7 Things to do With Your Dog on Mother’s Day

Puppy With FlowerMother's Day is just a few days away and while it is a day that we traditionally celebrate with our sons and daughters many people now also celebrate it with their 4 legged furry children.

I mean why shouldn't we celebrate it with our pooches? We often refer to them as our fur-babies anyway, and they certainly are members of our family.

We feed them, we groom them, we take them for their annual checkups, we stay up late with them if they are not feeling well, and we clean up their poop.

We talk to them, we kiss them, we exercise them, we buy them the very best of everything.

We are often referred to as their Mom.

We Are Dog Moms and Dog Moms Should
Also be Celebrated on Mother's Day.

So if you are planning to spend this day with your fur-babies, but aren't quite sure what to do,  here are a suggestions that may make your Mother's Day one to remember:

1. Take a walk together. Pick your favorite dog walking area and get walking!

2. Have a picnic with your dog. Pack a nice lunch for you and pick up some extra special treats for your dog at a local dog bakery, or even better yet, bake them yourself!

Puppies On A Picnic

3. Buy yourself that dog t-shirt that you have had your eye on for the past few months and then show it off on your walk.  You deserve it!

4. Watch a movie with your dog. What can be better than curling up on the couch with your best friend?

5. Pick some flowers! Many areas have local dog friendly farmer markets. Take your dog and pick out a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Dog With Lady and Flowers

6. Go to dinner. Find a local dog friendly restaurant and share a fabulous dinner with your fur-baby!

7. Go to the spa! Take your dog to your favorite groomers and then head off to the spa and get pampered! After your done you and your dog can hit the town together!

Dog At SPa

I personally know that my dogs have bought me a t-shirt that I have been eying, and are planning a very nice cookout in my honor. How about you? Do you have any plans with your dog on Mother's Day or do they have plans for you?


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