5 Unique Ways to Pick a Name for Your Pet….and How I Named My Dogs

Choosing a name for a dog is harder than
choosing a name for your child.

When I picked out the name of my first child it was easy, he was to be named after his father. There was no thinking involved in it. When I named my second child I put a few days into the naming process. There was only one name that would be perfect for her. If she didn’t like it she could change after she turned 18.

Choosing a name for my dogs is a totally different story.  Here’s how I did it and a couple more ideas that might give you some inspiration!

I can’t tell you how many times I would lie in bed at night and go through the alphabet trying to pick out a name.  Let’s see……. A could be for Albert. B could be Buddy, C could be Carl, and so and so on. I spent months doing this for my first dog, which finally came to be named Sherman.

Meet Sherman!

My second dog wasn’t named until after we got him and as soon as he stepped in my house I knew his name had to be Leroy because he was BAD, the baddest dog in whole dang house.

Introducing Mr. Badd to The Bone Leroy!


As far as my third dog goes, well my husband was in charge of that name.

He doesn’t have as hard of a time naming dogs as I do. His dog, which I bought for him as a birthday gift when we first started dating, is named….are you ready for this? Plunger.

And Then There’s Plunger…..


My husband is a plumber. This was his first dog. He had full naming rights and he named his dog Plunger. He named his dog after something that he uses to unclog toilets with and I have to call this name a hundred times a day. Not exactly the name I would have picked, but you have to admit that it is unique.

I may not have used the most conventional ways to pick out a name for my dogs but I wouldn’t change their names for the world.

Below are some suggestions that you may find helpful when trying to pick out that perfect name for your pet.

  1. Television. Instead of using a name book, why not research your favorite T.V. shows? Brian, Astro, Repo, Meaty, and Hooch are just a few names I can think of off the top of my head.
  2.  Appearance. Take a good look at your pet’s features. Do they have short legs? Stubbs could be a great name for a dog with short legs.
  3. Personality.  Wait until your pet is in your home, which is when his real personality will appear.  Are they a little Angel or a more like Satan?
  4. Survey your house. See if you have any items in your home that you can name your dog after.  Say maybe your vacuum cleaner, Dyson or Kirby. Maybe the spices in your spice cabinet, Cinnamon, Sage, maybe even Clover.
  5. Play favorites.   Do you have a favorite sport, like tennis? Then how about the name Wilson? What about a favorite snack like Melba, or Oreo?

So tell me, how did you pick out your pets name?


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  1. Evelyn says:

    My first dog, a collie, was named Kishka. I had a friend whose daughter’s name was Kishka and I thought it sounded like a better name for a dog then a kid!


  2. Leslie says:

    I just rescued a 5 y.o. Doxie from a puppy mill.
    I love Michigan State University and their Football and Basketball teams.
    My daughter went there and my son is a freshman now.
    My son knew Branden Dawson was my favorite basketball player this year so, he suggested Dawson for my new boy.
    The name fits him perfectly!!!!


  3. Kelly says:

    My first dog’s name was Meghan. I just always liked the name, but knew I would never choose it for my children. My second dog’s name is Hannah. If I had a third daughter, that would have been her name. My third dog’s name is Walter. He is and English Mastiff, and he just looks like a Walter. I also let my family pick his name, since I didn’t let them have any choice in the first two dogs I named. They thought they did with Hannah, but I was just humoring them!


  4. Heather says:

    I had no idea what to call my first dog (a mut from the rescue centre) so he was named defor (d for dog). My secvond dog was an akita cross – a real chunky male – so we named him Sumo. My neighbour called his alsation HOSS – (head of site security)!


  5. Bobbie & Cocoa Puff says:

    Easy peasy. Cocoa Puff is a chocolate lab and I am cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. :o}


  6. Kolchak is named after the lead character in an old Darren McGavin tv show about a reporter that was always meeting vampires, werewolves and the like. It’s an old favourite and anytime someone recognizes the reference we automatically know they are kindred spirits.


  7. Jan says:

    We named our dog Scout after the character in “To Kill A Mockingbird”, a favourite of ours. We have 8 nieces, all with nicknames. If we were to have another, she would have been Scout, but alas, my siblings shall have no more!


  8. Ashlyn says:

    I named my Catahoula/Chihuahua mix Sprocket after the dog on the old muppet show, Fraggle Rock!


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