault, allowing her to eat whatever, and became diabetic. I learned to give her her shots, completely change her eating habits accordingly and had another 4 years with her. The last 3 she was blind from the diabetes but that didn’t stop her. She lived to be about 14. Started to lose her back mobility due to nerve ending degeneration and was having more and more problems standing and staying up and the last 2 months started having seizures, even when on medication. She died on her way to the Vets office in my arms. I miss her greatly and for weeks would start my day getting ready to feed and give her shot, then stop myself, remembering she was gone. I wann’t sure I wanted to go through the pain again, but Life steps in and a year later, while visiting a large outdoor outlet center, I came across a Dog Adoption Day, decided to take a look and fell in love at first sight with my “Annie”. Yes, she looked a lot like Rachel, black, but a lab/retriever/hound mix, but out of all the dogs there, she was the one who caught my eye and attention. I believe tha my Rachel led me to her. Annie has a complete different temperment then Rachel, much more active and of course was a 3 1/2 month old puppy which has led to Dog Obedience lessons which are leading to my full enjoyment of this active little girl. I think of her as Rachel’s daughter, crazy I know, but that is how I feel. You know, I just don’t understand people who don’t own pets, I think not only are they missing out, there is something missing in them.


  101. paula says:

    So sorry for your loss I was told that my Luke had sarcoma in the beginning of May by the end of May he was gone he was 12 and had no symptoms other then slowing down which we thought was due to old age It was a shock to everyone because he was well loved in the neighborhood a dog that everyone said was one of a kind. 3 months later we rescued another dog because of this poem that I found A dogs last Will and Testament

    Before Humans die, they write their Last will and Testament give their home and all they have to those they leave behind. If with my paws, I could do the same, this is what I’d ask…

    To a poor and lonley stray I’d give

    My happy home
    My bowl & cozy bed,soft pillows, and all my toys
    The lap, which I loved so much
    The hand that stroked my fur& the sweet voice which spoke my name

    I’d will to the sad, scared shelter dog the place I had in my humans loving heart, of which there seemed no bounds.

    So, when I die, please donot say “I will never have another pet again, for the loss and pain is more than I can stand”

    Instead, go find an Unloved dog, one whose life has held no joy or hope and give My place to Him

    This is the only thing I can give… The love I left behind


  102. Tabitha says:

    I have been reading through the blogs and got to the point where you first lost your dog, I had many of the same system as you. Not wanting to get out of bed for nothing. Waiting for when it was actually betime even though staying in bed all did was no help. You can’t think, can’t move, can not function. I went through all this when my Baby Girl Sable passed. (Aussie) of 10 wonderful years. It has been a year last January. Actually today is 1 year and four months. I miss my girl so much. My hurt broke into a million pieced that night as I watched her take her last breathe while in my arms. I am very thankful that is was wuick and not due to medical issues. She was only suppose to be a rescue dog that I would train, and give away. I ended up giving her to mother earth. Even to this day I end up calling my other dogs by her name. I watched her grow in to a very confident and trusting young behaved girl. She was a shelter rescue at age 2 who had been beat who knows how many times. about 6 months after getting her I took her the races with me and someone said that it looked like the dog they gave away. They even said the name that she had at the shelter. It took all of my self control to not beat that person to a pulp. Her and I had connected like no other. So when she left me, which was on my bed where she slept being held in my arms being petted gently and talking to her softly. I knew it was time to giver her permission to let go. As soon as I told her to go home, she did. The hurt is still there as much as it was then. I know she is still with me as she has come back to me. At the time she was weak and I was strong. After her death my life changes dramatically for the worst. I am still trying to get a small part back. Now that she came back to me when I am weak she is strong. She is my now 8 month GSD. I am very thankfully for her every moment of everyday. I take many pictures of her. Sheba has helped to give me back part of my life. No matter what it will not be the sable that I am use to but that is ok. She is the strong one this time around.


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