10 Strangest Things Eaten By Dogs

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Dogs couldn’t have been bred to be a better “best friend” for man. After all they smell funny, they like to touch their nether regions, they hump like jackrabbits and they’ll eat almost anything. Since the first three traits would be inappropriate to show with pictures, we settled on digging up 10 bizarre pictures showing just how ravenous canine appetite can be…Also through the use of proper dog training things like this can be avoided!

1. Dog Eats Dog


Alfie took the saying “it’s a dog eat dog world” a little too seriously. The plastic figurine made him sick as a dog, forcing his owners to take him to the vet. One X-Ray and two hours of surgery later, Alfie made a full recovery after just barely avoiding doggie heaven.


2. A thong


Taffy, a Springer spaniel from Stafforshire , is a bit of a pervert. When he’s not busy eating socks (which may have roots in some obscure foot fetish) he has a thing for eating the thongs of his owner. The owners, in an effort to save face, say they are actually their “three year old son’s pants”. Right.

3. Engagment Ring


My Dog Ate What? Episode 101: Glass, Glue and Rocks NGC US Episode Code 5318Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and, apparently, a bitch’s favorite snack. Dierdre Murphy Lofft was beside herself when her yellow gold engagement ring went missing… and she started to suspect Luciano (her pet Rottweiler). The X-Ray above tells the story.



4. Spoon

boggie xray cu.jpg

American children are born with silver spoons in their mouth. This 2-year-old Saint Bernard must’ve been hungry when at birth, eating the spoon along with his medicine.

5. Electric Knife

electric knife

After eating an electric knife blade, this dog should be recruited to the circus. Personally, I would pay good money to see a repeat. The kicker: the dog did no harm to himself and surgeons removed the blade without issue.


6. Another Dog Eats $750


Countless mounds of feces and pools of vomit later, and Pepper’s owners were able to collect $647 of the $750 the dog ate (pictured above). A quick run to the bank got them new bills, although one would imagine the bank teller wasn’t the happiest camper. Oh, and Pepper was just fine after nature finished running its course. I’m also sure that after they got it back they quickly spent some of it on puppy training classes!


7. Dog Eats 10 Pies from Pie Eating Contents

pie eating dog

Like father like dog – a bichon fries named Charlie put away 20 pies and “damaged” 10 others which were sitting in the fridge of Dave Williams. Dave was the 1995 World Pie Eating Championship, and the pies were slated an upcoming championship. As if the story could get any more bizarre, Charlie was then entered into the match by his owner. And, yes, this is a true story.

8. 9 golf balls


Story: Bertie, a dog owned by Mark and Michelle Jewell, eats 9 golf balls over the course of her walks around Essex. Her stomach is so close to rupture, a vet has to put Bertie under the knife to remove them. Moral: don’t walk your dog around the golf course.


10. 12 Fishing Hooks

12 fishing hooks

Toby, a canine version of Danny Ocean (or maybe Ethan Hunt), was not deterred by the 6 foot ledge his owner hid the fish food on. He wanted the bait, unawares of the hooks inside of them. After what was surely a mission of stealth and daring, Toby managed to reach the bait and break open the container with his bare paws. This X-Ray shows the 12 hooks in his stomach, before they passed harmlessly out the southern tunnel.


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  2. Annie says:

    I’m doing research for a novel, and was wondering if anyone knows: what would happen if a german shepherd ate a whole box of cheez-its? Including part of the box. Would she throw it up, or be ok? (This is an adult, 6 year-old dog.) Thanks!


  3. Elsje - South Africa says:

    I suspect that my 9 month staffy puppy has eaten my diamond engagement ring. Now, my question is, how long can it take to pass, as I checked her stool for about two weeks but didnt see anything come out. Could it still be stuck?


  4. Lynn says:

    I had a golden who ate anything and everything. This was prior to crates that would keep a dog safe. His laundry list was
    ‘rubber door stop
    ‘all the balls off my rick rack on my bed spread.
    ‘my mattress pad elastic (first fifteen minutes home from the breeder)
    ‘molding off wall all 10 feet
    ‘wooden clog, tacks and all size 7
    ‘rubber ball all 12 inches (hollow inside)
    ‘tin foil (his poop came wrapped No lie)
    ’20 inches of fishing line. Imagine watching his poop follow him around the yard, I had to intervene on this one.
    ‘linoleum flooring a 14 inch round hole
    ‘carpet in front of the door.
    ‘100 year old corner to a cedar chest (this was the last straw!)

    After all this I had to find a crate, it was getting expensive. He never required any surgery he just passed it all!!!


  5. maria says:

    funny it seems most of the dogs here re related to my babies I have a gsd that like to chew up beer cans and is joined by my daughters baby bully they also like to snack on my chihuahuas poop fresh , i mean real fresh it doesnt even hit the ground , funny cuz my GSD didnt do this until we got the bully and she started doing this (any opinions) and on occasion i think my GSD tries to eat my chihuahua ,(ive seen my chis head in my GSDs mouth) but my chi doesnt appreciate the bad breath and its on.. and of course the usual all of my brats love the trash, eat any bug that moves and love shoes. but i love them and they are no longer allowed to be in the house or not crated when no one is home.


  6. Diane Fortier says:

    I thought I had seen it all !!!! wood , stones, chokers … But all this ?
    In credible ! I never leave stuff hanging around . I am happy it never happened to my dogs !!! Just one Louvka ate a bit of wood from a branch and pierced her saliva gland in the back of her throat. That was not too bad . * But like children you always have to keep an eye on them , specially when taking walk or visiting out of you own yard.

    Thank you for this info !!! Diane Sionna Fortier & the Pack


  7. Hochstuhl says:

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  8. Melissa Mission says:

    I know I dog sit and he eats everything & anything that he can find. Paper,gum,tampons,medicine, luckily enough I grab it before he can sometimes eat all of it. I just have to make sure I’m watching him very closely and all of the trash cans are on the counter tops where he can’t get them if I leave the room. He also has a condition where hes not getting any nutrients out of his food and has a disorder where it doesn’t matter what he eats it’s not doing anything for him, so he’s constantly hungry.Hes a little better since on medication. However, most dogs will eat the craziest things. Dogs love to eat snow, and occasionally they will try to eat their own poop.


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