10 Things To Do With Your Dog This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is the official  start to the summer and what better way to  welcome it in than with your dog!

So if your looking for things to do over this extra long long holiday weekend here’s a short list that your dog is sure to love!

1. Leash your dog up and take him along to your local holiday parade.

2. Grab your picnic basket and head out to your favorite spot under a tree and relax!

3. Take the plunge! If your dog likes to swim, let him do a few laps at the lake!

4. Go fishing! Who doesn’t like to fish with their dog?!

5. Visit your local ballpark with your dog. After all, it’s America’s favorite pastime and there is bound to be a Memorial Day Baseball tournament nearby. (I know that is where I will be for most of the weekend.)

Dog With Baseball Bat

6. If you have a veteran’s cemetery nearby, and they permit dogs on the grounds, take a stroll there with your dog.

Plan on staying home and not enduring the holiday crowds? There’s plenty for you to do there too!

1. If weather permits, fill up a kiddie pool and let your dog chill out.

2. Play fetch! Grab a Frisbee, a tennis ball, whatever, just get out there and throw something!

3. Chill and grill. Who doesn’t like a good old barbecue!

Dog Watching Barbaque

4. Take a walk! Just make sure your dog is wearing their Memorial Day best!

Pug Wearing Patriotic Stuff

I already told you my plans, now tell me yours for this holiday day weekend.

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