Adopt Instead of Shop On National Puppy Day!

National Puppy Day is coming up on March 23rd, and their motto is “Adopt instead of shop!” Since everybody loves puppies, and since it is National Puppy Day, there is no better day to bring home your new four-legged friend.
But before you run out and take this first step, a few things must be considered first.

Adopt Instead of Shop

There is a reason for that motto, and it’s because shelters are filled with rescue puppies. That means going to your local shelter and giving a forever home to a puppy there. Not only will you be helping out the shelter by making more room, but you will also be giving the gift of a forever home to a very deserving little pup. It’s a win-win situation, and the biggest reason there is to adopt instead of shop!

Growing Room

You need your space, and so does a puppy. This is especially true if it grows into a large dog. Sure, a little pupper will fit almost anywhere, but you need to think of how it fits in a year or two. Bigger dogs need bigger space, and your pup won’t always stay small, so make sure you have the room for the size breed your puppy will grow up to be.

Let’s Get Physical

Every puppy needs plenty of exercise, and that includes walks and play time. For overall development and muscle growth, they need to get out and about. Putting them out on a leash every day isn’t the answer. You must make a commitment to getting your pup out on walks and runs, for a healthy and happy BFF.

The Puppy Budget

Every puppy needs a monthly budget, and although you may only think of food and water when it comes to expenditures, it goes a bit deeper than that. For instance, your new buddy is going to need monetary expenditures like vet visits, regular worming, toys, grooming and clipping, and other expenses that you may not even consider. Add the cost of food into that, and they eat more as they get bigger, and on average, the monthly cost for your pup might be somewhere around $200 to $300 dollars per month. So the bottom line here is to make sure you can afford a puppy before you bring one home.

Open Your Heart

National Puppy Day is almost here, and in celebration, open your heart, make sure you can give everything a puppy needs, and adopt instead of shop.

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