15 ‘Good Life’ Lessons I’ve Taught My Humans

Hi, I’m Cyrus, an 8-year-old American Bulldog. I usually just tell people I’m a dog, though.

Over the years, I’ve noticed my simplified approach to life makes my humans really happy. They’re always saying stuff like “what a good life you have, Cyrus.” I figure I must be doing something right.

So I’ve come up with 15 “good life” tips I’d like to share with you. Hope you like them!


Dog In Cape

  1. Always be ready for adventure: My humans are outdoorsy, where all the good smells are. I get really excited when I know we’re gearing up for something fun outdoors. I’m always ready for adventure, day or night!Patient Dog
  2. Be patient: I can be very patient. I know this one trick where my human says “leave it!” I’m not supposed to take the treat. And I never do! Even though it’s kind of annoying. Why can’t I just have the treat.Dog With Sun Glasses
  3. Enjoy the sun: But not too much, I’m told. Humans call it “tanning.” I call it “staying warm.” What? I have short hair!Dog Laughing
  4. Laugh more: My humans are always laughing at me. I don’t really know why, but hey, if they’re happy, I’m happy. What’s so funny about catching a bug and keeping it alive to play with? Or only coming to the kitchen when I hear a package of cheese being opened?Happy Dog
  5. Life is short, enjoy it: You humans always have something to say about this one. Have you ever stopped to think how short life is for us dogs?! We have to pack all that action into a few good years! Which might explain why we’re so happy most of the time.Dog Running
  6. Exercise often: Humans should be more like dogs when it comes to needing a lot of exercise. Some humans I know are so lazy! Sitting around watching the big glowing screen is only fun for a little awhile. Let’s go for a run!Dog Asleep
  7. Take naps: Why do humans call it catnaps? Us dogs nap too, you know! I’m refreshed and ready for a long walk after a good nap. Sometimes I feel like life can’t get any better when I combine No. 3 with No. 7!Dog With Head Out Window 
  8. Stick your head out the car window: The point of life is to have fun! I have a ton of fun sticking my head out the car window, as it’s one of my favorite things to do! You might look silly sticking your human head out the car window, but I guarantee you’ll have fun.Dog With Toilet Paper
  9.  Make games out of nothing: Sometimes I don’t even know why my humans buy me toys from the dog store. I can make a game out of anything. Sticks, snow—you name it. Try it when you’re bored!Dog & Baby
  10.  Cuddle more often: I hate to admit this because I’m supposed to be a tough guy, but I turn into a big crybaby if nobody cuddles with me. I love cuddling. Please don’t tell anyone!Mean Kitty
  11.  Be afraid of cats: I’m terrified of cats. You try getting a cat paw to the nose and then tell me they aren’t scary! Cats are not to be trusted. Dog Tail Waggin
  12.  Bark less, wag more: I know, I know, you humans don’t have a tail like I do. But if you did, you would know wagging your tail means you’re really happy! The next time you feel like barking, just pretend to wag your tail. I promise it will help.Dog With Rose
  13. Smell the roses: Actually, smell everything. OK, maybe not everything. That’s what I do. You humans think some things smell bad, when really they smell great! You should smell more good human stuff, though. Like roses.Dog In Bed
  14. Always demand a comfortable bed: Some humans seem to think it’s OK for dogs to sleep on the hard floor. I’ve taught my humans otherwise! I demand nothing but the best when it comes to my bed. I whined and whined about my first bed because it was so uncomfortable. My humans finally gave in and bought me a really nice bed!Dog With Steak
  15.  Eat only one kind of food, your entire life: Just joking! This is not something I would recommend. It gets so boring! Especially when you humans sit there eating steak or bacon. Oh man, I could eat a lot of bacon!
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  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Chet.
    That is very good and so true.
    I enjoy reading your blog’s. I should tell you something about myself.
    I am 72 have been training dog’s for about 40 years.Competition Obediance and Tracking.Two year’s ago I started training with our small Small Schutzhund club in Hastings New zealand.I have had 7 German Shepherds currently training 2 at the moment.
    I was looking through the internet One wet day when Icame across your website and had a look,I saw you were using cheese I thought that was interesting because I was useing cheese 30 years ago.You said in one of your blog’s you go to all the semminars you can because you will always pick up atraining tip of some kind,How true that is because in Dog Training you never stop learning.
    Keep up the good work.
    Anthony Bewley


  2. Hans says:

    Very nice,and i hope a lot of people take notice…it would make my work a lot more easy…:-))

    By the way?…why is my last reaction not posted?

    Have a nice day,



  3. Sandra Shunmugam says:

    Great stuff! Dogs are the best! Where else can we get all that unconditional love!


  4. Shatzi Lee says:

    I love my dog. This is so so perfect. I learn so much from my dog, I appreciate the time and effort that went into this piece and the generosity of sharing it with others. So thank you.


  5. Ann Probst says:

    brought such a great smile today and that’s what I really need
    thank you
    my 8 yr old, in December had a run in with the mailman, we will never be the same but this 6mos old black and tan is the new joy chews walls, feet , my 3 yr old cavalier’s toys, is always ready for walks and is so exhausted that when I put him in his crate at night he doesn’t wake up. Me either!!!
    thanks again for cheering me this AM and God Bless You


  6. Dawn Hoback says:

    My puppy, Phoebe, absolutely loves her cat brother named Ozzy. They chase each other, roll and tumble, snuggle on the couch…pull the cat by the tail, you name it, they do it. I know it’s unusual. I have two other cats that want no part of playing with Phoebe, although she tries once in a while. Phoebe gets as excited to see Ozzy as she does me.
    Other that number 11, it’s all true,

    I have great pictures and video of the odd couple!


  7. Tina says:



    Jan Reply:

    Seriously? What happens when you have an accident? My little dog is always tethered into a raised dog seat so she is safe and can see out of the window. Once, I was just very slowly backing out of a parking space with poor vision available caused by larger vehicles. A car raced behind me and I slammed on the breaks. I’m talking no more than 5 mph… My tiny dog landed on the back seat since she had the strap attached to her harness. Who knows what she would have hit in the car otherwise and how much it would have hurt her! Please keep both your small and large dogs safe in your vehicle!!


    Tina Reply:


    I am glad your pup was safe! I am sure the safety of all our pets is very important to all of us. This blog post was just a reminder to everyone the we can learn a lot from our dogs! They have this whole “living” thing down pat. Wag more, Bark less I say~


  8. linda warner says:

    Just love this. I am getting my 8 week boxer puppy on april 4th. Am so looking forward to having her. Can’t get enough of anything having to do with dogs. Thanks!


  9. John says:

    People who don’t have dogs don’t understand that this is part of the reason we have dogs.
    Dogs are companions who teach us (or at least remind us) what truly matters in life.


  10. ambrish kant says:

    dear chet,
    very glad to read ur tips.
    my 18 months Terri (Lab) responds amazingly well by returning back fast to reach me from even a distance of more than 100 ft among thick bushes when i raise my voice saying “take it”. She will rush , sit & watch for her treat And that she gets it just on arrival, keeps wagging her tail swiftly, then roaming around me & waiting for my command “go to home”then she goes to home but wanders for smell every left right waysides , in deep pot holes & trees/plants roots.
    ,Its an unmatched company & another lovable world
    ambrish from India


  11. Harriet says:

    This was both informative and fun to read. My pets LOVE their comfy beds and have certain expectations and give me more than I could ever give them. A home without pets is pretty empty .. Don’t know what I’d do without Mr. Hobz, my yorkie-cairn terrier mix. He’s there to meet me with a “happy face” every night when I come home from work!


  12. Wendy Dek says:

    I love these 🙂 Do you mind if I share them with some of my clients?


    Chet Womach Reply:

    Go for it Wendy, glad you liked them 🙂


    Lois Reply:

    Share this! I have 3 Labs. (Brown black and yellow) I buy those jerky treats for dogs. If I give each one a treat it is gone in 5 seconds…I do something better! I tell them, “Ok it’s time to go hide your eyes in the garage.” They rush to the garage (because they know it is game time!). I take each treat and cut it length wise in half then I cut it into about 1/2 inch pieces. I put all of them into a bowl and go around the house hiding them. They are easy to hide on base boards, toilet seats, door knobs, hinges, under the edge of a rug. (you get the idea) then I let them into the house and say, “Find it!” they spend the next half hour searching all over the house for hidden treats! It’s almost like a competition for them. I even hide them outside. At first they wanted to use their site. Soon they discovered their noses are much better to trust! After they are confident they are all done they come to me like, ” Okay see if we missed any?” I then go around and search with them in tow. If I see one they missed I have cues I give them to find it. When they are close I say, “Yeah!(in a high pitch)” when they start to drift away from it I say, “No (in a very low pitch)! Believe it or not I can guide them all over a room or a field by the pitch I use! I can point my arm in a direction and they run to discover what I am pointing at! And to them it’s all about a game of discovery! Have some cheap Fun! pet Lover Lois


    Minette Reply:

    I too love this game but be careful, there has been a recall on many of those jerky treats http://www.petmd.com/blogs/fullyvetted/2012/mar/chicken_jerky_update?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=20120326&utm_campaign=FullyVetted-chicken-jerky-update#.T3spnzH2aSp

    I would recommend making your own!!


  13. Lin says:

    Hi Chet,
    All the way from Cape Town South Africa, after a hard day this put a huge smile on my “chops”


    John Reply:

    Hi Lin
    Nice to know that true dog lovers are universal.
    JOHN & Ro. George S.A.


  14. Linda K says:

    I thought it was a bad idea to let your pet stick their head out of the window. . . first is the safety issue as my dog is in a carrier (she’s little) but second is doesn’t this dry out their eyes & the issue of something flying in them? Everything else is cute & logical.


    Minette Reply:

    Yes! You are right! Safer to have their little heads inside!


  15. Minette says:

    A lot of dogs would rather lay on the cool floor of their crate! My dog prefers her crate bottom to pillows or a bed, because she has fur and gets too hot!

    Sometimes I use a very heavy duty think paint drop cloth as a blanket because they are harder to shred, but it is still possible so keep an eye out if you use one!

    It is better to use nothing and be safe than to risk them needing surgery because they are destructive in their crates! Most dogs do eventually grow out of that phase!


  16. Caren says:

    Hey Cyrus the bulldog! You are so right in everything, how true all of it is … my dog would have said the same things. Reading this was a most wonderful treat. Only real dog lovers and those that are really close to their doggies will understand all of these ‘good (best) life’ lessons. Thanks for this post!


  17. Juiehalee says:

    Is it really safe for your dog to stick your head out the wiwndow, and fluffy beds, humph. I do not know. I think the pics and sayings were cute, but not exactly logical.


  18. Jane Bennett says:

    My dog Coco is a French rescue dog we, live in South West France, she is a hooligan jumps up people is loathe to come when called but, a complete teddy bear given a cuddle on the settee, we all need love!!


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