Awesome Gifts That Will Make Your Life (And Your Pet’s Life) Easier

From birthdays to holidays, gifts that we give to our favorite pets are a ritual many of us embrace. It can be a great way to add a little fun and a little something different to a pet’s life. And the best gifts have an added benefit for pet owners, too.

Take health trackers: These are hot for humans as a way to keep track of physical health—and there are now trackers for pets, too. They can help you learn more about your animal, from activity to sleeping, and many of them are just a part of a pet’s collar, too.

Boredom is something that many pet owners worry about, because bored pets can be destructive pets. Some automated gadgets do a lot of the work for humans, including toys that cats can “hunt.” Other toys for dogs can keep them chasing a ball, even when your arm gets tired.

Want more tips about pet gifts to try? Check out this graphic.




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