My Best Advice For New Dog Owners

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I love being a dog trainer, I really do.

I also love being a veterinary technician.

I guess I really enjoy working with animals in all kinds of facets.

But being a writer allows me to get my mental juices flowing and share my knowledge with other people.

It truly is a gift to be able to help people and do it for free.

Recently I was emailed by one of our readers who said our blog has been instrumental with helping to train her puppy. It seems she also has a pulpit for doggy customers and followers. And she asked me a very simple question.

“My question is, what’s the most crucial piece of advice you can give to new dog parents?”

And, I thought this is a great question!

It made me think of all of the commands I think are important; the come command being the most important, in my opinion.

Puppy CWC

It made me think of potty training, because I think the majority of dogs especially small dogs relinquished to shelters and euthanized have potty training issues.

And, I also thought about social skills and how important it is to effectively and intelligently socialize your dog.

But, honestly all of that is good and important, but in my opinion is not the most crucial advice.

So I had to answer this questions in two parts.

The first

All relationships take time.

If you don’t take the time to spend with your dog teaching him and working with him you won’t have a well behaved dog.

It’s simple, your dog will not raise himself right on his own with no structure and time from you.

And along that same vein…

Dogs do not come pre-programmed!

He won’t come to you knowing not to jump up, not to steal food, not to chew your things and how to walk well on leash (unless he has been trained previously).

If you want your puppy to know something…TEACH HIM!

If he has a behavior problem, fix it soon before it becomes habit!

The effort you put in will be well worth it in the end!


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