Allan The CWD Retires At Last

Allan CMWD

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post as a tribute to Military Working Dogs that talked about the incredible sacrifice these dogs have made for our country.  We decided that we really wanted to pitch in and help a four legged hero find a forever home so we made a donation to the Military Working Dogs organization.  Debbie who runs the organization let me know that this could not have come at a better time as she had the perfect pooch she was currently helping. See her email below:

Hi Jason!

Well, your email took my breathe away! :-)

There are no words to express our sufficient gratitude to you all for your generous donation! Just this week, we will be paying to transport a retiring Working Dog to his Forever Home! I was stressing just a tad...and then I received your email!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I am attaching pics of 10 year old Explosive Detection Dog Alan, so you can see just who your are helping!! Thank you, too, for YOUR service to our nation!!

I cannot begin to thank you enough!

It is an honor and privilege to help these AMAZING LIFE-SAVING K9s! They are like MARINES... ALWAYS FAITHFUL! !

Warmest regards,


Allan's Retirement ;-)

I asked Debbie if she could send over some pictures and a little history on Allan so we could do a follow up article and she was gracious enough to do so. She also put me in touch with Allan's new family.  Allan is actually a Allan Military War DogCWD which only means that he's a contract dog.

He has all of the same duties and hazards of a MWD but he's like a private contractor. The military does not have enough of it's own dogs so the DOD contracts with private kennels to provide dogs to the military.

Allan is a 10yr old Shepherd and spent approximately 7-8 years in Afghanistan as a top explosive detection dog.  During his deployment he found numerous caches of explosives and saved many soldiers lives. I think we can all agree that Allan is a TRUE HERO!

Meet Allan's New Family!

Allan's new family (Kim & Mike) haven been wonderful and kept me updated with how Allan is transitioning into retirement.  They live out in the country and have a wonderful home for Allan to just relax and be a dog.  It didn't take him long to fall into retirement and fall in love with his new owners.  I think from her email below you can see why:

Alan is integrating so nicely.  He nuzzles into us for more and more love.  Instead of calling him CWD Alan- We call him CFM (Civilian Family Member).

He loves something that really surprised us- he loves chasing the four wheeler.  He is beside himself when you crank it up and he just absolutely loves it.

The love these dogs have to offer, like Alan, is amazing.  He snuggles and just loves us more than I can tell you.  And do we love him.  We talk to him and yes we thank him every single day for the service he gave for his country and we thank him for all the lives that he saved.  He is such an AMAZING and AWESOME part of our lives and I can’t imagine that we never had him.

So once again even with Memorial day over dont forget these hard working Heroes that help keep you and I safe. If you can Debbie is always in need of  a donation to help find more of these wonderful dogs forever homes or maybe you are a forever home for a MWD or CWD!

Take a moment below and say a big thanks to first and foremost Allan for all he's done for us but also to Kim and Mike for graciously taking Allan into their home and providing him the love and attention every dog hero deserves!

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  1. Michael & Kim says:

    Thank You for your service to our country and thank you so very much for remembering the K9 heros of the past and ongoing conflicts. Your donation not only gave CMD, (now CFM), Allen a forever home but, has also changed our lives forever. Allen is a true hero to us and has become a devoted family member. We have 3 sons in the Military, 2 Marines, 1 Navy. Kim looked into the adoption process after one of our sons, while in a firefight on the side of the road in Afghanistan, was being nudged and pulled on by a MWD. He tried to shoo the dog away to keep him from being hit when the MWD”s handler crawled close enough to our son to yell, “He is trying to tell you that there are explosives close to you”. Our son quickly moved to another place of cover. When the shooting stopped, sure enough, the explosives removal team found a buried IED not 2 to 4 feet from where he had been laying. The MWD saved our sons life. The only way for us to show our thanks was to give a CMWD, a FOREVER HOME.


    Jason Reply:

    A truly inspiring story! Thank you to your sons for their service! I know Allen has a great home with you guys and will bring you all kinds of joy!


    Minette Reply:

    You are as amazing as the dog that you saved!

    It is inspiring knowing there are good people out there still.

    Thank you for what you have done and your sons for serving our country!


    Barbara P Turner Reply:

    God bless that dog!
    RIP Daddy – Semper Fi – and literally thousands of other Plunketts and related family members, all branches.


  2. Michael & Kim says:

    Kim and I would like to thank, PAULA WATKINS, DVM & CHINQUAPIN ANIMAL HOSPITAL, for perfoming the neuter surgery on Alan. Dr Paula was the only Veterinarian in Greenwood, that understood Alan,s circumstances and that he needed special attention. After she read Alan’s Military records, and the reports that stated he had no love whatsoever for the Doctor, DVM Watkins knew excatly how to reduce Alan’s stress and made him feel very comfortable. Alan now has a permanent local Veterinarian that he trusts. We would also like to thank DVM Watkins staff. They are an amazing team of care givers who excatly what to do to make Aan and me very comfortable.
    DVM Watkins has a special place in her heart for our Military K9 Heros and we cant thank her, the staff & Chinquapin Animal Hospital enough for everything they did.


  3. Liz Bailey says:

    Kim & Mike, you have loads of what I call “gratitude attitude”, your K9 has served and will continue to serve in the most amazing and courageous way. The law of Karma has certainly worked for him and for you. I live in Turkey where people are generally scared of dogs, they manifest their fear in many ways, cruelty being the worst. In my own small way I try to show them that trust and respect is mutual, the dogs are hungry, flea ridden and in pain and respond well to support rather than a stick. I rescued a poor starving young dog , full of mange and collar embedded in neck only two weeks ago and now the dog is home with us, living in the now and doing great. Great joy to you all…….Liz


  4. Caren says:

    Just awesome! Thank you Alan for being in this world … and you’re so handsome!


  5. sam kendrick says:

    what a wonderful story, when i looked at this the first time Alan was a dead ringer for our 16 yr old departed, faithful to the end and and a devoted dog. a very protective dog of there handler and family, and all the service people would be her family. these animals do not get the recognition they deserve. they sacrifice their own lifes for those the protect without fear.

    the tears in my eyes are for those wonderful dogs.



  6. Beverly says:

    Michael and Kim,
    What wonderful work you do!Thank you.
    Allen deserves all the gratitude we can give him.
    I am so happy he found his forever home with you.
    I will tell my daughter about your service , they have a German Sheppard that would enjoy a canine buddy.
    Could you send me some details about how this kind of adoption works?

    Thank you,


    Kim Tyler Reply:


    Please go to
    You will find all the information on the adoption process.
    And let me tell you………..these dogs are amazing.
    Alan is just a bundle of love.


    Michael & Kim Reply:

    We learned of Debbie Kandoll and Allan, through the website
    Shuffle through the pages of her website and tell your daughter to fill out the adoption papers, they are printable from the website.
    Thank you all for the kind words. WE are the lucky ones. We cant imagine not having Allan in our life now.
    He will be pampered the rest of his life for the service he has given our country!!!


  7. Karen says:

    I work at a Veterans Hospital taking care of Active duty patients that need rehabilitation. I want to thank your Sons for their Service to our Country and for your caring for those K-9 Heroes, “Alan”
    They do have special needs after their tour of duty ends. I am so thankful for people like you that take that step to give them a loving home in retirement.

    Alan is one handsome DUDE!


  8. Shan and Ray says:

    Alan, you are truly an amazing dog. Everything an American hero should be…a loving, loyal, and beautiful being willing to put yourself in danger to save other soldiers. Thank you endlessly for your service, but now it is time for you to relax and enjoy just being a dog. Hug your wonderful Mom and Dad for us. Be happy, handsome boy.


    Laraine Reply:

    Shan, your reply says it all in so few words…a wonderful, loving, loyal, being, growing up without any love as such, but working as he was trained to do.. a true champion of the war.
    and yes, he deserves his happy retirement with 2 beautiful people, Michael and Kim. They will care for him as he goes thru his twilight years and thereafter.
    The story of the nudging because of explosives brought tears.
    Take care and happy days ahead to you all.


    Michael & Kim Reply:

    We cant hug him enough!!! Really, Allan is that hugable. If you are petting him and stop for something, he uses his muzzle to lift your hands back up and onto him.
    We just love him so much!!!!


  9. Gillian says:

    We also rescue Shepherd dogs, they are truly one of the worlds greatest dogs. we have had people tell us they were scared of GSD’s until they met our Freja, who has just passed the assessment to be a PAT therapy dog, and is a great ambassador for her breed. Hopefully she will make people realise that some of these great dogs give more back to humans than they ever ask. If we can help by putting a link on our website so folk can make any donation just get in touch. We have relatives in the military too so know from both sides what dogs offer to the boys and girls out in the field. Good luck and give Allan a hug from Freja-she thinks he is a very handsome boy….


  10. Helga Lavigne says:

    Where does one go to apply for an ex-MWD. I am interested to provide a forever home.


    Jason Reply:

    This is a great site full of info on adopting one:


    Michael & Kim Reply:

    Thank You Jason.
    OBTW, Kim has more pics.


  11. Sherylbe says:

    Thank you so much for what you’re doing for Allan. All my life i’ve been afraid of dogs. I prayed and ask God to help me not be afraid. Now I have a puppy(chow)whom I love & adore. She has become my “baby.” I’m asking God to help me to continue loving her and not be afraid of her even when she gets to be her normal size. Thanks again Kim & Micahel, he’s a beautiful animal





  13. carla brown says:

    Michael and Kim,

    God bless you for taking in one of your country’s highest ranking K9’s.
    I am not surprised that he had no problem falling into retirement – heck, if I had a place like yours to just enjoy my last few years – i’d enjoy it too.

    I hear about these wonderful adoptions happening in the States but never in Canada (from which I live) and that’s a pity but not surprising.

    Allan is finally home. Enjoy him.


  14. Kelsie says:

    Wow! Dogs are wonderful creatures! If only they could all be given a loving home… 🙁 That is a lovely story! (How ironic would it be if Allan was the dog that saved your son!)

    Best of luck to all the War Dogs…


  15. Karen says:

    Hi, Allen!

    Hey, big guy, nobody deserves a happy retirement home more than you and all of the brave and brilliant furry soldiers just like you. We are so proud of you. God bless, Karen


  16. Fran and Lloyd says:

    What a way to improve one’s karma! Just think if everyone did likewise.
    What a great world we’d have. Keep up your super efforts. Givers always gain.


  17. Carolyn Rogers says:

    I loved reading about Allan and what a brave dog he is. I pray for our troops and our war dogs every night. Thanks for what you are doing.


  18. Charlotte Hines says:

    Thank you so much for the service that these inspiring dogs have done. What a blessing to have wonderful people take the animals into their home and give them the love that they are so deserving of. I am filled with admiration for the dogs and the people who adopt them.


  19. Elissa Wilson, RVT, CPDT-KA says:

    Michael & Kim,

    You both did an amazing job in raising your sons. You and they deserve a great big THANK YOU!!!!!!! from all of us for their service in the military. Allan also sounds like an amazing & wonderful dog. He did a great job keeping our troups safe & deserves a wonderful forever home for his remaining years (and may there be many, many of them). Again THANK YOU & wishing all of you the very best.


  20. Gail Bogart says:

    These dogs are such a blessing for our troops and have saved
    so many of them with their selfless demeanor. I wish I was young
    again I would gladly give one a home. I have owned a wonderful
    shepherd dog who would have gladly given her life for our children.
    They are great with the proper love given to them.


  21. William Carney says:

    German Shepherd dogs are such faithful, loyal and loving animals and Allen is no exception to that for sure. But I have never seen a service shepherd with a bobbed tail, can you tell us how and why this happened?


    Michael & Kim Reply:

    For the 8 years Allan was in Afghanistan, from what we have read on his vet reports from Kanihar, he developed “crate syndrome”. I guess they are moved around so much in crates that they begin chewing their tail. His had to be removed after one such incident.


  22. Martin says:

    WOW! You guys are my hero’s! All working dogs deserve a warm loving home with food and friends! As soon as i have a better place i would also love to help give a forever home to as many of the furry troops as possible! Great job and Best Wishes forever and ever!


  23. kim says:

    I have 3 large dogs(2 which we saved from being unnecessarily put down) & 3 cats that were abandoned. Dogs (pets) play many roles which richly enhance our lives and save lives. My life would be much less without my pets. Great honors given to those dogs who have served and to the people who kindly take them in and care for them; giving them the love and life they deserve.I’m kind of a sucker for taking dogs in, so I’d like to donate to any animal humane organizations as I’d have a tough time taking on another pet now.


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