5 Silly Comments I Get When Walking The Dogs

I walk my dogs everyday, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Except when it’s hot, and when it’s raining. My dogs don’t mind the rain, but I tend to melt in the rain.

So I walk my dogs a lot and when I am walking my dogs a lot I get a lot of questions and statements made about them.

People are curious about them and that is fine.

However, sometimes when you hear the same thing a million times your mind starts to play tricks on you, and in attempt to stay sane you need to get a little silly.

Or at least I need to get a little silly. Silly is what keeps me going. Silly is good.

Sometime I display my silliness to the general public, but sometimes I need to keep my silliness to myself.

Take these situations for example, these are times when I keep my silliness to myself,  although I have been known to make a slip here and there.

Take these situations for example, these are times when I keep my silliness to myself,  although I have been known to make a slip here and there.

1. Silly person: Who’s walking who? (usually followed by a laugh.)

Silly me-Huh? The last time I checked they were walking right next to me.

2. Silly person:  Are those bears you are walking there?

Silly me-Yup. I am walking 2 bears on a leash, down a main street. Isn’t that so cool?

3. Silly person: They must eat you out of the house.

Silly me-Yes, they ate my whole house and now I live in a cardboard box, until they decide to eat that too, which will be any day now.

4. Silly person: They should be wearing one of those barrels around their neck.

Silly me-This is a Newfoundland, not a St. Bernard.  Oh….. we don’t carry brandy in a barrel anymore we carry the brandy in a thermos in our backpacks, it lasts a lot longer that way.
5. Silly person: My wife’s sisters husbands uncle once had  one of these.

I get this all the time. Everybody’s wife’s sisters husbands uncle has owned a Newf, which is very surprising to me.

Me-Oh, did your wife’s sisters husbands uncle have a brown Newf?

Silly Person: No. It was a light golden color.

Me-So your wife’s sisters husbands uncle had a Golden Retriever?

Silly person: Yeah…..that’s what it was, but it was bigger than your dogs.

Me-Oh boy! I have never seen a Golden that big before, it must one of a kind!

So tell me, do you get any silliness when you are out for a walk with your dog?

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  1. Shalene says:

    When walking my Great Dane I always get the typical, “Thats not a dog, its a horse”, “Well you should just slap a saddle on that thing”, and of course the astonished “Shes still a puppy?!” when I calmly mention that she is only a year or so old and of course when I mention that she is ‘small’ for a Great Dane “SMALL?! Have you seen her!?”.


    Jennifer Reply:

    I get that one too!

    Thanks for sharing Shalene! I bet you’ll have many more years of people making those statements!


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