Raising Puppies

Raising puppies is a full time job. A job filled with joy and laughter to be sure but still a full time job. Puppies are little balls of energy and this energy, if not properly focused, can cause a whole lot of trouble, not to mention damage to your home. If you’re raising puppies, you’ll want to follow these guidelines to ensure your puppies grow into happy, healthy and well trained adult dogs.

Raising puppies well requires a structured environment. Puppies need structure and will look to theirRaising Puppies Image humans to provide it. To provide structure and consistency you’ll want to determine the rules of the home in advance. For example, are they allowed to get onto the couch?  Are your puppies allowed to go upstairs?

You’ll also want to create a schedule including what time they eat each day, when they go to sleep, when they go for walks and so on. You may also want to schedule your training and play sessions so they know what to expect. This will ensure they learn and perform better.

One of the most important puppy training tips I can give you is that raising puppies also requires consistency. Consistency comes from not only following the schedule you create but also not breaking your own rules. If you allow them on the couch once and your rule is to stay off the couch, your puppies are going to be confused. This confusion can breed fear and/or aggression in some dogs and in others it may teach them that you don’t really mean what you say. That’s certainly not something you want to instill in your puppies because they’ll use it against you and it can be dangerous for them.

Jar of Dog TreatsRaising puppies requires lots of praise and treats. Puppies thrive on positive reinforcement. When they do something right, when they perform a behavior or a trick you’ve asked them to perform be ready with a “Good boy!” and a food treat. It works so much better than punishing them for doing something wrong as a training method. They’ll strive to repeat the behavior because they adore you and they want those yummy treats.

Raising puppies requires a plan. You wouldn’t step into a room filled with preschoolers without some sort of activity planned and rules of engagement, right?  To do so would mean total and utter chaos; this would eventually result in tears, injuries and destruction. Puppies are the same way. You need a plan; you need rules, a puppy training guide and a plan of action.

You can find this guidance in a number of forms and formats however one of the best options to consider is a video or DVD series. This way you can see training steps when you need them, you can take it with you if you travel with your puppies and you can rewind and use the steps over and over again until you and your puppies get it right. A plan gives you a step by step process to follow to set the groundwork for a lifelong relationship with your puppies. Check out our dog training video series here and get a jump start on raising your puppy right!

Raising puppies is hard work; make sure you’re ready, willing and able to take on this amazing task.


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