Benefits Of Elevated Dog Bowls

Would you eat off the floor? Why should your dog….

With Whiner and Diner’s dog feeders you will provide your Pooch with a healthy and stylish dining experience. Whiner and Diner’s elevated dog feeders are hand-crafted out of authentic wooden wine crates from prestigious vineyards so you can feed your four-legged friends with Panache.

The healthy benefits of elevated dog feeders are highly acknowledged by veterinarians and other dog experts, and include the following:

Cleanliness and hygiene – Keeping the dog’s dining area clean is essential to a sanitary life.

Better posture – If a dog has a back or neck problems, a raised pet feeder will certainly help him/her to eat and drink more comfortably.

Swallowing easily – Imagine trying to swallow with your head down? Some dogs with mega-esophagus or other conditions find it very difficult to do so…

Cleanliness of dining area

Elevated dog dishes help keeping the food and water within the bowl, instead of on the floor. In order to facilitate swallowing, dogs tend to lift their heads after eating or drinking .As the dog raises his/ her head, the water that doesn’t get swallowed will spill onto the floor.

Our Black Labrador, Bird use to spill so much water on our kitchen floors3-quart-elevated-dog-feeder before his elevated feeder, that the joke around the house was that, in a way, we had the cleanest wooden floors in town since we had to wipe them off so often…But with his raised dog feeder, he does not need to lift his head so much, and the water simply drips back into the dish…No more wiping!

Health benefits

Elevated dog feeders reduce food and water gulping. This will prevent some rare, but serious conditions: bloat (or volvulus), and mega-esophagus, which is a condition when the food accumulates into the esophagus instead of descending to the stomach .This can lead to regurgitation and vomiting.

Again, with an elevated dog feeder, the dog’s head being more raised as he/ she eats, gravity will draw the food down into his/ her stomach.

Elevated dog bowls are also much more comfortable for older dogs with arthritis, have bad backs, or joint or muscular pain. For a dog with stiff or sore muscles or joints, bending down to eat can be uncomfortable or painful. An elevated dog dish will encourage him to eat more in a more comfortable manner.


If bending causes you discomfort, you won’t need to bend down to pick up empty or put down heavy full dog dishes: the stainless steel bowls are light enough to be removed for easy cleaning and filling.

Whiner and Diner’s pet feeders are outfitted with stainless steel pet bowls: stainless steel has been the material of choice for food processing, dairy and brewery industries. It is durable, sanitary, rust-free, and non-leaching. Such bowls will  last a lifetime.

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